Chapter 6: The Real Truth

I went back to bed with he up-most respect for myself. I had just stood up to a huge, lethal vampire. I drifted into a deep sleep and dreamed. It wasn't a scary dream, though it was strange. It was Edward, standing with hundreds of other men and women. He seemed to be the alpha, chanting out commands, telling people where to go and who to see. It wasn't peaceful, but it wasn't uncomfortable. It seemed like it was supposed to tell me something, but I just couldn't figure it out.

I woke up, the sun shinning through my window. The stain glass in the window glimmered in the light, it was different. It was the kind of day Edward and I would have ridden up to the meadow and just lay there, soaking in some vitamin D. I had slept with the phone on vibrate, clamped in my hand tight just waiting for that one vibrate, that one life line.

I sat up in bed and stretched, I did the usual sweep of the driveway to make sure Charlie was gone, then went down stairs for breakfast; still carrying the phone. I made scrambled eggs and sat down at the table. I shoved a fork-full of eggs into my mouth when the phone vibrated, the caller ID read, "Emmett". I ignored the name and answered it.

"Hello Emmett," I said dryly.

"Hey Bella, this isn't Emmett, Its Rosalie."

"Hey. Um, so why did you call?" I asked while shrugging my shoulders in an awkward way.

"Well, why don't you come over? I think you'll find this interesting." She said, as if she was leaving important facts.

"Should I skip school?" I asked, I was going to do what ever she said, "Should I come over right away?"


"Okay, I'll be right over as soon as I finish breakfast," I replied.

"Oh yeah," She sighed, "Humans have to eat."

"Bye, Rosalie."

"Bye, Bella," She sounded so sad and worried. I wasn't sure what had happened or if I had done something, I couldn't remember anything else besides the kiss. It was nothing, I kept telling myself, it was nothing, and it is nothing. Emmett surly wouldn't have told her, he wouldn't have done that to himself.

I shoved the rest of the eggs into my mouth and left the dish in the sink. I ran up the steps and dressed in a old tee shirt and beat-up jeans. I grabbed my bag so it looked like I left for school and locked up the house. I stuck the key into the ignition and prayed to god that this morning wouldn't be the morning the truck decided not to start. It finally started and I pressed on the gas. I pulled down the driveway just like the night before. I yawned anxiously and tapped the steering wheel. I took my time, it was dawn on Saturday and I really deserved another couple hours of sleep, though it was obvious that I wouldn't get those back until Edward was safely back home in Forks. The car stopped and I jumped out. Their front door was wide open. I looked around, scared, and then walked in.

They were all gathered around the living room, scattered on different pieces of furniture when I walked in. Emmett quickly changed his position so his stature faced the away from me. Carlisle looked at me with sad eyes. With that, I was on the floor sobbing.

"What hap-, "I sobbed as the tears streaked down my face, Rosalie walked out of the back door. She vanished, "I, I'm sorry it's just, I can't pull myself together. It's hard, you know? Not knowing anything, nothing!"

"Bella, what's wrong? Please calm yourself. We have a lot to talk about. We have," Carlisle's breath drew out a long, unneeded sigh, "We have news Bella, we know why he left, but you must calm down!"

I looked around and noticed Emmett and Rosalie had both exited the room while I was having a meltdown. I stood up and smoothed out the dark denim of my worn out jeans. I sat on the end of the chair closest to me, trying to pull myself together. In walked Rosalie; a sudden chill ran down my back. Everyone looked so serious. I looked down at my swollen hand, and I must have brought attention to myself because the next thing I knew, Carlisle was standing next to me.

"What happened to you?" He asked.

"Just got into a little," I took a second to think, "a little predicament, last night."

"I know what the little brat did!" yelled Rosalie.

Crap! How did she find out? Would Emmett have told her? I thought.

"She was out assaulting Emmett! That's what she did. And worse of all, you know what she did Carlisle? She kissed Emmett and then pretended it was his fault. She seduced him. That Bitch! Does she not know he is mine?" She looked at me with an evil glare as she walked over and slapped me across the face, "Did you want to test me? 'Cause your not very smart if you are!" She started after me. I could see Emmett peaking down at the commotion below. His eyes met mine then he turned quickly and ran up the steps toward his room. Eseme pull Rosalie back from her almost-touching-Bella position. She took her hand and walked her out of the front door. I heard a car start. It was just me and Carlisle sitting among the abandoned furniture. I must have looked anxious because soon, Carlisle sat down next to me and put his left hand on my left shoulder. It was a very, Im your father and I need to talk to you about something serious, kind of move. He shifted his weight and cleared his voice.

"Now Bella," He started, "Did you do this? Did you…," He looked very uncomfortable, it almost made me laugh; I knew what he was trying to say, "Did you kiss Emmett?" He sighed.

"No!" I exclaimed, "He completely kissed me, I returned no feelings. I swear! I would never do that to Edward, never, especially with Emmett. I mean come on, it's Emmett."

"Are you sure Bella?" He got cut off but the thrashing of a door opening. The front door stood open with Rosalie standing in the door frame. She walked towards me and I was, for the first time, scared for my life. She grabbed my hand and took me outside. I looked back and Carlisle looked just as puzzled as I was.

"Rosalie, listen, I didn't do anything. He just…" I started.

"Bella. Do you ever shut up?" Im here to talk to you, not kill you; well at least no today anyways." I let a breath of relief leave my mouth than listened, "Im sorry. Emmett, well, he told me everything and I am sorry for blowing up on you. But you need to know about Edward."

Carlisle walked out and said, "Rosalie, shhh! Bella, come here please."

I walked back into the living room and sat down. Emmett sat with his arm around Rosalie and Eseme sat close to Carlisle on the couch. "You see, Bella," He started, "Awhile ago, in the US, they had the draft. Have you heard of it?"

"Yeah, I guess, it was when they were randomly picked to fight in the war. But what does this have to do with Edward, Jasper, and Alice?"

"Well, a week or two ago, Edward must have gotten a letter about the Vampire Selective Service, and didn't tell us about it. He refused the letter and kept on going with his daily lives. Well, last night he left to go, they must have threatened him. He only told Alice and Jasper because he thought they could help get him out of his duty. But Bella, you must understand this job is dangerous. He could not come out of this, especially if he tries to get out of this."

"What! What can we do? Where is he?" I screamed through my tears.

"Bella," Emmett spoke this time, "You cannot go after, it is very dangerous for all of us." There was a long drawn out silence then he spoke, "I'm sorry about last night I don't know what got into me…" Rosalie cut him off.

"Emmett, later. Bella you cannot go after Edward. He will come back eventually," Her voice seemed trustworthy but her eyes told a different story.