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Simply a compedium of Heroic Spirits, made in a census by the head of the Administration, Valkirye Brunhilde with the help of Emiya Shirou, Emiya Kiritsugu and (OC) Klein Opheus

Chapter 1: Agora

The Throne of Heroes. The place that gathers the spirit of the heroes of all kinds and eras. In this place of everlasting peace, Emiya Shirou is slacking off.

He is watching at maybe the millionth time that Ajax faces Aeneas. Nothing much else to do these days but then slacking off is a good thing, at least after the destruction of the grail.

The Heroic spirits of Shirou´s kind: The counter guardians, have only two kinds of missions. The first and more enjoyable is to fight after being summoned by a powerfull source, if the source has the same ideals that the guardian. The second is to save the planet from impending doom, mostly by killing the maniac which wanted to take over the world.

And since magic is somewhat degenerated and the heaven´s feel, the only thing that can summon counter guardians easily, is destroyed, it means that if Shirou is summoned is to kill the maniac and his retainers in order to save the vast majority of mankind. That means that the Counter Guardian Emiya Shirou wants to slack off as much as posible.

Situation like this one are the things that made him almost kill himself and tear the fabric of reality apart. But since young Shirou managed to fend the Archer off, he left with no regrets. Now he is in the hall of Heroes, with the ones he likes. He turns to his left and beside him are his most trusted friends: his father and his wife.

Arturia feels his gaze and meets him, smiling.

"What´s up, Shirou?"

He gaves a slight smile and drops his shoulders a bit.

"Nothing, just asking myself how my younger self would be doing."

She smiles warmly. But It is his Father the one that answers.

"Good Enough. I´m pretty sure he will handle it."

Shirou raises an Eyebrow.

"I wonder."

But the blonde petit saber beside him takes his hand and tells with a sweet voice.

"He is well. Rin is with him." Then with a low voice. " Through i´m pretty sure they will end up together in your lifetime."

He just pats her head.

"Hey, we are together in here. So no hard feelings."

As Saber is about to answer, another figure approaches the group. A bit Taller than saber, she wears a teal robe that matches perfectly her silver hair. A pair of gold, curious eyes and an air of innocence surrounds her, giving an impression of her studying everything around. And she is most likely doing it. However in this instant her quick steps gives Shirou another impresion: She is in a hurry.

As she aboards the trio. She politely bows.

"Counter Guardian Emiya-San."

"Yes?" Two voices answer at the same time.

She ponders a bit, realizing her mistake in adressing the situation, but she gets over it quickly.

"Well, yeah. I actually need both of you. Valkirye Brunhilde has summoned you and myself to a meeting in five minutes."

Kiritsugu sighs slightly.

"Really. What´s gotten into her lately?. Giving such call with almost no time."

But both Heroes get up. Saber watches them go with a faint smile and after a while she sets to find something to eat. Preferably meat.

Exactly five minutes later, the Emiya Duo is in front of Valkirye Brunhilde in the Agora, the center of the Throne of Heroes.

Technically, the Valkirye Staff is the administration of the place. No gathering of human beings could go along without at least a minimum of arbiters and rules and Heroes were no exception. In practice, however, the Valkiries are always understaffed to control efficiently the bunch of heroes of any era and planar existence. It is not uncommon to ask help from some other spirits, and that´s why the Emiyas are called, at least that is what they supposed.

A franctic Brunhilde sends another valkirye off before recognizing them.

"Emiya Shirou-San."

Shirou bows as the protocol commands. Brunhilde bows back.

"Emiya Kiritsugu-San".

Kiritsugu does the same. Finally Brunhilde adress the other one.

"Long Time no see, Klein-San."

The girl named Klein Bows, and Brunhilde Bows for the third time. Then all of them sits in the Agora seats. Kiritsugu goes straight to the point.

"So, Brunhilde. I guess you need us for something."

The Valkirye nods quickly.

"Indeed. External collaboration has been common for a while now."

Shirou then questions.

"So, we are going down?."

By going down, he means earth even if the throne of Heroes is not necesarily "up" as no one really knows its location, out of time and space. Brunhilde speaks quickly.

"Not Really. But i reunited here you three for a very special favor."

"Which is.?" Urges Kiritsugu.

"You all now that the Heaven´s Feel was destroyed after failing to be archieved seven times."

All of them nod. After the seventh Grail War, two hundred years after Shirou died, the Grail was destroyed for good. But as for the details only the Valkiries know them.

"However, i believe that you three, as Magicians, would be able to understand your fellow colleagues perseverance."

Shirou raises an eyebrow. Does she mean..

"Someone is trying to do the sistem again?" Asks Klein self amused. Brunhilde nods.

"Indeed. Is not that hard at all. All you need is a magician´s pact between some powerfull magis, a suitable land and the guide of one Sorceror capable of using true magic. Even if the latter are scarce, they exist."

Kiritsugu shakes his head in disbelief.

"Then, what are we gonna do? Stop them?."

Brunhilde shakes her head negatively.

"Not at all. The system is not bad by itself and as such, neither the world nor the higher planes are against it."

Klein then asks.

"Then what is our mission?."

Brunhilde begins to explain after drinking a glass of water.

"Even if the system is not bad in theory. It can go dramatically wrong in the practice as the former Heaven´s feel proved. Therefore we are going to do any counter measures that we can to prevent something like that to happen."

Kiritsugu smiles bitterly.

"Really?. And how are you supposed to do that?."

Brunhilde gives out a sigh.

"We are few but we are trying. Now to the task at hand. I believe that you all agree that one of the factors that made the past system a failure was the introduction of a foreign spirit."

"You mean Avenger" Said Shirou, all of the nod.

"That was a total slip up from our part and we will prevent it from happening again."

Klein spoke.

"I believe Kiritsugu asked before how."

"The idea is simple. Avenger was introduced because the small grail couldn´t confirm with the grand grail if he was allowed or not. To put it bluntly, there are just so many of them and we really don´t know all of them."

Kiritsugu nods.

" Of course you wouldn´t know. The heroes of all eras and in all planes of existence, there must be infinite heroes out there."

Brunhilde raises her hand.

"Not infinite. Even taking into acount all posibilities, mankind has an end in a uncertain era. Therefore there must be a finite, even if great, number of heroes. We must know the identity of each one and pass it to the grand grail before the next system is made. That is your mission."

All three are left speechless.

"We are going to..."

Brunhilde nods.

"You are going to do a census of Heroic Spirits, the first and hopefully the last. I choose you because of your complementary abilities. You don´t expect me to make you chase after each Heroic Spirit in the place, it will take Aeons."

Klein nods in understanding.

"Then we are going to use our powers combined to find out each and every spirit."

Brunhilde happily nods.

"Indeed. Klein can sense the energy of each hero in the place. Kiritsugu can remember them and Shirou... uh. Well he can put the results in physical form. To put it bluntly. We want to find a million internet sites with one thing in common out of the vast universe of internet. Klein will be google. Kiritsugu will be Wikipedia. And Shirou will be the printer."

Shirou smiles nervously.

"You makes it sound easy enough."

Why don´t you give it a try. Put your hands together and focus.

Klein, Kiritsugu and Shirou join hands, closes their eyes and begin to exchange information. It is a total chaos.

"Start with something simple, how about the stats of any of you."

Klein focus in her own existence, sensing all her abilities. She summons her noble phamtasm. Kiritsugu is able to visualize her, her past and deeds and pass it to Shirou.

"Trace on."

Shirou, knowing only by instinct what he is doing. Remembers a similar system that Saber taught him during his participation in the grail war. Taking it as his base, he traces a paper with the following information.

CASTER CLASS True Name: Counter Guardian Klein Opheous (OC)
Sex: FEMALE Color: Aquamarine
Alignment: Chaotic Good
1.55 Mt Weight: 47 Kg
Appereance: Hair:Silver / Eyes: Yellow / Build: Slim / Aparent age: In her late twenties / woman
Talents: Stewardship, Dancing Nemesis: Atlantean Kingdom
Likes: Being Right, Protecting Others Dislikes: Natural Disasters
Birthdate: 1/1 Bloodtype: O+

Noble Phamtasm: C Strenght: E- Endurance: A+
Agility: C- Mana: A+ Luck: E-
Item Construction: B- Territory Creation: B Mental Hacking: B-
Mana Drain: C- Akashic Connection: E

The last empress of the Atlantean empire and wife of Emperor Dawn. After hearing a loud complain of the Emperor about the man´s inhability to know and understand himself being its downfall, she choosed to understand the true wishes of mankind. After centuries of studies devoting her life to witchcraft she finally reached the Akashic Record: The sum of all knowledge. Using it to disclose the true wishes of the atlanteans, she realized that they wanted an everlasting golden age. Wishing to supply it, she overthrew her own husband and began the last Atlantean Kingship. After some Centuries with Klein giving the Atlantean their wishes, they grew tired of it.

They wanted at the same time Freedom and stewardship, peace but a healthy level of change, To live with power but with no responsability. Realizing that mankind trully doesn´t know what it wants, that the current development of Atlantean technology treatened all creation with that mindset and that the Atlantean way of living
couldn´t be changed, she resolved to erase everything and start anew. She proceed to destroy Atlantis, to give the survivors the chance of finding their true wishes by
themselves with a fresh start. In her final moments she made a contract with the planet as a counter guardian, protecting mankind until it finally realizes its true wish.


Item Construction: Rank B-

Ability inherent of the Caster Class. The ability to create magical items. At this Level she can create magical potions that grant stats bonus.

Territory Creation: Rank B

Creation of a magical territory that amplifies one's abilities as a magus. At this level, creation of a "magic workshop" becomes possible.

Mental Hacking: B-

Breaking into other´s mind. At this level Klein is able to locate and measure the stats of her enemies. But she can´t read their thoughts or change her thinking.

Mana Drain: C-

The power to drain magic power out of other beings. She can suck out the mana of any servant or magi without a Magic Resistance of higher value.

Akashic Connection: E

A conection made with the "true magic" akashic records after centuries of studies. Most magicians nowadays are trying to do the same thing that Klein made so long ago. At this level she knows anything that has relationship with two themes of her choice: Human psique and Mankind´s core feelings.

Noble Phamtasms:

Akkalabeth: " Orb of Stewardship."
Anti Personal. Support. Rank: C

The orb used by Klein to keep watch on her people. As a Noble phamtasm it allows the location, recognition and data gathering of any living being above a certain power level set by Klein. Its power level, abilities, view of the world and core wishes.

The paper is handed to Brunhilde.

"Wow, never knew you were the one that destroyed Atlantis. What a feat."

Klein didn´t answer. Brunhilde gave the paper back to Shirou and raised.

"Well, keep doing it until you cover each and everyone around here. Of course Valkirye Staff included. I need to keep watching over others, but i´ll come back in a while. I expect results."

After he left, Shirou gives a scornfull smile.

"Easy for her to say."

But Kiritsugu has a grim smile now.

"She said to include the Valkirye Staff, right.?"

Klein, one step before, was already on it. A Few moments later they were reading the following:

LANCER CLASS True Name: Heroic Spirit Brynhildr (Brunhilde)
Sex: FEMALE Color: White
Alignment: Lawfull Neutral
Height: 1.65 Mt Weight: 51 Kg
Appereance: Hair: Blonde / Eyes: Gray / Build: Athletic / Aparent age: In her early twenties / woman
Talents: Writing Books, Ploting Pranks Nemesis: Sigfried
Likes: Ice Creams, Horses Dislikes: Rings
Birthdate: 23/10 Bloodtype: AB

Noble Phamtasm:
B- Strenght: C Endurance: B-
Agility: B Mana: C+ Luck: C-
Magic Resistance: B Battle Continuation: B Ice Shield: C-
Spartan: D Auroran: C Divinity: E


The most known Valkirye. Of debated origins, her tale is one of vengeance. She is a core character in the Nibelung Saga along with Sigfried. Once a Valkirye, Brynhildr fought
against Odin´s prefered king in a war. As punishment he made her mortal and imprisoned in a Castle behind a wall of fire until someone came to save her. Sigfried did, and when he saw her he fell in love and proposed. However, he needed to go back to the kingdom of Burgundy and went of after promising her to come back.

In burgundy, another pretendant bewitched him into forgotting the Valkirye and marry her. After hearing this, the King decided to marry his son Gunther with Brunhilde. But as Gunther couldn´t get pass the wall of fire, he asked Sigfried for help. Disguised as Gunther, Sigfried rode again and married Brunhilde, but didn´t touch her. He left three days later, after he took the ring he used to proposed earlier. Some years later Sigfried´s wife: Kriemhild, told Brunhilde the truth. Out of rage she asked her husband to kill the hero, lying to him that Sigfried laid with her. Taking advantage of Sigfried´s weak point, Gunther and his cousin Hagen killed the hero, and Brunhilde killed his baby-son. Later, realizing that she still loved Sigfried, she threw herself in his funerary pire and they both went together to the afterworld.


Magic Resistance: Rank B

Nullifies all magic that requires less than three verses. Cannot block large-scale magic such as great magic or ritual magic.

Battle Continuation: Rank B.

Does not give up easily. It allows for battle even on the verge of death, and allows the user to stay alive until they receive a clearly fatal blow. Unless it is a one-hit kill.

Ice Shield: Rank C-.

Gained as she lived in a Snowy country. Protects against Ice based attacks.

Spartan: Rank D.

Gained during her time in prison. The ability to supress the mana needs of the servant. With this level, Brunhilde is able to decrease her mana needs when out of fight by 15%.

Auroran: Rank C.

This skill gives a boost to the servant at day break. At this Level all her stats are raised by 1 rank at sunrise.

Divinity: Rank E.

Stripped of her divinity by Odin, she is now almost totally mortal.

Noble Phamtasms:

Andvarinaut. " Golden Ring of Sadness."
Anti Personal. Rank B-.

The ring used by Sigfried to propose Brunhilde. Earlier it was stealed by loki from its creator Andva, which curse it. Any servant, besides Brynhildr, that sees this ring would desire it. If desired, this ring goes to the enemy and decreases all his/her stats by 1 except the noble phamtasm.

Borealis. "Spear of Aurora."
Anti Personal. Rank B-.
The spear that folklore gave to Valkiryes, inbued with power from the rainbows. Focus the sun rays on its tip in order to break through the enemy, while blinding them, so they don´t know where Brunhilde is aiming. This Noble Phamtasm Ranks A- at daybreak and C at Nighttime.

Shirou felt bad. He was spying the poor Valkirye. But Kiritsugu let out a laughter.

"Can´t believe this. She likes ICE CREAM. Isn´t that just random?, i wonder if vanilla or chocolate."

Leaving out a sight. Shirou makes his own comment.

"What i can´t believe is that she made her husband Kill Sigfried and then she just killed herself for him."

Klein adds in a calm voice.

"What impacts me more is that her spear noble phamtasm is not given by her life deeds , but because of what people thinks about valkiryes."

Kiritsugu smiles a bit.

"You really are into people´s psyche, eh?. But is true a Valkirye with no spear is just imposible for normal persons. That kind of strenghtening by idealization is something that is beyond us counter guardians. Only Heroic Spirits enjoy it."

Klein blushes a moment, before saying.

"Well, gotta go to work again. We still have tons of Spirits to scout. Let´s see if we can do it in groups."

Shirou raises an eyebrow.


Klein nods.

"You know, Spirits with affinity with each other. For example Brunhilde´s legend is closely related with Sigfried´s. If we focus we can link them."

Kiritsugu mumbles. "I see..."

Then he turns.

"Then lets see if we can do it with the servants of my grail war."

All three agree and begin to focus.....


AN: Some notes. As you can see, the story is not cannon cuz the grail wasn´t destroyed in the fifth grail war by shirou. Rather it follows the storyline of my previous fic Purging the Grail, when Kiritsugu is made into a servant to take out angra manyu of the grail with the help of another OC of mine, Alana Akawa. In that story they ended up being Avengers in a new class, but well i scraped it here lol-

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