Author Note: Don't ask… I was bored…also I was trying to get myself deemed unfit for mainstream society...Anyway this is basically a parody of every scenario you find in fanfiction. We're starting with Crossovers.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Digimon, I really do, then I could command my animators to draw this out just for shits and giggles.

Usagi Tsukino, also known as Sailor Moon, stood before a group of boys. At least I think its Sailor Moon. She's dressed as Sailor Moon, with the same hair style and same shoes but a much larger bra size and a much smaller skirt. She was also a bit taller. Anyway the buxom damsel, whom we believe to be Sailor Moon, was standing before a group of eight teenage boys. These boys went by the names of Taichi, Yamato, Koushiro, Jyou, Takeru, Daisuke, Iori and Ken. The aforementioned boys were staring, mouths agape, at various parts of the, aforementioned, damsel. This pleased Usagi.

"Hi," she said in a manner and tone befitting a common prostitute, "I'm Sailor Moon."

Usagi pushed her breasts together and pouted, sparking various nosebleeds from the boys.

As Sailor Moon continued to pose for, and seduce, the eight teenage boys, she failed to notice four decidedly angry looking teenage girls appear behind her. The four decidedly angry looking teenage girls went by the names Sora, Mimi, Hikari and Miyako. The four decidedly angry looking teenage girls each had an eerie fire burning in their eyes.

Suddenly Sora tackled the buxom damsel known as Sailor Moon to the ground and began punching her lights out. Mimi performed an elbow drop on the degenerate harlot and Miyako performed a leg drop. Hikari pulled out her trusty switch blade and joined in the fighting. Of course all of the fighting was done below the screen in case the producers decided to sell the episode to America, but the sound effects were still there.

Suddenly the fighting stopped and Hikari popped up, wearing Sailor Moon's tiara and scalp.

"Hi," she said in an extremely mocking fashion, "I'm Sailor Moon."

"Good Lord," Mimi said, holding up Sailor Moon's skirt, "And I thought I wore short skirts."

Sora then appeared holding Sailor Moon's magic sceptre, "You are never going to believe where she kept this." She said.

"How much do you reckon I can pawn this brooch for?" Miyako asked.

"Excuse me," A voice said behind them, "Have any of you seen Sailor Moon?"

Sora, Mimi, Hikari and Miyako turned around, hiding the sceptre, skirt, tiara and brooch behind their backs and hiding Sailor Moon's carcass from the view of the innocent young damsel known as Sailor Mercury.

"No," Sora said, the picture of not quite so innocence, "I'm afraid we haven't."

Mimi looked at Hikari and saw that she was still wearing the late damsel known as Sailor Moon's scalp. Mimi hastily pulled it off Hikari's head and hid it behind her back.

"Not at all," Mimi added to Sora's comment with a smile.

"Well," Sailor Mercury said, somewhat dismayed, "if you see her can you tell her that several worlds are in peril and we need her awesomeness to save them."

"Alright we will," Sora said, smiling.

Sailor Mercury then disappeared into thin air.

"Oh fuck," Sora said as Mimi tried on Sailor Moon's skirt and scalp.

"Are we going to have to go and help them?" Hikari asked.

"Nah, they'll be right," Mimi said, putting on the tiara.

Miyako turned to Ken, "You see Ken," She said in a sweet voice, "this is what happens when you look at other girls, several worlds get destroyed."