Uncle and the others watched as the portal had appeared moments before.

It was just outside the shop, but now it began to contort, turning from Green

to Red to White. "Uncle, what's happening?" Jackie asked, his eyes wide, as

Uncle and Tohru chanted.

"Portal is changing! Soon it will close!" Uncle said continuing the chant

A shape appeared in the whiteness, and the portal contorted even more.

It began to pulse, growing larger, then smaller. There was a sound like

ripping paper, and the portal exploded, beams of light flew in nine deifferent

directions. The portal was gone. On the ground lay a half-concious shape.

Uncle approached. The small frame rose. It was Jamie.


Jamie stood groggily. When her fuzzy vision cleared, the first thing she

noticed was the stars. She stared at them with awe. She never relized how

much she'd missed them.

"Wow...so bright...."

"Hey, ghost girl! Nice to finaly see ya in the flesh," Finn said. Jamie's head

whipped around, she saw the Chan's as well as the Enforcers.

"You guys!?" She spun around, looking in all directions. "Wait... Where are-"

"The demons are in the Netherworld. Where they belong."

"But....I mean...How did-"

"Reversal spell" Uncle said smugly.

"How could you?! They were my freinds! They're gonna think I'M the one who

did this!"

"Not Uncles are out of Netherworld, and that is all that matters."

Jamie shook with anger.

"Screw all of you! can't beleive I ever accepted your help! I don't want anything

to do with you! YOU'RE the one's that belong in the Netherworld!"

Before any of them could respond, Jamie turned and ran off, tears pourng down

her cheeks.

Jamie laid in her bed. Her land lady had kept her apartment for her, dispite her

having been gone almost a month. Scratcher, whom she'd had to reclaim from

her neighbor, laid at her feet, purring. A knock at the door roused her from the

restless half-sleep she had been in. Jamie stood up, putting on her pink bathrobe.

All she had on was a black nightgown her freind Sasha had given her for her

birthday last year.

"Hold on..."

The knocking got louder. Jamie exited her bedroom and made her way across

the livingroom and kitchen area. Jamie filled up a glass of water. The knocking

grew even louder, boardering on pounding

"I'm trying to Sleep! come back tomarrow!"

"Open up or I-"

Jamie interupted,"Listen, I've been threatened by worse things than some idiot

who wants to wake me up at 3:00 AM, you don't scare me.I've had my life

threatend by demons, big, ugly, man-eating, spell casting demons!"

"Yeah, and I'm the one that protected you from them."

Jamie froze.

She knew that voice.

She walked to the door and undid the locks. She opened it. There stood a

17 year old human with brownish hair that had a greenish tint to it. His eyes

were an unmistakable burgundy that she'd recognise anywhere.


She heard the sound of a clearing throat, she looked behind Drago.

"Don't forget about us, Jamie."

"You're all humans?!" Jamie said in shock.

"Yes. It would seem your portal...had a little malfunction, " said a 40 year old

man with a smooth voice.

"Tso Lan?"

He nodded

Jamie fainted

THE END!!!!!





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