Plot: When he's alone at home, or when he can't sleep while his little lover is snoring noisily, Yuki Eiri is bored. So he talks to Shuichi... in his own way...! Eiri x shu

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November 18th.

Jesus! You scared the hell out of me tonight!! What's that stuff about borrowing my laptop?? I was afraid you'd poke your nosy nose into my documents and find out about my little secret!

Those entire Word pages in which I'm talking to "you" when you're not at home or when you're sleeping, surely because well, I'm kinda used to having you around and I am… ahem… bored without you. That, of course, I will never tell you. I'm not sure someone can die out of an endless nosebleed but I certainly don't want to give it a try. You might splash blood onto the brand new stylish wallpaper of the living-room. No way!

Come to think of it, I'm not sure I'd like you to come across that file in which I'm keeping all the nice pictures and videos of you I find on the internet either. (that file currently weighs 3.9O Go… Am I some kind of weirdo??)

That's why I stayed with you during all the time you spent in front of my laptop. To make sure you weren't poking around. I'm sorry if you were under the impression that I was staying with you just for the sake of watching you doing searches on coatis* because you saw one on TV and found it cute!! Excuse me but I have much more important things to do in my life like… err… having a beer and err… Well, it doesn't matter!

And what the hell is that Sakuma wallpaper?? When did you do that, you damn brat?! Was it when I stood up to pick up my lighter?

Anyhow, you're now fast asleep AND you're snoring AND it's bugging me. I just can't believe that even when you're sleeping, you're still noisier than a steam engine! Will I ever get some peace and silence in this life??

Well, now I suppose I'll kill the next ten minutes deleting the 81 text messages you sent me from work today (I wonder if Seguchi would be happy to know you spend more time texting me than doing what he actually pays you a fortune to do).

"Y do u never reply u stupid son of a bitch???" Now that's what I call poetry! Seriously though, what did you expect me to reply to "Yuki I love u more than strawberry Pocky" or "Hiro's sick & he's just spent the last hour locked in the toilets" ?

I must admit I considered (at least a hundred times!) the idea of getting myself a new mobile phone without telling you, and selling this one for fifty millions yen to a tabloid, but then I thought better of it. Some messages should definitely stay between the two of us *smirks*. Call yourself lucky!!

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* Coati is one of my favourite animals. They belong to the raccoon family. If you don't know them, google them! They're so cute!! I can spend ages watching them at the local zoo! hehe!