Author notes: Can you imagine what would happen if all of the chosen children were called to work together. I can, and this is the result. Enjoy, and please leave a review.

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Somehow, somewhere, in a place that vaguely resembled the digital world. All of the chosen children had gathered, and I mean ALL of them, from every season. Of course the original Adventure and 02 chosen children were not particularly happy about it.

"I'm the fucking leader!" Taichi yelled at the circle of goggle boys, consisting of himself, Daisuke, Takato, Ryou, Takuya and Masaru.

"Why are you the leader?" Masaru challenged.

"Because I was the first leader," Taichi shot back.

"And that just automatically makes you the best candidate does it?" Takuya asked.

"Listen buddy," Daisuke threatened, "you are nowhere near Taichi's calibre."

"Yeah," Takato concurred.

"Don't you enter this argument," Taichi said, "you barely come into the equation, nancy boy!"

Meanwhile, quite close by, Yamato stood in another large circle of boys, this one consisting of Yamato, Takeru, Ken, Jenrya, Kouji, Kouichi and Tohma. Instead of shouting, this group was simply standing in silence, with looks of utmost content.

"I think we can all agree," Yamato said softly, "That we are sexy beasts."

A general murmur of agreement went around the circle.

Mimi, who was smoking a cigarette from a theatre length cigarette holder, walked up to Ruki and Izumi, "I'm the skanky hoe," She said, "and none of you can take it away from me."

"Oh please," Ruki said, snidely, "you think guys will go for you?"

"Guys don't like that, street crawler look," Izumi added.

Mimi just laughed haughtily, "Very well," She said, "A contest then."

"You're on," Ruki said, turning around to face the goggle boys, "Hey, goggle boys!" she yelled, getting their attention.

When the goggle boys turned around, Ruki lifted up her shirt, showing her breasts to the bickering brunettes. The boys stared for a second, and a couple of them wolf whistled and cat called, before turning back around to continue arguing. Ruki looked annoyed.

Izumi laughed, "Watch this. Goggle boys!" She yelled.

Izumi repeated the action, and got even less of a reaction.

Mimi laughed haughtily and took another drag on her cigarette.

"Watch this," She hissed, puffing smoke out. "Goggle boys," she said sweetly.

The group of goggle boys turned around again and Mimi slowly and seductively opened her shirt to the boys. The boys' eyes widened, their faces turned into grins and blood started spurting from each of their noses.

Mimi closed her shirt and turned back to Izumi and Ruki.

"Well," she said.

"Fine," Ruki said, through clenched teeth.

"You can be the slut," Izumi said in a similar matter.

"Thank you," Mimi said, walking off to join Sora and Hikari.

Sora, who also had a cigarette burning in an opera length cigarette holder, was talking to Yoshino, Juri and Hikari.

"…since we're all the kind, sweet and caring girls, I think we can get along quite swimmingly." She said, nods of agreement coming from the other girls.

"Well this is boring," Mimi said. She turned around and quickly caught sight of Kenta and Kazu, standing, on their own, in the distance. She turned around again as fast as she could, eyes wide.

"What is it?" Hikari asked.

"Do you think those guys saw me?" Mimi asked.

"Who?" Hikari inquired.

"Those weird looking guys over there!" Mimi said, jutting her head backwards.

Hikari looked over at Kenta and Kazu discreetly. "No," she said.

Mimi let out a sigh of relief.

"Who are those guys anyway?" Hikari asked.

"Oh," Jeri exclaimed, "they're Kenzu and Kata, or something like that, they're just useless groupies."

Hikari, Sora, Mimi and Yoshino all shuddered.

"Oh fuck it, I give up!" Miyako screamed, ripping up her test paper and stalking away from Koushiro, Jyou and Junpei, who we're all taking IQ tests to see who got to be the smart one.

Jyou also ripped his up and went off to join the sexy group.

As Miyako went to join Mimi, Sora and Hikari, she passed Tomoki, Shiuchon and Iori, who was still going strong as only the fourth lamest in the group, who were all arguing very loudly.

"I'm the cute insignificant one!" Iori screamed.

"Like hell you are," Tomoki yelled, "my digimon form is a bloody teddy bear made of snow!"

"Mine turns into a fucking TEA KETTLE!" Iori shot back.

"I'm more cute and insignificant than both of you combined!" Shiuchon shrieked.

"Oh yeah," Iori yelled, "how insignificant?"

"My digimon was in ONE fight in the whole bloody series!" Shiuchon screamed.

"Wow," Tomoki said, rather taken aback, "that is insignificant."

"I concur," Iori said, "and I concede,"

"So do I," Tomoki said.

Iori then went off to join the smart ones and Tomoki tried his luck with the goggle boys before being kicked out and having to join the useless groupies.

"Hey, Izumi," Ruki said, "check out the arse on Yamato."

"Mmm," Izumi moaned, "he's like a living Adonis."

"I would so do him…" Ruki said, grinning.

"Oh god yes," Izumi exclaimed, in ecstasy at the thought of it.

"…and then I'd do Takeru…"


"…and Ken…"


"…and Jyou…"


"…all at once."

"YES!!!" Izumi screamed, moistening herself.

Unfortunately for Ruki and Izumi, their little conversation had been heard by Sora, Mimi, Hikari and Miyako, who were now standing behind them and glaring at them with a hatred filled fire burning in their eyes that had not been seen since chapter one. Hikari pulled out her trusty pink switchblade and… well needless to say Ruki and Izumi did not return to their own worlds/timelines and Hikari returned to hers with two new scalps to add to her ever-growing collection.

Meanwhile, in a far off, undisclosed location, the evil that had drawn all of the chosen children together saw what it had done and promptly committed suicide in repentance for causing such a horrible abomination.

With the threat gone all of the chosen children returned to their original worlds/timelines and the Adventure/02 group continued being practically superkalafrickenawesome in every way.

The end.