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Things Are Always Better

He knew coming back to his hometown would be interesting. He had hoped he wouldn't get into things with his father. They were cool with each other, barely cordial, but they hadn't been close, not since her brought that woman to the funeral of his wife and daughter. That had been his breaking point. Abby had often encouraged him to repair their relationship, but he hadn't. His anger still spiked every time her thought about it. Then he had come home and thankfully Abby had followed a few days later.

He had been happy to see her. She always calmed his temper, and he needed calm, especially when it came to dealing with the people from his hometown, as well as his father. Of course his father had taken to Abby, but then everyone took to Abby. And when she had discovered the familial matches in their DNA evidence, he had done what had become habit. He kissed her cheek and then the top of her head. His team was used to it, because they all loved Abby, but his father raised an eyebrow and brought it up later when they were alone.

"Is she number five then? Seems a little young to me." His father had asked when he showed him the completely restored Charger. He had to clamp down on his temper.

"No, she's more. Abby is the last. There will never be another after Abby, if she leaves me. I've given my whole heart only twice. I can't do that again." He answered when he had reined in his anger.

"That's good to hear." That ended the conversation. He had other things on his mind to deal with, like their current case.

When they had closed the case, he was only slightly reluctant to return home. With things seemingly patched up between him and his father, it felt like a hole had been filled in his chest. Better yet, was that he had Abby there with him. Then his father had handed him the keys to the old Charger and he felt like he was sixteen again, with the reckless streak running wild in his veins. He could see Abby and Tony arguing about who rode shotgun over his father's shoulder as he hugged him. Next time he came home, it would be just him and Abby.

"McGee, shotgun." He called, tossing the keys to Ziva. "Abby you can ride with me." He showed her the keys to the old Charger. Abby looked just as excited as he felt. Tony pouted, but it served him right. He'd don't nothing but pry the entire time they had been there, Gibbs thought wickedly.

"Patch things up with Dad?" Abby asked when they were on the rode toward home.


"Good because if you ever decide to marry me, I want him to be there. I like him." He just looked at her for a moment before turning his attention back to the rode. He let the smile he'd been fighting show through as she leaned over to kiss his cheek.

Things were always better with Abby and Abby always made things better because she was Abby.