Hello All,

I've decided that the title to this story needs to be changed. The Auction was never intended to be a full-length fic, therefore, I will be reposting this story with a new first chapter. I will keep The Auction as a one-shot but the story that follows thereafter will be given a different beginning, new title, and different synopsis, standing as it's own fic. I feel that after the first chapter, the auction storyline really doesn't come into play much. To me, the title comes off as misleading as the story itself is much more than that lone scene. I will be making the adjustments with my beta as soon as I can carve out the time; i.e., removing anything pertaining to the auction. Any suggestions on a title would be greatly appreciated. The only one I am considering right now is Something To Live For.

Thanks for all your support. Can't wait to hear your ideas.