I decided that NO AMOUNT of Processfurs memories would make me fall for it, It was a prank, I knew it.. it HAD to be… I stormed down to the potions room the next day for class about an hour before school started and set up a ticket booth. I got in it and lowered the block so that no one could enter the room.

It wasn't long before a group of Slytherins arrived. "Entrance toll please!"

"Excuse me?" Draco asked looking at me as if he was a god and I was in his way… wait … never mind… ((Sorry he kind of is a god :3 and She was kinda in his way…))

"That's 2 Galleons for the likes of you…"

"Absolutely not"

"Well looks as if Richie rich has gotten a bit greedy with his money."

"Draco you might as well give it to her, I'm sure the profits of this will go to get her the much needed brain surgery…" Snape muttered.

The Slytherins snickered .

"I would professor, but I'm afraid I can't… you see if she gets that brain surgery… she might survive to be 20 and we can't have that… I mean with the way she's been wearing on the dark lords nerves."

I glared. "Hey! I don't bother your stupid ass!"

"Okay, there are two things wrong with that theory… 1) You bother me constantly and 2) I am not stupid."

I stared at him for a long moment before bursting into hysterics. "Take back the second one and your correct"

"This is enough. Let us in"


"And why, not?"

"I need money! For….. something"

Draco chuckled. "For something? So you have private matters to attend to now?"


"And they would be…"


"Need more birth control pills?"

"Am I showing?"

"What? I thought you were just getting fat!"

I burst into "tears" and ran off

I found myself returning to class the next day to carry out a plan that I had taken nine months to pull through. I had studied up on pregnancy and used all kinds of pregnancy simulators that they usually stole for the husband so he knew what it was like… and I magicked them so that they would grow like a child in a mothers womb, so that my stomach looked as if it had been getting swollen.

Now in my arms I held a young child that I was "babysitting" for some muggle parents

I held the baby in my arms rocking her back and forth, she was born two weeks ago. When he started to cry and fuss I frowned. "Shh shh, daddy's busy teaching class right now" I whispered to him. "He'll hold you afterwards" however it was a very audible whisper and the look of pure horror on Draco's and several others faces were well worth anything Snape would do to me when he found out that I had lied, I planned to keep him thinking this for a while… a long long while, just until I had to give the baby back to the parents, you see the parents had to visit the moms grandmother in china as she had gone there and gotten very ill.. so ill that she couldn't return home, and the baby was too young to take with them. So yes he'd be here a while… even just a couple days would be good.

I smirked when Snape grabbed my arm and led me out of the room.

"That night when I woke up with you naked and next to me.. had I been drunk?"

"Oh quite drunk sir.." I replied respectfully.

"And the baby isn't someone elses?"

"I've never slept with anyone else, and besides he has your hair" I smiled. "and my green eyes."

"Yes… but…"

"No, he's yours, so start taking responsibility! Cuz until he's 18 he's not going ANYWHERE"

Snape stared at me with such a look of frustration I thought he might have killed me then and there.

"Wh-Why the hell did you let me do that!"

"Because I was bored… oh and you seemed sooo very lonely."

He sighed. "Fine… I suppose after school today, you should come to my mansion with me… I'll get the baby a crib." He was obviously reluctant "and since you aren't my dearest Mandie…. I guess I'm stuck with you… forever"