This is my first story on here. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writting it. I do not own anything but the characters Rayne, Willow, Lilly, Sky, and Rayne's mom. But I do wish I owned David!

Chapter 1: Intro for My Vampire Life

Cold air blows my shoulder length dark dirty blond hair with light blond highlights across my blue eyes. I can still see the people of Santa Carla walking up and down the boardwalk pulling on jackets and hoodies from the uncommon chilly air in June. But I wasn't cold, I never felt cold.

Leaning against the Video Store owned by Max my guardian brought back old memories. Five years ago my mother, Blair Sawyer died in a car accident. She was coming home from one of her art shows when she was hit by a drunk driver. My mother was an artist and a freelance writer, two talents I inherited from her. I spent three months in an orphanage and it wasn't that bad. It wasn't like I could live with my dad he took off before I was born. At the orphanage four guys, who are now my best friends would stop by at night and talk to me. We had a connection, and one day Max adopted me and as it turned out he was their guardian too.

They had a dark secret that I learned my first night. It didn't surprise me that they were vampires. I always loved stuff like vampires, werewolves, and magic. They only visited me at night so that was a big clue. Also, David the leader of the boys said when he went by the orphanage he felt a connection. Then when he saw me outside one night, he knew why. We belonged together, we are vampire mates.

That night was the night I became a vampire. I loved the boys with all my heart and David and I shared a bond that we hardly understood. There are two ways to become a vampire, drink one's blood, or get bitten. David chose to bite me, surprisingly it didn't hurt that much. He was gentle, and held me protectively in his arms. We slept with his arms around me all day, and then when night came he took me hunting with the others, Marco, Dwayne, and Paul.

They were all impressed by my killing, and how fast I was, faster then any vampire they ever met. From that night on I've lived with the boys in the hotel that was destroyed when the big one hit.

Seventeen, I have been seventeen for five years now. David and I have grown even closer, I'm the only one that can call him Davey and get away with it. Marco, Dwayne, and Paul have become even more like brothers. I even met three other girls who we turned into vampires. David could sense my need to have some friends that were girls, so I met some and when I told them about me and what I wanted they had no problem with it. This was good because if my plan failed I would have had to kill them. They were nice and I didn't want to have to do that to them. I think they agreed because they all had crappie lives, this was a way to get away from everything they ever known.

"Rayne", I turned my head slightly to the left. There was Lilly dressed in a cute black dress and biker boots. She is the youngest out of all of us. Sweet fourteen year old Lilly, with her long blond hair and big blue eyes Lilly lived on the streets for a long time. Her mom died during child birth, her dad took off, and so she was put into an orphanage. She was adopted but the family was abusive. She ran away when she was eleven. I saw her looking for food one night. Brought her back to the boys, told our stories, and then she agreed to drink David's Blood. She really looks up to me, like a mother, I know my mom would be proud of me. Lilly was the first one turned and she always thanks me for finding her.

"Yeah Lilly", I whisper.

"Are you okay?" She grabs my hand and squeezes it tight.

"Just thinking about life after my mom died."

She just nodded her head and let go of my hand. Everyone knows to leave me alone when I think about life after my mom's death, well maybe except David, but we have a bond.

I roll my eyes; Willow and Schuyler (Sky) run across the boardwalk like complete idiots not caring who sees them. Willow is my best friend; she loves music, funky clothes, and says the funniest things in the world. Schuyler is usually quiet and very smart. But once he wild child side kicks in she becomes a talkative rebel.

Willow is seventeen like me as well as Sky. She was the second out of the three to get changed into a vampire. She has dirty blond hair a little bit past her shoulders. Her blues eyes sparkles as the lights from the rides reflect off them. I think about her life as I stare at her colorful outfit. Pink skinny jeans, green converses, a green tee-shirt that says Slytherin, ten rainbow colored bracelets along with one black, one that we all have with a bat on it. A beanie hat with the words Skater Chick sits perfectly on top of her head. One neon fishnet arm warmer on her left arm, one neon pink fishnet arm warmer on the right.

Willow's mom died when she was seven from brain cancer. Then when she was thirteen her dad died in a plane crash. She was placed in an orphanage, no one wanted her. She ran away at age seventeen, and met me five days after her grand escape. Max did not want any problems so he called the orphanage, said her found her and wanted to adopt.

I giggle as Sky twirls around in circles laughing her head off. Shoulder length dark dirty blond wavy hair flies around her. Brown eyes open taken in the trippy scenes that fill her eyes from the dizziness. Black skinny jeans, red converse, and a red lacey tank top are her choice in wardrobe.

I should tell you that Sky was in an orphanage since she was two, both parents died on a cruise to Hawaii. I saw her outside one night, talked and five weeks later she knew my secret. Two days later Max adopted her, and then she drank David's blood.

I turn to look inside the store. David, Marko, Dwayne, and Paul are giving Max a hard time like always. I roll my eyes and stare at David. I can't believe he is all mine and that I am all his.

"Rainy", Willow and Sky shout hugging me. Willow twirls me around and as I spin I see the boys staring with amused faces.

"Well, Well, Well girlies what are we doing", Paul asks as the four of them strut out of Max's Video Store.

"Shut it Paul", I spit.

"Ouch that hurt worse then a stake through my heart."

"Cry me a river", Willow remarks sarcastically.

"Let's move out", David booms already sitting on his motorcycle.

Lilly skips over and gets on the back of Marko's bike while Willow sits on the back of Paul's. Sky gets on the back of Dwayne's bike taking her time. I jog over to David and jump on the back of his bike in a split second. I wrap my arms around him tightly and kiss him on the cheek. "Davey", I whisper into his left ear.

"Happy to see me", David questions in a husky voice.

"I'm always happy to see you."

"I'm going to hurl if you two don't shut up", Paul shouts causing our group to burst into laughter.

"Same here", Marko manages to get out between his laughter.

"Bite me", I say with a glare in my blue eyes.

"No, no, no Rayne we bite humans not each other", Marko says.

"Expect David and Rayne. They are always giving each other love bites", Paul cackles.

"Paul", David says. I can't see his face but I know the look is saying something along the lines of shut up before I have to hurt you.

"Can we go know", Sky asks quietly resting her head on Dwayne's back.

"Yeah", David reeves the engine to life before the word leave his mouth.

We speed off into the dark and mysterious night. I always loved the nighttime and now I love it even more. Especially with great friends and my vampire mate by me side. The boys zigzag across the beach trying to beat each other but David is in the lead he always is. Bonfires become balls of light and the people become a haze of colors as we zoom across the beach. It doesn't take long until we arrive at our home, the place where each and everyone one of use feels we belong.

Once inside we all sit down and relax. We already went out hunting and had our fill of blood. So now we can just chill until the sun begins to rise and we have to go to sleep. It didn't take long to get use to this lifestyle and I can honestly say I love it more then my regular routine when I was a human.

Paul and Willow are dancing like idiots on the fountain while Lilly and Marko talk about what they did tonight and what they hope to do tomorrow night. Dwayne is sitting quietly and Sky sits next to him reading a book.

David is sitting in an old wheelchair, his seat and mine. As I walk past he grabs my waist roughly and places me on his lap. I can feel him smirk against my neck and if I was human I would be blushing. I feel him nip my neck, not enough to draw blood but enough to let me know what he is doing.

"Paul was right about the love bites", he whispers in my ear and then bites it gently.

"Yeah", I say with a dream like sigh.

"My charm strikes again."

"We're bonded David. We have that effect on one another."

He doesn't say anything but I feel him chuckle with agreement. He places soft kisses on my neck and holds me closer then before. Then he whispers those words I love to hear "I love you Rayne. Always and forever."

"I love you always and forever too David", he plays with a strand of my hair as he kisses my neck. I lose the other vampires around me because right now it is like David and I are the only one's left in this use to be hotel.