U Mo Gwai Gwaai Fy Deat Zao !

U Mo Gwai Gwaai Fy Deat Zao !

U Mo Gwai Gwaai Fy Deat Zao !

U Mo Gwai Gwaai Fy Deat Zao !

The ground split as Uncle and Tohru chanted, opening up the void that would banish Drago to the

netherworld. Eveyone braced themselves as a great wind pulled them towards the gaping hole.

No one noticed the 15 year old girl emerging from the dug-out as Drago begged his father for


Her name was Jamie. She had gotten locked in by accident hours earlier when the comotion had

started, and only now did she finaly find the way out. Her freedom was short-lived. The roaring

wind knocked her off her feet and pulled her towards the void.

"Help! HELP!" Jamie screamed, her cries swallowed up in the chasm. She dug her nails into the turf,

desperate not to be pulled in. Something scaley and hard slammed into her, knocking her breathless,

she lost her grip, tumbling inside with Shendu and Drago.

The portal closed, sealing them away.


Uncle tossed and turned that night. He woke up in a cold sweat, "Uncle senses something amiss..."

Uncle said standing. He climbed downstairs, "Tohru, Uncle needs some assistance!"

Tohru sleepily came from his room, "yes, Sensei..." "You are a full chi wizard now Tohru. Uncle is your

partner not your Sensei. But never mind that now. My sleep is troubled, I sense somethng is wrong

with balance of our world and that of the Demon Netherworld."

"But how can that be? We banished Shendu and Drago, all balance should be restored."

"Yes. But it is not..." Uncle said gathering together ingrediants, "I have theory..."

"What is it, Sensei?"

"I think perhaps someone was banished that should not have been...someone apart from the demons."

He poured the ingrediants into a bowl and chanted over it

U Mo Gwai Gwaai Fy Deat Zao...U Mo Gwai Gwaai Fy Deat Zao...U Mo Gwai Gwaai Fy Deat Zao...

The mixture glowed brightly, unrecognizable shapes swirled inside before settling. Uncle knelt over

the bowl, "Ai-yah! Uncle was right!"

Tohru looked over Uncles shoulder and saw what had upset him.

Inside was the image of Jamie, laying unconcious on a floating stone.

"Sensei, what should we do?"

"There is only one thing we can do..."


Jackie's cell phone rang. He yawned as he picked it up," Hello?"

"JACKIE!" Uncles voice yelled over the phone, "wake up!"

"Uncle, it is 3:00 am. You should be asleep..."

"How can Uncle sleep when Innocent girl has been sent into Demon Netherworld?!"

Jackies eyes opend wide, "What did you say?!"


Jamie's eyes opened, "where am I...?" She looked around, all she could see was floating rocks.

that was it. She crawled to the edge of her own rock and glanced down. Floating rocks and nothingness.

she backed away and looked up.

Floating rocks and nothingness...

She gulped, "Toto, we're deffinatly not in California anymore..."

A shadow passed overhead, Jamie had to squint her eyes to get a better look. and immediatly wished she


Flying right towards her was a large humaniod-looking creature with wings and tail.

The sky-demon

Hsi wu