AN: I DO not own anything that has to deal with Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn. This is my first fan fiction so enjoyy : )

Chapter One: Lust

"God help us all," I complained as Edward stepped rapidly on the gas pedal.

"You'll live, no one has ever died from a little thrill," Edward replied as he reached over to grab my hand, "Does this make it better?"

"Yes," I sighed. For most people, it would be a death sentence to drive at 100 mph to school every morning, but for me, it was a day to day thing that my stomach could never get used to.

"Did you have fun at prom," He said as he glanced at me.

"Yes, though I wouldn't want to admit it, I did."

In a ride that would have normally took fifteen minutes to drive, lasted all of five minutes. I only wished he would learn to slow down so I could be with him longer.

Edward was once a human, at age seventeen, changed by his father, Carlisle vampire. His flush skin and hallow eyes were beautiful. His eyes were a gorgeous shade of topaz. They glittered in the cloudy sky, no matter how dark it was. They only darkened when it was time to feed.

The Cullen family lived a much different lifestyle than other vampires. They didn't hunt humans, but mostly animals. They lived lives as regular students in high school until they all graduated and then they moved on. They moved from rainy place to rainy place, staying no place to long for people to notice the lack of aging.

Edward, although being born in 1901, he looked no older than 17. Seventeen was also exactly the age he will be forever, forever beautifully pail. His beautifully golden hair stuck up in a way that could only be pulled of by a man of such age. He was a gentleman in all aspects and always dressed as if money was no object. He has a smile that was glowing and couldn't help but to make you smile yourself.

He glowed. On the rarely sunny days here in Forks, he took off. For vampires living in a civilized world, sun was a dangerous thing. When out in the sun, they become more radiant than the closest star. Their skin turned a copper shade beaming with light, the color of their eyes became lighter and the wind blew through their hair. Not even a movie could depict such a beautiful string of events.

Blown out of my though Edward asked, "What would you say to another rousing game of baseball, I hear it's supposed to rain tonight?"

"Ha," I laughed, "Did that wild James chase mean anything to you?"

"That was merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it could have happened to anyone."

"You're kidding, right." I said sarcastically, "Oh yeah, a normal teenage girl could be chased down by a possibly lethal vampire and have her normal, human boy friend and his human brothers kill him. Your right it could happen."

He unbuckled his seat belt and I did so too. Walking around the back of the Volvo, he said, "Never mind about the game tonight then." A huge grin spread across his face.

"I love you," Edward said to me as he opened the door, "And, well, I'm sorry for all the danger I have put you in, but I can't live without you."

"Liar, you're indestructible," I smiled. "I love you too."

He grabbed my hand and said, "Now about the game tonight…"

"Let it go while you're ahead." I grinned.

As he walked me to my English class, I breathed in the spring scent. It smelled of the freshly bloomed trees, fresh, dewy grass, and mostly of Edward. His jacket was placed on my weak, timid shoulders. The sleeves engulfed my delicate arms. It smelled of wonderful cologne that never was.

"Bella, Bella dear we're here," Edward said as he woke me out of my daze.

"Hmm I don't wanna go," I decided.

"No, Bella, I have to go to class too."

"What happened to 'Ditching class every once in a while is healthy'?"

"It is. But for you, every sunny day is a day to skip."

"Yes, but I miss you," I said, and god was it true.

"Go, Bella."

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you too, Bella."

And I leaned up against his cold, stone like body for a hug. Off to English it was.

As my morning classes drew to an end, I became anxious in my seat. My foot began a rhythmic pattern as I watched the clock. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Finally the bell rung and I gathered my books. I rushed through the door to see beautiful Edward standing there with a single daisy in his hand. His hair rustled with the wind and his eyes fixed on me.

I rushed over to him as he said, "They just bloomed, almost as beautiful as you."

I breathed hard and then out reached my hand to his for the daisy, "I'll keep it for how ever long you live, which in this case is forever."

He grabbed my hand as we strolled down the sidewalk. We weren't gossip now, we'd been a couple for a while now, been through so much. Edward hummed a sweet tune and I breathed in some more of that sweet, sweet air.

"How was English," Edward said. So typical, wanting to know how school went.

"I don't remember, I was thinking of you," I said with a smile.

"That's no good Bella."

"What!" I exclaimed, "You are my everything, with out you…"

He cut in, "Bella," He stopped, "After I'm gone, you won't have me. You need and education. You have college ahead of you, a life, Bella. You need to take life more serious."

I dropped his hand and walked a little faster, of course he would catch up. He was a vampire. But, to my surprise, he didn't try all I heard was him murmur, "I just wanted you to realize, I may not always be here for you, just remember that."