Supernatural- The Cult

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Summary- When Dean and Sam get a text from John they go on a hunt but then Sam gets taken by a Demon Dean find Sam and get him out before it's to late? Warning- Sexual Abuse

Chapter 1

In a run down motel room, Dean and Sam Winchester were sleeping when Dean's cell phone got a text. Dean grabbed the phone and read the coordinates.

" Sammy get up we leave in an hour."

He then got up and took a shower while Sam packed there things. When Dean came out of the bathroom Sam went into get cleaned up. After they were done they got on the road and drove.

After a few hours on the laptop Sam found some info on the town.

" So what did you find?" Dean asked

" There are two different hunts I think. one, they found the bodies of people from age 20 to 26 years old beaten and raped and then killed. The other is a house. Every time a new family moves in, they all end up dying. Last one was two days ago. Might be a ghost." Sam said

" How long ago was the other one?" Dean asked

" Late 80s. until a few weeks ago. Three girls went missing and only two turned up dead." Sam said.

" Ok, we'll get the house done first, then check in to the other one." Dean said.


They made it to the town and got a motel room. After eating, they found the house and did a quick sweep of it. Dean took out his EMF and moved around the house going in to every room until he got to the basement and the EMF went all wild.

" Yep we have a ghost." Dean said.

After they were done checking out the house they walked outside and climbed into the Impala. Sam turned his laptop on and looked at his notes that he saved. He started typing for a while until he found out who owned the house and were he was buried.

" Ok found it." Sam said.

" Where do we go?" Dean asked

" The cemetery is a few blocks from here."

They drove to the Cemetery when it was dark, It took them some time to locate the grave but they did find it. Dean was half way done digging when Sam was thrown into a tree.

Dean looked at his brother and was about to climb out of the grave to help Sam when his brother yelled to hurry up.

" Sam you ok?" Dean asked still digging as fast as he could

" Ya just hurry it up." Sam yelled aiming the shotgun at the spirit and shooting it in the chest.

Dean got the coffin open and climbed out. He poured salt and gasoline on the body then lit a match until it went up in flames. After the fire went down Dean covered the hole and helped Sam back to the car.

Back at the motel Dean checked Sam out and was glade there was no brocken bones, there was a bruse on his side but other then that Sam would be fine.

Dean took the first shower and then got dress giving his brother time to rest a little. After Dean got out and dress he grabbed his car keys and headed for the door.

" Hey, I'm going to get some food. don't go anywhere." Dean said.

After Dean left Sam went into the bathroom and took his shower. Sam got out and sat down to watch some TV when there was a knock on the door. Thinking Dean had left his keys Sam opened the door but was met with a cloth over his mouth and nose. It was damp with the smell of something sweet. Before Sam's eyes closed one thought came to mind," I hate this."


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