He is brightly colored and vibrant save for the black and white paint decorating his face. His hair is curly and wild and his smile is wide and brilliant. This new girl is subdued, her black costume swirling around her like shadows.

The French sisters who are the tumbling and balancing act mumble about how adorable she is and how she moves like a tumbler. The couple who perform on trapeze note how she moves like a dancer, graceful and fluid. The clowns all agree that she's hilarious, true humor bounding about the ring. But the Campbells look at bright Pingo to say if she's a good mime.

She's certainly dressed like one, painted sweetly, and her lips sealed since she applied the grease paint. She was good, or at least Helena thought so but she wasn't the best judge of that kind of talent. She's seated across the ring, her arm brushing Andrew's. Andrew, the unmasked version of Valentine that this world had given her, said that jugglers could tell about other jugglers and that mimes could tell about other mimes. During the audition, Helena watched this girl perform for about 30 seconds before she just began watching Pingo for his reactions. Unpainted, the man was watching intently and whispering things into her father's ear when the fancy struck him. He looked thoroughly fascinated by her, especially when she dipped into a tumble or burst into a particularly radiant smile. She ended her performance with a flourish and sank into a deep curtsy. The performers filling the tent applauded and she merely nodded demurely. Her parents exchanged looks and offered the girl a job.

Well, Helena thought she was a girl, she was probably about Andrew's age. That thought sent a twinge of jealousy through her heart but then the older boy leaned in and whispered, "Look at how Pingo's drooling."

When she stopped realizing how close he was to her, she noticed that Pingo was smiling amazedly at the girl still in her deep curtsy. He climbed over the rows separating them and held out a hand to her in the most gentlemanly and courtly fashion. There was a moment where the air was sucked out of the tent before the young woman reached up and took it. It was a fluid movement as she rose up, the majority of her weight resting on one foot and the other kicked out behind her. They looked like a pair of dancers caught in the moment before the audience cheered and the smile she wore this time was fiercely genuine. She brought her leg down, standing a foot shorter than him and so oblivious to the other performers that Helena felt strange looking at this moment.

Andrew however was staring openly, his face cracking into a mischievous smile as he muttered, "Oh yeah. The feelings are mutual. We're going to have mimes in love." Helena wanted to disagree, couldn't see the mime she considered as an older brother figure in such a predictable situation, but when she looked again, Pingo was still holding the new girl's hand. It was clearly an unconscious decision from both of them as she merely pulled away when Johanna pulled her away to sign contracts and set up living arrangements. Pingo glanced at his hand, his delicate brows knitting together with an expression of consternation before he regarded the girl thoughtfully. She left the tent to change out of her costume, wipe the grease paint from her face, and sign the contract properly. Pingo watched her leave the whole way.

Even Helena would have to admit that romance seemed to be in the air for the two mimes.

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