This is the last chapter of my story. I hope you all enjoyed it, I know i enjoyed writing it. I plan on making this a trilogy so I hope to have the second story up soon. I just need to do some more planning. Thank you to everyone who has read my story and to those of you who have reviewed.

Chapter 25: It's not over

The last night of Summer Vacation has fallen upon us. I'm more excited then I though I would ever be. I just want to enjoy the night and keep on living my vampire life with the vampires I love.

I get dressed in black skinny jeans, a black tank top, red converse, and my red leather jacket. I fix my hair so it looks a little messy and then apply my trusty black eyeliner.

"Rayne let's go", Willow yells. Everyone seems to be just as excited as I' am.

"Yeah, woman hurry the hell up", Paul shouts.

"We're so hungry Girly", Marko says with a fake whiney voice.

"I'm going to faint Rainy. Please don't let me faint." Dwayne adds to the joking around and I can't help but smile at their child like behavior.

"Leave her alone", Lilly says while shaking with fury.

"Yeah, stop being assholes", Sky adds.

"Girls it's okay. I think its funny", I state and wrap my arms around Dwayne and Marko.

"You got told", Marko says causing Dwayne and I to laugh.

As we walk out I ask Marko why David is already outside. He tells me he was in a hurry as well. Memorial Day brings a lot of people to the boardwalk and the beach so that means good hunting and more people to piss off.

"Got to love him", I mumble to myself. "Hey, Davey", I say and then place a firm, passionate kiss onto his lips.

"Hey, Rainy", he says back and then smirks his sexy smirk. He kisses me back and then I wrap my arms around him while he starts up the bike. In seconds we're off into the night that is filled with more noise then usual. Not all of it is created by us so that means people are really getting into the last hours of summer.

"How about there", I say in David's ear as I spot a bonfire.

"My kind of girl", he says in a husky voice. "Taking advantage of the holiday so you can feed more is a brilliant idea. The idea turns me on Rayne."

"I knew you wanted to kill a lot tonight."

David stops his bike and the others follow. The sixteen surfers don't realize we are even there. Their already drunk and dancing around the fire like idiots. This is going to be so easy, just thinking about how easy it is going to be makes me laugh.

We hide as usual and wait for David to spring into the air and take his pick on who he wants to feed on. Six minutes later he finally leaps but not before nodding his head so we all have a chance of killing our prey before they have a chance to try and fight back. Not like they could but you never know who has the talent to become a vampire hunter.

I grab both guys at once and snap their necks at the same time. Their necks snap like twigs and I pull their bodies down on the sand. I lay one body next to me and drain the other body pretty quickly. I push him aside and grab the other body greedily but then gain control over myself and sink my teeth into his flesh slowly. I drink his blood even slower and push him away gently when I'm done.

Dwayne and Marko both pick up the remains of my meal while the others throw theirs into the fire. Paul then grabs the surfers' stereo and cranks up the volume really loud.

Everyone starts to dance out of excitement and because they have the feeling of being dangerous and the feeling of being so alive.

Arms wrap around my waist. "That turned me on Rayne. I would do it with you right now but I like things to be private with you and me." He whispers in my ear making each word longer then it should be. It drives me crazy but in the best way possible. I want to moan as he sucks on my neck but I don't want Paul to interrupt us like he always does.


"I know Rayne I was thinking the same thing." He brushes his lips against mine and carries me away from the bonfire so we can have some alone time. We won't make love but we'll get pretty close. I know David will want to finish later but that doesn't bother me none.

"I love you David", I whisper as he straddles my waist. He says it back and then crashes his lips against mine. I moan his name as he kisses across my collarbone and then starts to suck on it. I nip his neck causing him to moan and grip onto my hips with his sharp, long nails.

We make out for a while. I would guess only twenty minutes. But when Paul yells that we don't have a lot of time to spend at the boardwalk I realize it was really a few hours.

"We'll finish this later baby", David whispers seductively in my ear and the nips it gently.

I smirk and the run over to his bike. With a kiss on the lips out of the way he then gets onto his bike. I wrap my arms around him but still get pushed into him by the force. I think he does it on purpose but I really don't care.

We spend the night by riding the rides. We ride them multiple times and then go looking at the stands and in the stores. We buy a few things and then head for Max's Video Store. We disturb his costumers by throwing around streamers and glitter that we bought. Then we start running around the store singing and yelling. Max yells at us to stop. With one last smirk at him we all leave with a satisfied feeling.

"Great idea Girly", Marko says and kisses me on the cheek.

"That was so cool", the girls shout together.

Paul tells me that it was a killer idea while Dwayne says it was a very creative and amazing idea.

"I'll be creative tonight. The person who came up with that plan deserves to be rewarded", David whispers to me as we get to the bikes.

"I can't wait to see what you have planned", I smirk. Then I kiss him hard on the lips before sitting on his bike.

We ride home with an hour left of darkness. David tells the girls to sleep in the back but it's not like they didn't know. They hug me good morning and then the boys hug and kiss me good morning. Everyone tells me that they enjoyed tonight and that they hoped I enjoyed it too. I tell them yes and then David and I are left alone.

"Reward time Rayne", David picks me up with his arms around my waist. I laugh in delight as he throws me gently onto the bed.

"Let the reward ceremony begin", I say and nip David's ear.

We kiss each other slowly and our bodies move at the same speed. As time goes on everything start to speed up. When we finish making love David holds me against him and kisses my neck and every so often nips at it.

"Love you David", I mumble against his chest.

"Love you Rayne", he kisses me softly.

"Thank you for giving me the best summer ever."

"No problem Rayne", he kisses me again but this time with more force.

We kiss each other for a few minutes and then I place my head back onto his chest. I fall asleep thinking about my summer and everything that has happened. I don't know what will happen next but I do know Ash is coming back tonight. So if he tries anything with my family and me he better be prepared for one hell of a battle.