The next day Holly had already figured out where all of her classes were, who she could trust, and when she could run into Artemis. She hunted him down in the library. He was sitting alone at a table, his laptop sitting on the table, a book in his hand.

"Hi." She spoke softly, trying to get his attention.

He glanced up. "Hi."

"My name's Kagura, but everyone calls me…"

He cut her off. "Holly."

"How'd you guess?"

"No," he whispered in Gnommish, "LEPrecon Captain Holly Short."

"Damn. You guessed."

"Yes." He motioned at the table. "Sit." Holly sat, tucking her skirt under her legs. "What are you doing here?"

"What do you think? I'm babysitting you."

"I figured that much. Why?" He knew the answer, he just needed confirmation.

"Opal escaped, yada yada yada, she wants vengeance, blah blah blah, she's going to kill us, we fight, win, that whole thing."

"Doesn't she ever give up?"

"Apparently not."

"Let's ignore that, how did you…" Holly slid a typed sheet of paper across the table.

"That should explain everything."

"Ah. DeMuerta? That's an interesting name. Literally translated in Spanish, it means "Of Death.""

"My name is now Moonlit plant of death."


"Kagura is moonlight in Japanese, Holly is a plant, and DeMuerta you already figured out."


"I think Foaly was a little crazy when he typed my papers."

They were whispering when Tiffany came in and saw.

"Damn! She knew I fancied him, why did she have to go after him? I think a little surprise is in store for Miss Kagura..." Tiffany stalked off, sulking in a corner, but still spying on the two.

Artemis reached over and touched Holly's locket.

"That's pretty."

"Thanks." She popped it open. "These are my parents. They're dead."

"I'm sorry."

"Thanks. Arty, I was wondering."

"What were you wondering?"

"Will you kiss me?"

Note from Bluesparks' beta, B. "Artemis should hit Holly over the head with the laptop, screaming words of rejection!" Now what does Bluesparks say to that, kids?

"NO WAY IN HELL, B! Coin ship all the way!" BTW, is Tiffany Tiffany-Frances? No, that sounds like a cheap romance novel! My other friend/beta A, says, "minor rejection then he realizes his mistake and THEN he goes and kisses her." Yet another friend/beta Br, says, "KISSSKISSKISSKISS!!!!!!!" Me: O.o "I don't know…WAH!!!!" This is all thanks to creative writing club, I love you all, especially if you bothered to read and comment on this!