Plot: When he's alone at home, or when he can't sleep while his little lover is snoring noisily, Yuki Eiri is bored. So he talks to Shuichi... in his own way...! Eiri x shu

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January 11

"EIRI!" Your voice abruptly wake me up this morning. "EIRI, ARE YOU OK?!" You asked, grabbing my sore shoulders. Falling asleep at the desk was definitely not a good idea.

"I would be, if you weren't shaking me like a rag doll first thing in the morning..." I grumbled hoarsely.

You stopped moving, letting out a sigh of relief even if your heart was still racing, and I blinked awake, blinded by the bright morning sun. My brain connected and I suddenly remembered last night events. Not good, I thought. Definitely not good. When my vision focused, I searched your eyes for any sign of anger, but all I could see was fear. Fear I couldn't quite understand. I glanced in panic at my laptop screen, but fortunately enough, I had closed my diary's file, and had opened a short story I'm currently working on instead. Not sure why I did so though, as I was obviously in no condition to write last night. A warm hand reached my face and gently forced me to look at you. Silent tears were rolling down your cheeks.

"Shuichi, what is it?" I asked with concern, remembering your threat of leaving me a couple of hours before.

"WHAT IS IT?!" You cried hysterically. "Eiri, you're covered in blood! That's what there is!"

Oh. I had forgotten about that detail. I looked down at my chest. The huge red stains contrasted with the beige of my shirt.

"Damn! This is linen, I'm not sure those stains will wash out!"

"Eiri, this truly is the least of my worries right now!"

"Well, it's not for me. I liked that shirt!" I protested.

Truth is I was trying to hide my concern. I can't deny that I've never spat up so much blood before and it was making me a little nervous.

"You took your medicine, I assume?" You asked, ignoring my comment and trying your best to keep calm, which is quite surprising when it comes to you.

"Are you aware that there is a Little Pony on your pyjamas top?"


"And it is pink..." I stated, pointing at the horrible thing. "And glittering."

"EIRI! If you haven't taken your medicine, where the hell is it?!"

Gee! Since when have you been able to read me like an open book? Am I that obvious?! Still, I can't believe I've got myself a boyfriend who wears My Little Pony pyjamas.

"Home," I mumbled, trying to avoid your eyes.

"Home," you repeated blankly and I nodded. You took a deep breath. "Okay. Fine. So... Basically... You spat up more blood than you did in the last few months, well, no, actually, you didn't even spit up blood in the last few months," you corrected, "you look two shades paler than usual while I didn't even think that was possible, and," you paused, rolling your eyes, "you forgot your treatment at home. Nearly 6000 miles away from here."

"You could also mention a bad migraine, but otherwise, that sounds pretty accurate."

"I'm calling Tohma," you said firmly, turning on your heels.

No way. I tugged at your T-shirt.

"NO!" I cried. You looked a bit disconcerted. Probably more by the tone of my voice by than my foursquare refusal. I cleared my throat. "You know how he is. He'll have me repatriated to Japan before I even stand a chance of explaining myself."

Your eyes were a burning mix of anger, sadness and determination. It wasn't the first time I saw that look, and I like it very much. I like how you appear like a childish and weak guy while you're in fact the strongest of us both and you're not even conscious of this...

"So what?" You snapped. "I watch you bleed to death and then I dance on your grave?"

I couldn't help but smile. Fondly.

"I told you, Shuichi. Stop being such a drama-queen. Nobody's going to die. Only you if you do tell Seguchi about this. As for me... I just need to rest a bit."

You pursed your lips, unconvinced. But I certainly wouldn't have Seguchi keep me locked in a hospital for weeks like he did so often in the past.

"Please..." I begged. "I'll go to a pharmacy today, and I'll see my doctor as soon as we're back home."

You let out a long sigh.

"Promise me that if anything goes wrong, anything at all, we'll do what's necessary. Promptly."

I nodded, and you pulled my hand.

"Sofa," you commanded. "I'll make you a cup of tea. Oh, and get rid of that shirt, I'll bring you a clean one."

I did as ordered and raised an amused eyebrow as I heard you exclaim "Ouch! Dammit, bloody kettle!" from the kitchen. You came back, placed the mug on the coffee table, and grimaced at my stained shirt that I had rolled up into a ball on the sofa. You then turned to me and without a word, you made me pull on a clean shirt that still smelled of fruit scented soap powder. I could tell by your silence that you were still angry at me for what happened yesterday.

"Shuichi, I'm old enough to get myself dressed, you know?" I smirked, but you ignored me and kept working on the buttons, slowly. There was something so sensual about this. Shouldn't it be the other way round? Shouldn't I get aroused when you take off my clothes rather than when you pull them on? I bit my lower lip and held my breath. Surely, only you can look that damn sexy in My Little Pony pyjamas. I definitely don't want to share you with anyone.

"Yes," I said in a husky voice.

You looked up.

"Yes what?"

"It was jealousy," I confessed.

"Eiri... It's ok... You don't need to-"

"Shuichi, just listen please," I cut you off, sounding a bit more desperate than I intended to. "That day I caught you kissing Sakuma..." My mouth twitched at the memory. "Many would have said it served me damned well, after all, I'd always been the cheater, never the one being cheated. When you met me, I truly wasn't the faithful type. Never got attached. Couldn't be bothered. But you... You're different... Believe me, I could never cheat on you. I've had several occasions, that's true but... I just can't. I don't need to. I already have everything I want. Everything I've ever wanted. And even much more than I could ever have hoped for. And on that day... I realised I could lose this. Lose everything." I could feel your gaze on me, but I was looking everywhere but at your eyes. Talking about emotions, when it's not in a book, has never been easy for me, but it was too late, there was no way back so I went on nonetheless. "I may sound arrogant and full of myself, but... the truth is that I don't even know what you see in me. So yeah, whenever I see you with that freak, my heart burns and I am scared, because I don't want to lose you. It's jealousy, and I'm sorry for yesterday, and every other day actually. Just... Just don't leave me. Please..."

I finally looked at you and you had a blank expression on your face. I was nearly tempted to turn around and check if there wasn't a guy in Scream mask hiding behind the sofa.

"Finished?" You asked after long seconds.

Not exactly what I had expected.

"Yeah, I suppose," I replied, pretty upset. "Well, I thought it was already quite a long monologue to be honest."

"Right. Just... Well... Give me a minute, okay?"

I raised an eyebrow and watched you take a few steps back, turn around, pause and then do a silly dance and sing "YUKI IS JEALOUS! YUKI IS JEALOUS! YUKI IS IN LOVE WITH ME!" I fought the urge to say "Wait, I've never said such a thing" just for the sake of pissing you off. You kept on dancing and making a complete fool of yourself and yet I couldn't wipe that foolish grin off my face.

You then walked back to me and put a hand on my forehead.

"You sure you don't have fever or something? Aren't you delirious?"

"Shuichi, I'm going out with you, so I've obviously been delirious for more than two years," I smirked.

You didn't yell at me, you just grinned from ear to ear instead, and the next second, your fingers were curling to my nape and your lips were crushing against mine, demanding entrance.

"Wait," I said, trying to catch my breath and rummaging through my pocket. "May I?"

You looked at the ring shining between my fingers and nodded. I put it back on your finger. Well, what? People need to know you belong to me. I wonder if I could implant a microchip in your neck. One that would beep anytime someone else than me touches you. Yeah, yeah... Jealousy... Whatever!

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Published on July.4 2013