To Anger Buchou

By Beletharatowen

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Two weeks before the game

Fuji was waiting patiently outside the gates of Seigaku. Tezuka had said to go on without him, that he had a few things to do before he could leave. Fuji, being Fuji, knew Tezuka said this knowing that he would stay and wait. He chuckled to himself. How had he become so predictable? How was it that Tezuka always knew what he was doing? He smiled and shook his head as the sun started to set. Lost in his musings, he didn't hear the stoic captain come up to him.

"Fuji," his deep voice spoke.

"Ah, Tezuka." Fuji spun to greet him before they started to walk away from the school.

"It's late." You're still waiting? It's nearly dark.

"Saa…" He shrugged. He knew what Tezuka said in the silences. "I don't mind. I told nee-san that I'd be home after dark today anyway."


"I was going to play some tennis in one of the street courts, since there was no practice today."


"Did you want to come?"

"I'll have to call home." Fuji nodded and smiled as Tezuka dialed his phone. "I'm going to practice tennis with Fuji…Hai….Hai…Arigato."

"Everything alright?"


"Good." He grabbed Tezuka's hand and pulled him towards the nearest tennis courts. They were nearly empty. The only ones there were two kids their own age, one with shocking green hair and the other with a tattoo on his lower leg of skull and crossbones.

"Oi," the one with green hair shouted. "These courts are reserved for us two."

Fuji frowned. "Saa…there's plenty of room for all of us."

"You should leave," the other stated, leaning against his friend. "Otherwise, we'll have to play you. You and your friend might get hurt."

Fuji's eyes snapped open. He tensed and nearly jumped when he felt Tezuka place a hand on his shoulder. He growled deep in his throat.


"Saa…I know, I know. Let's go, Tezuka. We'll find someplace else to play." He turned around and didn't see the two share a surprised glance.

"Wait!" Tezuka looked at them. "You are Tezuka Kunimitsu and you're Fuji Syuusuke from Seigaku. Right? We want to play you."

"Why so suddenly?" Fuji asked, still tense at their threat of Tezuka.

"Because you two are supposedly the best. We will crush you."

Fuji placed a finger to his lips and tapped them. "Saa….no."

'Cross bones', as Fuji mentally dubbed him, tensed a hand around his tennis racket. "No?"

"That's what I said. No."

The tennis player grabbed a ball and hit it towards Tezuka's head. Fuji's eyes narrowed as he whipped a hand out and caught it a few inches from the captain's face. He bent his head, his hair covering his eyes, as he started to shake in anger.


"No, Tezuka. He shouldn't have done that."

"Fuji, don't."

"Saa…Tezuka…he makes me angry. He shouldn't have struck at you."

"Fuji!" Tezuka said sharply.

"Fine." He turned around. "We won't play you."

'Cross Bones' narrowed his eyes. "You dare refuse me?"

"Hey, that's enough, man. Let them go," his friend said.

"Stay out of this," he snarled as he whipped out another tennis ball. He power served it straight at Tezuka's left shoulder.

Fuji gasped and spun around to push Tezuka to the ground and out of the way. The tennis ball slammed into his right wrist. A loud crack could be heard and Fuji bit his lip until it bled. As the tennis ball fell to the ground and rolled away, Tezuka sat and stared in horror at Fuji's now broken wrist. The prodigy slowly pulled his arm towards his body and let it fall to his side, still biting his lip. Blood trickled down the side of his mouth.


"H-hai…Tezuka?" Fuji gasped out in his pain.

Tezuka stood up and stretched out a hand. "Let me see."

Fuji took a step back and winced, his eyes wide. "Hurts."

Tezuka grabbed Fuji's left hand in his right and dragged him away from the tennis courts. With his free hand he dialed his house number. "Hai. Okaa-san. Fuji needs to be driven to the hospital. No. Now…."

Tezuka tightened his grip on the phone. He looked over at Fuji, who swayed unsteadily on his feet and placed the hand he still held of Fuji's around his shoulders. The prodigy sighed and gratefully leaned up against his friend.

"Ne…Tezuka…" Fuji whispered. "Sorry…I won't… able to play…next game."

He slumped into a faint and Tezuka caught him before he hit the ground, dropping his phone. Lifting him up into his arms, Tezuka carried Fuji to the curb and called out for a taxi. As the yellow car pulled up, he whispered to Fuji, "Hang on."

He place Fuji into the car and followed, his cell phone forgotten on the sidewalk, his mother still on the other line.

Tezuka sat beside Fuji, his fingers interlaced in each other, elbows on his knees. He looked up from his best friend when the door opened to admit the Fuji's family and the rest of the tennis team. Everybody was silent as they looked down at Fuji's pale form and at the cast on his right wrist.

"Fujiko," Eiji murmured. He looked up at Tezuka. "What happened?"

"Saa….I got angry."

"FUJI!" Nearly everybody shouted out in joy. Tezuka remained seated silently beside him.

Fuji winced at the noise. "Could you not be so loud? I have a headache."

"Sorry, Fuji," Oishi whispered. "So, what happened?"

"I got angry."


"Two kids were at the street courts, Tezuka and I were going to play at. They told us to get out, that if we stayed Tezuka and I might get hurt, so we were going to leave. But then they realized who we were and wanted to play us, to crush us. We refused and went to leave. 'Cross Bones' hit a ball at Tezuka's head and I caught it. I then wanted to stay and beat that kid in a match, but Tezuka said not to. So we went to leave again and…" Fuji paused.

Eiji leaned forward in suspense. "And?"

Fuji's eyes snapped open and flashed angrily. Eiji backed quickly away and clung to Oishi. "He power served a hit aimed at Tezuka's left shoulder." He looked at his wrist and then up at the captain of the tennis team. "I couldn't let him hurt you, especially when your shoulder had just gotten better. I couldn't let him hurt you," he repeated quietly. He looked away. "I'm…I'm sorry I won't be able to play for a while." He looked back at Tezuka. "You'll beat them for me right?"


"Good," he sighed and leaned back. He looked towards Inui. "Did you find out who we next play?"

"Hai. I've gotten some good data on them. They are quite good. They made it to Nationals last year. Here is a picture," he said as he handed it to Tezuka.

The captain looked down at the photo in its frame and narrowed his eyes. Two figures stood out in his mind from the others, a kid with bright green hair and the one right beside him. Though you couldn't see it in the picture, he had skull and crossbones on his leg. His grip on the photo tightened until the glass shattered and cut his hand.

"Tezuka!" Fuji shouted. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said as he stood up and shoved the picture back at Inui. "Excuse me," he growled and left the room.

"What was all that about?" Taka-san asked.

"Something about this picture," Inui stated.

Fuji stared at the door Tezuka had just walked out of. "I've never seen him like that. He growled." He looked at Inui. "Did you hear it?"

The data player looked at the broken frame in his hand. "Look at this and tell me if there would be something that would cause him to react in this manner."

Fuji gingerly took the picture in his left hand and nearly dropped it. His eyes widened as he pointed to the kid next to the green haired boy. "Who is this and what position?"

Inui leaned over. "Aoyagi Haruka. Singles 1. Why?"

He looked slowly from the picture to Inui and the others. "He's the one that broke my wrist."

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