To Anger Buchou

By Beletharatowen

Some of my readers wanted Fuji's battle in here. I hope this edit makes them a little happier with this story. So, here's the altered final chapter. Hope you like it and I hopefully won't disappoint my readers. Again, for the disclaimer-I don't own it.

The next day

Fuji was in an angry mood. He was terrified and that made him angry. He was to play a very large middle schooler with a broken nose, the nose that Tezuka had broken just the night before. Flashes of last night's events stumbled through his mind and he shook and trembled from the memories.

He jumped as he felt a warm hand touch his shoulder gently. Fuji looked over his shoulder at Tezuka and relaxed. "Arigato, Mitsu-kun," he whispered so only his buchou could hear.

Tezuka squeezed his shoulder and let go before turning to Taka-san. "Kawamura, protect Fuji."

"H-hai," the power player stuttered. He looked over at Seigaku's tensai and suddenly feared for the rival team. He grabbed his racket. "BURNING! GREAT-O. LET'S SHOW THEM WHAT WE'RE MADE OF, FUJI-KUUUN!"

Fuji's eyes snapped open and angry blue glared out. "Let's go, Taka." He stepped out onto the court, the wind ruffling his hair. The sound of whispers ran throughout the stands at the tensai's condition.

The brute from last night grinned maliciously at him. "Oh ho, it's the pretty-boy plaything from last night. Want to play again? That captain of yours will have to be dealt with, but that shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem."

Fuji's sharp eyes narrowed before he grinned. Taka, in burning mode, took a step back, fear shooting throughout his body. A smiling Fuji was a trickster. An open-eyed Fuji was dangerous and serious. And open-eyed, grinning Fuji spelled out disaster for whomever the look was aimed at. That big guy stood no chance. "Saa, threatening me is one thing." He chuckled and Taka trembled, clutching his racket close to his body. "You threaten my Tezuka Kunimitsu and you will seriously piss me off."

To say that Fuji and Kawamura won would be an understatement. They creamed the other team with Fuji scoring most of the points. As they walked off the courts, they heard Oishi exclaim to Eiji, "Fuji is scary when he's angry."

"No, he's scary all the time, but he's terrifying when Tezuka's been threatened, nya."

Fuji looked up at Tezuka and smiled, eyes sliding closed. "I'm glad that is over, ne, Tezuka?"

"It's not over yet," the stern captain replied as the next game started. Fuji bit his lip and stood next to Tezuka, their arms just brushing.

Fuji looked over at the other team in the stands and shrunk back when he felt Aoyagi's stare. Tezuka looked up and pushed Fuji behind him, glaring at the tennis player who had threatened his tensai.

A few hours later

Fuji stared at Tezuka's tense back. He had a feeling that Tezuka was going to go all out on Aoyagi. He leaned forward. "Ne, Tezuka," he whispered. "Be careful."

"Hn." Tezuka continued to stare at Momoshiro's match. He was playing well, but he was losing. It was fine until his opponent brought out a secret move and sealed away each and every one of Momo's special hits. It looked as if Tezuka would play Aoyagi after all.

The match ended and Momo trailed back dejectedly to apologize to the team for failing them. "Ne, Momo, you didn't fail. You did well. Besides, we'll still win. Tezuka's angry and will utterly destroy Aoyagi. Right, Tezuka?"


Fuji frowned. Tezuka didn't seem like himself. The prodigy wouldn't put it past him for the captain to do something utterly foolish and risk himself to win. Fuji hoped that it wouldn't come to that. He watched Tezuka stand up and clenched his hand around his cast. He felt utterly useless. "Tezuka?" 'Mitsu?

The stoic captain turned to face the unsmiling tensai. He raised an eyebrow. I'll win, Syuusuke. He turned back around and walked onto the courts.

Seigaku's sadist bit his lip. That's not what I'm worried about.

Several minutes into the game, Tezuka was losing four games to love. His team members had never seen him play so badly before.

"Well, well, well. Tezuka Kunimitsu. It seems that you aren't such a good player after all," Aoyagi taunted. "Say, I know a way to spice up this game a bit. Winner gets pretty-boy Syuusuke over there. All I have to do is win this set and one more. Then he would be mine." He chuckled. "So sorry, Ku-ni-mit-su."

Tezuka clenched his racket tighter in his fist and bowed his head, his hair covering his eyes. Another ball bounced behind him and the referee called out, "Five games to love."

The Seigaku regulars stood on the sidelines in shock. Fuji's eyes widened suddenly as he saw Tezuka shift into a different position and he started to laugh.

Kikumaru stared at him. "Fuji-kun? Why are you laughing? This is a serious matter! We may lose!"

"No, we won't. Tezuka's been playing him."

"We know he's been playing him. That and losing," Oishi murmured.

"No, not really. He hasn't started to play the game yet. He's been playing Aoyagi." Fuji cackled. "And you thought I was sadistic."

At that moment they saw what Fuji was talking about. Tezuka's playing took a complete turnaround. Serve after serve was struck with such force and speed that Aoyagi had no time to react. He played with such ferocity and without mercy upon his opponent that it shocked everybody in the stands. Finally the score was called, "Six games to five."

Tezuka was winning. He lifted his racket and pointed it at Aoyagi. "You ever touch Fuji Syuusuke and I will make sure you will never be able to play tennis ever again."

"Is that a threat?" He sneered angrily. He had been played, duped from the start of the game.

"No, it's a promise," he snarled back, his voice so full of anger that the Seigaku tennis team gasped collectively in shock. His eyes were blazing and held truth and resolution of what he had just committed himself to.

Aoyagi stepped back in surprise and fear. "Tch, fine. I won't touch your precious Syuusuke."

"Good," Tezuka said and proceeded to win the last match and the game. He turned around and walked back to a very surprised team. Placing his racket back into his bag, he turned at Fuji's voice.

"Ne, Tezuka. You didn't even break a sweat, did you?" he asked amusedly.

The tennis captain looked down at Fuji's smiling face. "No," he said and the tennis team deadpanned.


Tezuka grabbed Fuji's arm and pulled him into a hug. Fuji sighed in happiness and let his arms fall around his buchou's torso. They stood like that despite the spectators gaping at them in disbelief and half the tennis team passing out in shock. Aishiteru, Syuusuke.

Fuji grinned and looked up at Tezuka, not removing his arms from their comfortable positions. He stood up on his tip-toes and kissed his captain in broad daylight and in front of everybody, clearly claiming Tezuka as his and not caring about the consequences. And when Tezuka kissed him back, Fuji was claimed as well.

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