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Harley kissed Joker back passionantly. Feeling the inside side of his scars with her tongue she moaned with desire. She opened her eyes and noticed the guard was no longer in the corner.

"Shit," she got off Joker and grabbed a gun, the real one, "Don't move," she yelled at Shane who was almost out of the cell.

Joker sat up in bed, with some effort. He found himself incredibly light headed from the drugs.

Harley pushed Shane back to the corner then keeping the gun aimed at him she slowly made her way towards her duffel bag. She felt around in the front pocket for a needle. This was unsuccessful, she couldn't find one.

"Damn it," she cursed.

"Whas wrong Har-ley?" Joker's words slurred a little.

"I was gonna give him a shot of sedative, look's like I didn't bring enough," she tried to conceal the panic in her voice.

Joker shrugged, "So shoot him,"

Harley looked towards Shane frightened in the corner, "No," she breathed, "I can't, I can't do that," she shook her head, "Can't you shoot him?"

The sugjestion of murder sent chills down her spine. Sure breaking the Clown Prince of Crime out of Arkham was wrong, but so was drugging him into a comatose state. She had managed to justify her actions that night. Up until this point that is.

"I would buuut I'm still a little fuzzy," he tried to stand up, "I'd miss biig time,"

She stared at the weapon in her hands, "I don't even know how to work this thing,"

"You're breakin' me out and you can't even shoot a gun," Joker laughed, "And they say III'm the crazy one, here,"

He took the gun from Harley and cocked it before handing it back to her.

"It isn't hard, you just aim annnnd fire," he imitated the action with his fingers.

"I can't," she began to cry.

"Look at me Harl," he said, she looked toward him, "Killing is making a choice, choose between his life ooor mine,"

She looked towards the guard, her victim. The man whose life was in her hands. They shook as she raised the gun. Tears fled from her eyes trailing streaks of black makeup with them. She looked at Joker, if she didn't do this Shane would get away. Joker would spend the rest of his life comatose. Putting it that way made sense. The guard meant nothing to her, Mr. J did. She looked back at the Shane. Her stomach hurt.

"Turn around," she said quietly to her victim, she couldn't bare to see his face, "I'm sorry,"

She had to do it, she had to make a choice. She pulled the trigger. The two stood fairly close, making him an easy target. Shane immediately dropped to the floor. Harley's ears rang from the deafening gunshot. She could not move, she just stood there watching his blood form a crimson puddle beneath his body.

It only took a matter of seconds. A few seconds to pierce another person skull with a bullet. She killed a man. It didn't feel real, it was more like a dream. Or a nightmare. She didn't scream or cry, Harley only stood in amazement at the fragility of life. She felt... nothing.

Joker took her hand, "Let's go," his voice sounded muffled to Harley due to the shot.

She managed to grab her bag and pull herself away from the scene. The dead guard continued to bleed on the cement floor. He was already gone, killed instantly.

Several guards and nurses heard Shane being shot. By the time they found his body, Joker and his Harley Quinn were long gone. Speeding down the rode in her car.

Joker sat shotgun while Harley drove. He dug through the duffel bag.

"Aww ya got my stuff," he pulled out his tie, "My knives!"

She glanced over at him excited examining each one. He was like a five year old on Christmas, he placed one in his pocket. Harley wished she could just enjoy the moment. She removed one hand of the steering wheel it hurt like hell. She had obviously held the gun wrong while shooting it. While committing a murder, she thought. What had she done? Death was so permanent. But she was desperate, did that make it justifiable? She at least wished she could conger up a few tears for the man she'd shot.

"So," Harley began, "Where should I take you?"

The thought had never occurred to her, did Joker own a house?

He shrugged then began smearing his face with white paint, " I've been staying at this uh, motel in The Naarrows, it's kind of far from here,"

He flipped the mirror down on the car's sun viser to add black paint.

"Ya seem tired, and uh, yooou probably don't wanna head there at night,"

She smiled, she just finished breaking him, Gotham's most wanted criminal, out of Arkham. And he assumed she'd be concerned about driving into The Narrows at night. Still she was pretty tired.

"We can always drive outside of the city, park the car and stay here for the night. Or what's left of it," she glanced at her car's clock.

"Sure," Joker said painting his scars.

By now the police were at Arkham. Detectives could not find any finger prints or any clues to where the Joker had gone. Aside from the three unconscious employees and one dead, all they found was a short clip of a clown girl entering Arkham Asylum. The grainy footage did not help much.

The nurse and guards were taking to the hospital.

Commissioner Gordon stood outside the entrance of Arkham. He stared up at the dark sky. It was a pessimistic thought but he knew Joker couldn't be stopped. In fact he would just create more criminals like himself.

He thought back to when the clown's crime first began. He supposed it had been a year or so ago. Robberies and homicide here and there. Nothing put of the ordinary for Gotham unfortunately. The police commissioner had never expected what Joker would begin to unleash on the city. Pure chaos. And he was good at what he did. He was incredibly smart, but equally demented. Now that man was back out on Gotham's streets.

If only Gordon didn't have to work against the Batman as well. Why couldn't Gotham see how much they need the dark knight. Especially now.

Harley drove outside the Gotham City limits and into the country side. She pulled off the main road and into a dirt one leading into a wooded area. Hopefully the police wouldn't look here.

After parking the car she turned on the radio and climbed into the back seat. By now she was both mentally and physically exuasted and hoped to get some sleep. Joker followed.

Harley laid her head down on his lap. She desperately tried to focus on the good in this situation. Yes, tonight she had done something unspeakable... but almost nessacary. Now Joker would be safe. They were together, they coud leave this place. Go far, far away where no one knew them and start over. She beleived Mr. J could give up his criminal ways, with her help. He wasn't as bad as everyone thought.

Inside he was just a hurting little boy, still trying to get over what people had done to him. He just wanted to be loved. She loved him. She always would.

The worst was over, everything would be okay. Soon. Her eye lids began to grow heavy and she slowly drifted to sleep.

A pop punk song played on the car's radio. Joker looked down at the clown girl fast asleep on his lap.

You've got this new head

Filled up with smoke

I've got my veins all tangled close

To those jukebox bars you frequent

They're the safest place to hide

The song sped up somewhat. He watched her slow and steady breathing as she peacefully slept. She seemed so small and innocent. A strange contrast to the night's events.

A long night spent with your most obvious weakness

You start shaking at the thought

You are everything I want

Cause you are everything I'm not

Joker ran his hand down the soft fabric of her jester suit as the chorus began.

And we lay, we lay together

Just not too close, too close

(How close is close enough)

And we lay, we lay together

Just not too close, too close

I just wanna break you down so badly

I trip over everything you say

I just wanna break you down so badly

In the worst way

My inarticulant store bought

Hanvgover hobby kit it talks

It says "you, oh, you are so cool"

Scissor shaped across the bed

You are red, violant red

You hollow out my hungry eyes

You hollow out my hungry eyes

He looked at her face. Her delicate features smeared with clown paint and left over tears. She never looked more beuatiful. He removed one of knives from his pocket. His favorite one. He let the tip of it wonder along her red mouth. Joker carefully drew a smile in the face paint. The white complexion made her resemble a doll. A porceleine, Harlequin doll. So easily created...

And we lay, we lay together

Just not too close, too close

(How close is close enough)

And we lay, we lay together

Just not too close, too close

So easily broken.

I just wanna break you down so badly

I trip over everything you say

I just wanna break you down so badly

In the worst way

There was something different about this girl. A familar feeling came over him. But he wasn't about to let her go. He wanted to see how their story played out.

I'm gonna make damn sure

That you can't ever leave

No you won't ever get to far from me

You won't ever get to far from me

I'll make damn sure

That you can't ever leave

No you won't ever get to far from me

You won't ever get to far

"You're mine now," he whispered, "My little Harlequinn doll,"

I just wanna break you down so badly

I trip over everything you say

I just wanna break you down so badly

In the worst way

I added the little thing about Harley's hand hurting because I didn't think it made much sense to have her walk in there completely unable to use a gun and then leave able to, she basically had to do something wrong. And I know from personal experience that if you put your hand to far up on a hand gun and fire... well it hurts like a bitch.

As for that little Gordon part, it's boring huh. I know it bored me to write it. But I needed another character's POV on the situation. It's nothing against Gordon (we all know he's got a sweet stache) its just boring when there's no Joker to read about.

I really like Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday as a Joker/Harley song. (Thanks Sweet Coldkiss) I hope to encorperate more songs into future fics. I find music really inspires me to write.


I'm afraid to say this is the end, but don't be sad. The sequel shall be bigger and better!

I wanna thank my sister the master of proof reading, Sweet Coldkiss for letting me use Adelyn and introducing me to that awsome Joker/Harley song up there, Heath Ledger (RIP) for portraying the best most sexiest villian ever, Christopher Nolan and all his peeps for making the Dark Knight, DC comics for creating the characters in the first place and last but certainly not least all you people who have faithfully read and/or reviewed my fanfiction. Know you have really encouraged the biggest procrastinator on earth to actually do something. You rock!

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