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Combat 6

"Is that the best you can do, Blondie?" Genesis chuckled as he waited for the cadet to make a move again, easily side-stepping the attack and smacking Cid on the ass with the flat of his blade. He had decided to make things a little challenging, using real weapons instead of the wooden replicas. So far, the results had been…entertaining.

The blond caught his footing and whirled around with a growl. The long metal spear in his hands glinted in the sunlight as it was swung toward Genesis' chest. "If ya'd stop moving long enough to catch ya, ya prick, I could hit ya!"

The redhead smirked as he flipped back gracefully to avoid the pole arm, "Hm, I would love to darling, really I would. But I am supposed to be teaching you to fight, not attack posts. Your enemy will always be moving, whether you want him to or not."

Cid frowned and ran forward, twirling the weapon around then jabbing the blade out towards the redhead's abdomen. He cursed when Genesis merrily flipped away again. "I doubt that enemies would be prima ballerinas like you! They wouldn't fuckin flip around like that! And stop callin' me darlin'!"

A pout crossed over the swordsman's face as he gave a dramatic sigh, "Oh, you're no fun! Fine. We'll play this your way, Blondie," Twirling his blade as he settled into a defensive stance, Genesis beckoned him forward, "Though I will probably still be dancing circles around you. I honestly don't know what Sephy-poo's fascination with you is."

Cid faulted his next strike at Sephiroth's nickname. The fact that the redhead had insulted him only touched the front of his mind before laughter shook his body. The weapon was used for support as he clutched his stomach, eyes beginning to water. "S-sephy-poo? Wha- what the fuck?!"

There was no response from the Lieutenant General and when the blond looked up for a moment, he realized the man was nowhere in sight. An ominous feeling ran through him just before he felt sharp steel at his throat, "That sort of mistake on the battlefield can get you killed, Cadet. No matter what is said, you must keep a clear head and a keen eye."

Cerulean eyes widened as the metal pressed against his flesh, a clear warning to the dangers that even laughing held. He gulped, throat pressing closer to the blade with the movement and he licked his lips nervously with a flinch. Not doing that again… "Uh…un-understood, Lieutenant. I won't make that…um…mistake again."

"Hmph, I'll believe it when I see it." The cool steel moved away and the temperature of the air seemed to lift several degrees. Just as the cadet relaxed, a boot shoved against the back of his knees driving him to the ground. Cid's arms shot out, saving him from landing face first in the dirt but, when he tried to stand, that same boot landed on his back, keeping him on all fours, "Ah, now I think I see the fascination. You have a cute ass under those jeans, Blondie." There was another slap from the flat of Genesis' blade on the cadet's jean clad behind before redhead wisely backed away.

The blond's eyes flashed with fury despite the red embarrassment burning the tanned cheeks. He quickly regained his feet and brought the spear in front of him, "I'll show ya cute, Ginger!"

Genesis chuckled and gave a wink, "Anytime, darling. But I'm supposed to be teaching you how to fight here. We'll flirt later."

Highwind growled, clutching the spear till his knuckles were white, "You…gah!"

Mako-blue eyes twinkled with amusement, "Oh? Did we finally run out of curse words, Blondie? You certainly aren't very creative then."

"How's this fer creative, ya pompous ass?!" Cid rushed toward the smiling figure, waiting for him to make that small shift that meant he was about to leap away again. When the redhead's foot turned slightly, the Cadet slammed the butt of his spear into the ground, allowing it to vault him into the air and right into the red figure's path.

Clear shock showed on Genesis' face as a heavy boot slammed into his side, knocking him off balance. The redhead stumbled to the ground with a grunt , landing with a jolt on one knee, the blade of his sword biting into the stone to stop from falling to his side. Before he could move to look for Cid, the sharp point of metal dug into the side of his neck, right across his jugular. Crystal eyes widened in surprise and Genesis silently cursed. Highwind huffed behind him, and it didn't take a scientist to figure out that the reckless blond was grinning ear to ear. The trainee chuckled, "What was it ya said about not letting yer guard down, Ginger? Make sure to NOT let it happen?"

"You saw it sooner than I expected, Blondie."

Cid blinked in confusion before he understood, "Fuck! Ya mean you've been doin' that on purpose?!"

A soft chuckle left the redhead and he stood as Highwind lowered the spear, "I must commend you, though. Most that are untrained and unenhanced do not even notice that small movement for at least a few sessions."

The Cadet shook his head but laughed as well, "Yer a crazy bastard."

Genesis looked back, tilting his head wit a small smile, "True, and yet you can't help but love me can you?"

"I wouldn't go that far, Ginger."

The Lieutenant General turned, his red-clad arms wide, "Nonsense! No one can resist the charm of the great Rhapsodos!"

Cid rolled his eyes, "You jus' keep tellin' yerself that. How serious fuckers like General Sephiroth and Lieutenant General Hewley can put up with a weirdo like you is a mystery ta me."

"Mysteries are grand things indeed, Cadet Highwind," Genesis replied before speaking in a strangely poetic tone,

"Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus, and take to the sky.
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul knows no rest."

"Great, not only do I gotta deal with a fruitcake, but I gotta listen to his fucked up poetry as well."

Mako-blue eyes lit with a harsh flame, "You heretic! Take that back!"

Cid smirked, "What? Did I hit a nerve, Genny-boy?"

A strange red glow flickered over the swordsman's blade, "I believe we have worked on your offense for enough tonight. Let's see how you do on defense."

Cid watched in abject horror as the red glow became a red swirl, leading to a flying mass of metal and leather. He cringed, hiding his face behind upraised arms as dirt and rocks pelted him with bruising force. He gasped, feeling a sharp pain in his side and then the wind tore at his shirt, ripping it into shreds. Before he could blink, his torso was bare, his spear lay useless on the ground on the other side of the field. Next, the voices came. First to his left, then to his right, echoing eerily and then disappearing into the dust,

"When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting"

A glint of steel caught the Cadet's eyes, even as Genesis' voice seemed to come from every direction. Quickly rolling to the left, he flinched as he heard the sound of fabric tearing once more. A glance told him that one leg to his pants had been torn off, "Quit fuckin' strippin' me!" He swore as the red whirlwind leapt high into the air, "Someone oughta clip yer wings, ya fairy bastard!"

A dark chuckle echoed throughout the space and the red blur dove. Cid rushed to his spear, raising it just in time to catch a heavy blow from the glowing sword. Grunting under the heavy strain, he slowly pushed the force back. The weight suddenly disappeared as a sharp whistle pierced the air, the blond stumbling to compensate for the loss of balance.

Genesis landed a few feet away, a pout on his face as he turned to find Captain Skylark and Zack looking at them both with an amused smirk, "It was just getting good!"

Zack chuckled, "Yeah, yeah. You do realize you were supposed to let him go an hour ago right?"

"W-what?!" Cid panted, glaring at the redhead.

"Yep!" Drake grinned, "You boys shoulda been long gone from here!"

A long string of curses flew from the Cadet, Zack raising a brow as he heard a few that he hadn't known existed. Captain Skylark simply rolled his eyes skyward and waited patiently for the blond's rant to end. As the stream of heated words died down, he sighed, "You 'bout done now, Cid?"

"Yes sir," The Cadet replied tiredly, the long hours finally catching up to him. After Cid was gone, Genesis chuckled, "I can see why you sent him to me."

Zack raised a brow at the redhead, "That wasn't my pick."

Genesis gave a smirk, pointing upward. Both Zack and Skylark looked up to find Sephiroth lounging atop one of the observation stands. Fair swore, "Damn, how do you guys always know where each other is?"

The General smirked as he leapt from the stands, "Long days of putting up with one another, Zackary." He turned his cat-like eyes to the redhead, "So?"

Genesis casually sheathed his sword, "Kid's got potential, even for an unenhanced. It's just that temper of his."

Sephiroth nodded as Skylark shook his head with a laugh, "And who better ta push his temper than you, right? Damn, I gotta tell ya, if this works General, I'm gonna owe you and Rhapsodos one. Haven't had one week where Highwind didn't end up blowin' up over somethin'."

The redhead grinned at Sephiroth, "Sounds like someone that's gone too long without to me. What do you think, General?"

A silver brow rose and he sighed, "Genesis, cease this foolishness. For the last time, I do not-"

Zack snickered, "I know someone else that's gone waaay too long without."

"Zackary," The General growled.

Skylark watched the exchange with a bemused expression, wisely keeping his mouth shut.

The brunette First Class grinned, "I mean, you should have seen the way that Cid was blushing in the bar parking lot. He's just too cute when he's frustrated."

A strange mix between a growl and a sigh left Sephiroth before he turned and walked away. Genesis called out, "Sweet dreams, Sephy-poo! Make sure to give your country-boy a kiss for me!"


"If ya'd stop moving long enough to catch ya, ya prick, I could hit ya!"

"Now where would be the fun in that, Cidney?" He smirked, watching the Cadet's blue eyes light in irritation. There was just something far too fun about watching the blond's emotions play out so visibly. Shinra was too full of politics and mind-games so the younger man's attitude was rather refreshing.

A low growl from the tanned Cadet warned the swordsman of his approach and the General easily sidestepped the attack. He stuck a booted foot out as Cid passed, catching him in the knee and knocking him off balance. As the blond fell to all fours, he chuckled, "You don't seem to be catching on to these lessons, Cadet."

"You fuckin' prissy ass-" The foul-mouthed rant was cut off by a surprised grunt as Cid attempted to stand only to find himself stuck, the General leaning with one foot on his back. "The fuckin' hell ya-"

"Is that any way to speak to your superior, Cadet?"

Blue eyes narrowed at him before the blond practically snarled, "No, sir!"

"Good." The silver-haired man smirked, hefting the wooden blade the Cadet had made for him. "Now, it seems to me that you haven't been paying much attention, or else you wouldn't be making so many mistakes, Cidney. New methods will have to be used, I suppose."

"For the last damn time, it's Cid, ya-"


Blue eyes flew wide, the Cadet's entire body stilling as he attempted to register what just happened. "Did you jus-"


"AH!" Cid stared in shock as the wooden blade was raised again. "Yer fuckin' spanking me?!"

A dark chuckle left the swordsman before he swung the blade against the jean-clad behind again, watching the Cadet try to move away but unable to throw off his weight, "Perhaps now you will remember to defend your back as well as your front, Cadet."


"Not that I mind the view," he mused, his jade, cat-like eyes studying the way the jeans were stretched over Highwind.

"Quit ogling me you fuckin' prissy bastard!"

Sephiroth sighed, shaking his head, "Such language. That's an extra five, Cadet."

Cerulean eyes looked at him incredulously before the blade was brought down again.


"Son of a-"


"Mother fu-


"AH! Fuckin' bas-"



Sephiroth paused mid-swing, blinking curiously. Did Cid just…? He looked at the cadet, noting that the blue eyes seemed glazed, a tinge of red on the tanned cheeks. Watching closely, he raised blade once more.


Highwind's eyes closed and a nearly imperceptible shudder ran through him. The General quickly realized the reason for the blond's reactions and felt his blood stir. So, Cid was enjoying this? He brought the faux-Masamune down again.


"Mmph!" Those expressive sky orbs opened wide as the Cadet bit down on his lower lip in an attempt to stop the sound.

Jade eyes darkened as Sephiroth leaned a little closer, "Now now, Cidney. Why hold back? You look like you have something you want to say."


Cid's attempt to glare at him was cut off by the wooden sword and the Cadet shuddered again, a groan leaving him panting slightly. He mumbled something that fell short of the General's ears.

Sephiroth stilled, leaning closer again, "What was that, Cadet?"

The blond hung his head for a moment before looking up, his blue eyes desperate, "Please…sir…I need-"/i

"Up and at 'em, Seph! Giddyup!"

Jade eyes bolted open as a weight crashed on his back. Reflexes had him throwing his attacker on the floor and summoning Masamune to his hand before he could blink. The silver blade was poised over his attacker's throat before he recognized the spiky mass of black hair, "Zackary!"

Zack chuckled, seemingly unworried about the deadly point that was mere centimeters from his jugular, "Geez, Seph! You've gotten slower. I actually had a chance to blink there."

The General growled, lowering the blade as he grumbled, "One of these days, I'm not going to care that you're my Second, Zackary."

The brunette grinned up at him before glancing down and snickering, "Oh, I see why you're so cranky. Should I give you two a moment?"

Sephiroth blinked at the words before glancing down, a faint blush spreading as he found that the source of Zack's amusement was the large tent in his boxers. As the First Class continued to laugh, his patience wore thin and he drove Masamune into the floor between Zack's legs before stalking towards the bathroom, "Remind me again why I have not killed you yet!"

"According to you, it's because I'm like a cockroach! I keep finding my way back!"

The General rolled his eyes before slamming the door, "That sounds about right."