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Chapter Thirteen: Plans for Next Year

Nero watched as Dante opened the last present, ready to pounce on the older man the second the gift was open. He was anxious to test the gifts of leather bondage gear, lube, and other sex toys on the elder hunter. The younger hunter sat next to the other man, desperately wanting to kiss him.

Dante smirked internally at how the kid next to him was glaring at the gift between him getting the last present. He made sure to rip the wrapping paper as slow as possible off the item, teasing Nero as he uncovered the leather. He pulled the red coat out of the paper and smiled at the soft white fur along the inside of it.

"You got me a winter coat?" Dante said, admiring the red leather as he looked along the design that was a similar cut to his original one.

"Yeah. Your other one didn't look like it was warm enough for cold weather so I got you it." Nero said, momentarily forgetting that he was trying to get into the elder's pants. "It was hard to find someone that carried red leather so I had to go to another town to get it." The younger man smiled shyly as Dante looked over the leather with a grin on his face.

"Thanks, Nero. Heh, I kind of wish I got you something other than sex toys. All the presents that you gave me are better than mine." The devil slayer said before putting the coat down on the crowded table in front of them and kissing the younger man lightly on the cheek. He smirked evilly as he grabbed the peppermint lube. "Shall we take your biggest present upstairs?" Nero smirked back.

"Actually, I was thinking about opening it on the desk." He winked as he motioned to the older hunter's desk that only had the phone sitting on top of it. Dante couldn't help grin at the suggestion.

"Whatever you want, kid." He pulled the younger man towards him, licking his lips before crushing them against his. Nero grabbed the elder's silver hair, pulling on it slightly as the kiss grew rougher and more intense. Dante stood and forced Nero onto his feet, the two never breaking contact with the others lips. They walked quickly towards the desk, unzipping and tearing off each other's shirts. The older hunter pulled away from their kiss only to bite at the other man's lower lip, piercing through the skin to lap up the blood pouring from the small wound. Nero moaned lowly before forcing Dante's lips back onto his, slipping his tongue through the elder slayer's willing lips. The elder man bit at his tongue sharply before he caressed it with his own. Nero pulled away after a few minutes, gasping for air.

"I'm tired of foreplay, Dante. I've been waiting for eight days so just fuck me, old man!" He said, glaring at the elder man for not letting him open his present earlier. The older devil hunter smirked at the comment.

"Why didn't you say so, kid?" He laughed at the punch the younger man threw at him, knowing very well that both of them had been waiting for this for too long. "Alright, alright." Dante said, turning Nero around roughly and pushing him down onto the oak of the desk before whispering into his ear. "I'll just get to it then."

A low click above his head told the younger slayer that the older man had cuffed his hands together. He let out a low moan at having Dante completely in control of him. He would let the other hunter have his way unless the elder would drag out the time for preparing him.

Nero arched his back to the older man when he felt Dante unbuckle his pants and slip a hand inside, grabbing his hard erection. He panted as that warm hand started stroking him roughly and quickly, distracting him from the older devil hunter slipped his pants down his knees before nearly ripping them off. The elder leaned away from the panting body under him to admire the younger man's firm ass, enjoying the arousing sight.

Nero spread his legs, wanting Dante to take him already but instead the other man just pressed his body close to his. The younger hunter moaned and threw his head back as Dante started thrusting against him, wishing the silk cloth of the red thong was gone. He bit back a plea for the man to fuck him already, knowing that Dante wanted him to beg.

Dante smirked again, noticing that Nero was getting impatient with his teasing and was close to breaking the handcuffs so the younger man could force him to fuck him. He pulled away, earning a soft whine at the loss of friction from the younger devil slayer. The older hunter decided that it might be time to prepare the kid.

The handcuffs creaked as Nero yanked on them, hating that the elder had stopped. He was tired of waiting and was ready to tackle the other onto the floor and slam the older man's cock inside him. The young hunter tensed and stopped pulling on the cuffs as he felt a slick finger press at his entrance. He shut his eyes when he felt it slowly push inside him, the feeling of just one finger hurting more than he thought.

"Relax, kid, or it will hurt more than it has too." Dante muttered into his ear, kissing the back of it as he pushed the digit past the third knuckle into the other slayer's entrance. He had to swallow at the feeling of the tight muscle pulling yet trying to push out the intruding finger, his mind already picturing that same tightness around his erection. The older devil hunter quickly but gently pushed in another peppermint covered finger, anxious to fuck the younger man. Nero yelped suddenly in surprise and pleasure as Dante's fingers rubbed against a bundle a nerves inside him.

"What's-" He didn't get the chance to say anything else as another wanton moan passed his lips when the older slayer rubbed his prostate directly. The younger man couldn't help but buck against the two fingers inside him, suddenly needing more. "Dante-fuck! Hurry up al-already!" Nero managed to force the words out between his moans as the elder man stimulated his prostate again. "Please, Dante!" The plea finally slipped his lips as he felt himself slipping towards the edge and he was determined to cum with the other hunter.

Dante pulled out his fingers at the younger man's pleas, aroused at how badly Nero wanted him. He yanked off the red thong and threw it across the room before pressing his nude body fully against Nero's. The younger devil hunter moaned lowly in pain under him as he slowly pushed inside his entrance.

Nero winced as the head of Dante's erection penetrated him. It hurt but he forced himself to tolerate it because he really wanted this from the older slayer. He let out a breath that he didn't know he was holding when Dante was halfway in. The young hunter felt thankful as the elder stood there for a few moments, allowing him to get used to the unusual feeling.

It took all of Dante's strength and self control to force himself to stay still in that wonderfully tight ass of his younger lover. He panted, trying to dismiss the thoughts of ramming into Nero at full speed and tearing the line between rough and rape. He didn't want to hurt the kid anymore than he had to and he really did love him. Both reasons made him able to hold still for a few minutes. When Nero's harsh panting and pained groans became lighter, he quickly pushed himself to the hilt inside the younger slayer.

The younger man bit his lip in pain as Dante slammed the rest of his erection inside him. Suddenly, the elder's cock managed to strike the same spot he had with his fingers. Nero threw his head back, yelling the other hunter's name as a spike of pleasure pushed away all the pain.

"Fuck, Dante! More!" Nero yelled as the man on top of him started pulling out slowly, rubbing against his prostate torturously. Dante would have smirked and teased at how submissive the younger part devil was acting if he was still in control of himself. The older hunter slammed back into the man under him, delighting in how tight Nero's walls were around his erection. He rammed into the other devil hunter repeatedly, all control lost as he moaned in ecstasy.

The younger slayer cried out in a mix of pain in pleasure as the elder man above him continued the rough pace. He started meeting Dante's thrusts as the pain started to fade into an overwhelming pleasure. The steal around his hands creaked in protest as Nero pulled on them, trying to break free to tend to his dripping erection that the elder had stopped paying attention to.

The older half devil grabbed the other man's hips and slammed in deeper, growling softly from the amazing warmth of his new lover. He could feel his release already approaching and he wished for it all to last just a moment longer. Dante noticed that the cuffs around the younger man's hands were starting to break under the other's strength. He smirked and let go of the slayer's hips before reaching around Nero's waist and grabbing his arousal.

Nero jerked as the older devil hunter's warm hand started stroking his erection, pulling him even closer to his release. He screamed and yanked at the handcuffs, ripping them into two before turning his head and pulling the elder's lips to his. He bit at the older man's lips, tasting the other's blood as the steady hand on his arousal worked him closer to his orgasm. Nero felt like he was in a painfully blissful dream as he felt the heat in his lower stomach rush to the tip of his erection.

"Fuck! I'm…I-I'm-" Nero screamed in pleasure as his cum spilled across Dante's hand and the oak desk, his walls clenching around the other slayer's arousal. The younger man panted as the cock in his ass pounded into him harder as the elder yelled his name. A rush of hot liquid entered him, filling him completely and even running down the top of his thighs. He leaned his head back onto the older devil hunter's shoulder, exhaustion overwhelming him.

"Nero…" Dante moaned softly into the younger hunter's ear, hating the thought of removing himself from the tight heat around him. "That was…"

"The best Christmas present ever." Nero finished as the other man finally pulled out of him. He turned around to crush his lips against his lover's. Dante pulled the younger hunter against his body as he tasted the blood mixed with the faint lingering peppermint taste from the kid's new candy cane fetish. He pulled away before either of them could become aroused again, though the mere thought of Nero's naked form against his made him want to fuck the younger man into the next century. Dante had to pull away from his thoughts as the man he was holding muttered something before walking away to get his clothes.

"What, kid?" He asked as the other picked up his pants. Nero blushed deeply, making the older devil hunter have to force the blood back to his brain instead of his groin. The young slayer in front of him looked down at the floor, embarrassed that the elder had heard him. "Come on. Tell me, kid."

"Stop calling me kid." Nero snapped, looking back at the older man to glare at him. Dante only laughed and ran at the young man, tackling him to the ground because of how adorable the part devil looked when he was angry. Nero struggled under the older hunter, cursing at him as the elder nuzzled his hair lovingly. "Hey! Stop it, old man! What's so funny?!"

"Fuck, I love you, kid." Dante said through his laughs as the devil slayer under him punched at his chest. Nero sighed heavily before finally giving up on beating the older hunter, instead wrapping his arms around the other man's neck.

"I love you too, asshole." Nero said before pecking the elder hunter on the lips. Dante smirked as he deepened the small kiss and grinded softly on the younger slayer's hips. He pulled away as he heard a low moan from the man under him.

"Next year, we're celebrating Hanukah."


The End ^-^

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