Author Notes: Written for a challenge over at the LJ community, ouran_contest. This is my first Ouran fic, so be as mean as you want. Any and all constructive criticisms are loved! Also, Mori and Hunny have graduated (*gasp*). Song (The Days Go By Oh So Slow) is by Nightmare of You.

Pairings or Characters: Host Club (one-sided MoriHaru if you squint)
Warnings: none
Word Count: 561
Summary: Haruhi has trouble being patient, and surprisingly, the Host Club has trouble helping her waste time.

The Days Go By Oh So Slow

It's a thought that's been running through her head lately.

"The days go by oh so slow."

There are things she wants to do. Things she needs to get done. But she has to wait. Another two years and she'll be in law school, busy to the point of falling apart, but right now the slowness of just getting there eats away at her so badly she can't think to appreciate it.

The Host Club used to seem so stressful and time consuming, but she seems to have become so accustomed to it that it can no longer provide her with the time wasting she desires so badly. Losing two members has done little damage to the club's profits and regular customer load, but it feels emptier.

Her workload, no matter how large, seems to get done in no time at all, leaving her with stretches of time where she's done so many assignments in advance that she has no homework for the next week or so, leaving her with even less things to do to pass the time.

Tamaki frets over his "daughter," wondering what has her so distant both in and out of school. The constant sighs only worry him further, but before he can put any half-baked and ultimately useless "Help Haruhi!" plan into action, he is surprised when she suddenly asks him to take the club on some idiotic exotic trip like he used to. He obliges, bringing the two graduated members along as well, to a foreign land for the latest school break.

Among the bizarre foliage of a land she has never seen before, the twins flirt and tease her, and are dismayed by her failure to retaliate or even acknowledge their game – well, more so than usual. A fake fight ensues, in hopes of riling her up, but the "dispute" is solved so quickly she wonders why they even bothered.

Kyouya is too invested in his calculations and paperwork to attempt to cure her unknown ailment like the others, though he does give her the occasional reminder that there is work to be done and customers to satisfy and having her head in the clouds isn't very good for business.

Hunny is so incredibly fascinated by the foreign animal life, comparing every creature he sees to his cuddly Bun-Bun as he drags her after him, that he manages to make most of the afternoon pass by quickly. However, she is still frustrated that it is barely early evening, when she had hoped the week would be over before she had a chance to think about it.

Mori is the last to spend some time with her, and all he does is sit quietly beside her watching the sunset. She has never been so unable to sit still when he speaks, in that low baritone she hadn't realized she missed so much, and she freezes as she listens.

"Life goes by so fast once you're busy. Sometimes it's nice to appreciate the slower days, don't you think?"

The trip ends before she realizes it, but she is no happier than she was before. Hunny and Mori go back to their busy lives, separated from the others, and she lets out a sigh as she muses quietly.

It's a thought she can't seem to stop thinking lately.

"Why can't these days go by oh so slow?"