Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own any of the devil may cry characters in this fiction, if I did, Kyrie would have died in the first ten minutes of the game and Dante and Nero would be together...and Vergil would be shirtless in the third game...and Arkham would wear a frilly princess dress for my entertainment.

Rated M for Yaoi, Possible Incest (depending on who the hell Nero is), and Hot Holiday Man Sex.

Since it is getting closer to the holidays, I thought 'Hey, let's do a holiday themed Yaoi fanfiction between Dante and Nero.' Thus, this was made. Don't worry, this present to my loyal readers is going to be about twelve chapters (hopefully). Hope you enjoy and Happy Devilmas!


Chapter One: It's Christmas, Like it or Not!

It was a dark night in the Devil May Cry office. Dante sat at his oak desk, his feet up in their casual manner as a magazine with a winter scene sat over his eyes. He listened for Nero to come back from his mission but could only hear the heavy blizzard outside the wooden door and closed windows. The devil hunter had turned up the heating the night before but the cold December nights seemed to drain the heat from the air, making him miserable when he tried to sleep. Normally, Dante could take the cold but this was getting ridiculous.

The elder didn't understand why Nero was in such a cheery mood lately. It was freezing outside and the snow had almost buried the devil hunting office's door shut twice. Still, the kid was as happy as Dante was in the summer. The devil slayer didn't know if he would ever understand the younger slayer but that didn't stop him from letting Nero move into the business as his full time partner. He could use the help anyway with how many demons were starting to appear everyday.

The best part of this time of the year was big overly happy holiday of Christmas and the other days he could laze around all day on. Dante normally liked the holidays, as long as no one made him go to any dances, festivals, or anything resembling shopping. Best of all, it was a day were people would give him presents for no reason and he could close the shop without Lady or Trish bothering him at all.

Dante lifted the magazine off his face to look at the door, wondering where the hell Nero was. The mission should have been easy enough for the younger slayer to finish an hour ago.


Nero wandered along the outskirts of the city, watching the snow flakes fall to the ground. He smiled, not used to the winter months yet. Just a few days ago he had seen real snow for the first time, not the demonic blizzard he had seen at Fortuna Castle but real snow flakes that were actually alright to eat and didn't taste like dirt. The young hunter loved the winter, being from an almost tropical Island he didn't see snow that much.

He walked across the snow filled fields, making messages in the snow and enjoying the lights from the decorated city. It was going to be Christmas soon, his first one too. On Fortuna, no one celebrated any holidays that required decorating and Nero wondered why they would miss out on something so fun. Not to mention how beautiful the buildings were at night when every inch was decorated in lights of all different colors and pictures of a chubby man dressed in a red suit. Nero teased Dante that he looked exactly like him when he first saw the pictures.

The young devil slayer had been watching the people of the city when he was coming back from his missions. The adults ran from store to store with large bags full of items and the couples were always walking close together, hand in hand. The stores had sales on everything from jewelry to warm clothes for the holidays and many of them advertised that they had the 'perfect gift' for everyone.

Nero flopped down into a large pile of snow, watching the lights from the bustling city. Maybe I should get Dante a gift. Gah, but what would he like?! He thought, wanting to do everything that Christmas time brought with it. The elder hunter was such a spoiled sport, he didn't even attempt to decorate the office and all he wanted to do was close the shop and sleep in from the first of the month to after New Years. He didn't even get a stupid tree...

Nero looked away from the city at the thought, smirking as he saw an evergreen sitting innocently next to him. He stood up, brushing the snow off his coat before grabbing the Red Queen and walking towards the unsuspecting tree. Dante was going to get a Christmas, like it or not.


Dante was starting to get a little worried when Nero still didn't show up. Did the kid get over his head during the job? Or worse, was the kid lost out in the snow? He stood up from his desk to look out the window to see if the younger slayer was on his way down the street. Dante shrugged his shoulders slightly before walking up the stairs to head to bed. If Nero wasn't back by dawn, he would kick the crap out of the man who commissioned him to do the job.


Nero smirked happily as he saw that the lights to the Devil May Cry were off. Good, Dante was asleep. Now, it was time to bring in the tree and set it up before the elder man caught what he was doing. He dragged the nine foot evergreen through the wooden doors, using his devil bringer to lift the tree to make sure the branches weren't going to break off. He set the tree up carefully in the corner of the shop next to the jukebox before standing back and smiling at their new Christmas tree. He checked the clock quickly.

Ten o' Clock. Good, the stores would still be open for the next stage of his plan.


"Too cold..." Dante moaned as he rolled over in his sleep before opening his eyes lazily. "Why does it have to be so fucking cold?" He rolled over again, looking at the clock on his bedside table. It was only eight o' clock. The cold was interrupting his fourteen hours of needed sleep. The sun was barely up when he looked out the window, seeing only a light yellow color and white. After a few minutes of trying to curl up into the blankets to get warm, Dante decided to find Nero and crawl into bed with him no matter what consequences that awaited when the younger man woke up.

He stood up from his bed, rubbing his eyes as he moved to his door. Once he opened it, he walked down the hallway. He noticed how weird it was that the railing of the platform to the stairs and main office area was brightly lighted. Dante walked over to it and looked down at his office, expecting to see nothing but the normal, dull lit area filled with demon heads and weapons.

"What the fuck?!" He nearly screamed as he saw the main room. The railings of the stairway were covered in little strings of lights meant to look like icicles. The walls were covered in ropes of different colored lights and a wreath hung on his father's sword above his desk. His precious desk was covered in more white lights and two stockings hung off the front. Near his jukebox, which was also covered in lights and some ornaments, stood a large evergreen tree heavily decorated in black and white garland and blue and red ornaments. After just seeing the inside, Dante didn't even want to think of what was decorated on the outside of the office.

The devil hunter walked down the stairs quickly, looking in horror at the office. It was a fruity Christmas wonderland! Finally Dante found the culprit of the disgusting decorating. Nero was sleeping on the couch under a Santa Claus decorated blanket, a few glass ornaments lying around him and in his hand he held a small wrapped box.

The elder devil hunter was about to shake the kid awake and demand him to explain why his office was suddenly the fucking North Pole until he noticed the small box. Had the kid gotten him something? He looked over at the tree, his jaw dropping when he saw the stacks of presents under it...his name written on every one of them. Did he get all of these for me?! Dante wondered as he looked back at the younger slayer. Perhaps he could stand celebrating the holidays this year...for Nero.

The whole thing would be over in twelve days anyway. Besides, it was the perfect time for Dante to tell Nero how he really felt...