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It was Friday the 13th and Bobby, Caleb, Josh, John, and Dean went to Bobby's place to finish the job while Pastor Jim and Jefferson stayed behind to keep an eye on Sam. Dean told Sam what they where going to do, at first Sam wanted to go and begged Dean to let him but the older hunters thought it was best if Sam stayed away from the demon, after John talked with Sam and promised that they where going to come back, then did Sam agreed to stay behind.

"Don't worry Sammy Dean will be fine and we will be back before you know it." John said after gripping Sam's shoulder and giving it a squeeze.

"I know dad … just … just be careful ok … I-I love you." Sam said then gave John a hug before he started to cry.

John held on to his boy and held him in a hug letting Sam cry. "I love you too Sammy and I will be careful if you promise me something."

Sam stopped crying and looked at John before he started talking again. "What's that?"

"If you be careful too and take care of yourself until we come back. Could you do that for me?" John asked

"Yes sir, I promise." Sam said before he let his dad go and then watched everyone leave to go kill the demon.


They made it to Bobby's house and got everything ready to summon the demon. John and Bobby said the spell to bring Alzo to them, when Alzo appeared in the living room Caleb then used his powers to through Alzo into the devils trap.

Alzo tried to get out but found that he couldn't and looked at the hunters with an evil look. He was pissed that hunters got the drop on him. He watched as John walked up to him and spook. "Why did you do it?" John yelled

"Because I can and it's fun, also it shows I have power and he fears it, which gives me my power." Alzo answered

"Why Sam?" Dean asked coming to stand next to John

"Because he has powers that I need to control for my self, I don't know why Darla picked him but I was really glade she did."

"Well now you die." Caleb said next to Bobby

"My children will bring me back again." Alzo laughed

"We're going to kill them all so that you can't come back." Joshua spooked up

Dean said the spell and the demon went up in smoke and got dragged back to hell.


Back at Jim's farm Sam was in the living room with Jim and Jefferson reading one of Jim's books. "How are you holding up kid?" Jefferson asked

"I'm fine, so after the ritual is done will Alzo go back to hell for good?" Sam asked hoping it would be a yes.

"Yes Samuel, he will go back to hell." Jim answered knowing that the younger hunter was scared right now for his family.

"Good. What about Zack and Darla?" Sam asked after remembering the nightmare he had.

"We will find them, John, Dean, Caleb, Bobby, and Joshua wants them dead but we think prison would be better." Jefferson said

Sam looked at the two older hunters and stood up before saying, "I'm with the others on that, I'm going to my room." Then he was gone.

With heavy sighs Jim turned to Jefferson before saying anything. "Give the boy some time. He will open up and tell us what happened when he's ready."


Sam walked into his room and seen the window open and the wind blowing the cold air inside. He went over to the window and closed it with out thinking someone could have opened it. He looked outside and everything was calm but he felt like someone was watching him. He heard something behind him but before he could turn around and see, a hand came up and covered his mouth. He then felt a blade at his neck.

"Hey Sammy, I'm back." Darla said

When Darla saw Sam about to scream for help she covered his mouth and said. "Scream and I will kill them. Got it?"

Sam nodded and then her hand was removed from his mouth but then it slid down to his pants. He felt the hand slide in and started to play with him. He tried to get away but the blade stopped him when it cut a little of his skin by his throat.

"Please … leave m-me alone." Sam begged

"Nope, you made them send Alzo back to hell … so think of this as his goodbye present." Darla said "Until we bring him back of course."

Sam then was pushed on to his bed and then Darla was on him again. She then took off his pants, and then she kissed him on the neck and the lips. She then bit him on his nipple after she lifted his shirt up and over his head. He tried to buck her off but the knife was back at his throat.

Darla was getting sick and tired of Sam trying to stop her and she would put an end to it

"You will let me or I will kill the other two that are down stairs."

Sam didn't care anymore. He wasn't going through this again, no matter what.

"JIM!!!" Sam screamed at the top of his lungs.

Darla crushed Sam's mouth with hers while she started to stroke him. The door opened letting Jim and Jefferson come in with guns at the ready. What they seen made them mad. A girl was on Sam with a blade at his throat and then they saw her hand in Sam's boxers. They could see tears rolling down his face.

"Step away from the boy." Jim ordered

At hearing Jim's voice Sam knew he was going to be ok and Darla was going to be very sorry.

"He's mine and I will do what I want to Sammy." Darla said

"Sorry girly but Sam doesn't belong to you or any one else." Jeff stated

Darla leaned down to Sam's ear and whispered something and then seen Sam flinch a little.

"Stand up and don't do anything." Darla said.

She took a firm hold of Sam's dick before Sam got up. When Sam did stand up he had a blade at his neck and Darla's hand in his boxers, stroking him. Sam wanted to get away but knew he had to do what she said and he didn't like it.

"Let him go!" Jim ordered again

"Move or I'll kill him." Darla said

"Sorry we can't do that." Jefferson simply said determine not to let Sam leave with the woman.

"Now!" She yelled making the blade cut more in to the skin of Sam's neck.

Blood dripped down Sam's neck and they heard Sam hiss in pain. Not wanting Sam to get hurt more Jefferson and Jim moved out of the way of the door.

"Let's go Sammy."

"It's Sam and I'm not going anywhere with you." Sam yelled

"You will if you don't want them to die." pointing to Jim and Jefferson.

Sam walked to the door so that the two older hunters wouldn't get hurt. They then stepped into the hall and down the stirs. Jim and Jefferson fallowed them down the stairs to the front door.

"Open it Sam." She ordered

Sam opened the door and they walked outside. Then hands grabbed Darla while someone else pulled Sam out of the way. Sam tried to get away from the person but as soon as the person talked he knew he was safe. "Are you alright Sammy?" Dean's worried voice came through.

Sam looked towards the voice and found Dean holding him and then turned back to the door to find John holding his gun at Darla's head. Then he looked at Dean again and gave a big smile before saying, "I am now." Then he fell into dean's arms on to the floor.

When the group got to Jim's farm they heard a lady yelling and knew Sam was in danger. When they saw Darla with a knife at Sam's neck and her hand in his pants they came up with a plan so that Sam wouldn't get hurt. They went back outside and waited for Darla to come out with Sam. When Darla and Sam came out John and Dean counted and then grabbed them.

"You sick fuck! Keep your hands off my son." John yelled

"Or what, Alzo will get him and we will have fun with him again. Right baby?" Darla smirked

"Don't you dare talk to my brother BITCH, you stay away from him." Dean yelled

"Oh I did enjoy killing your master, but my dad will enjoy killing you!" Dean smiled

John pulled the trigger and Darla fell to the ground with a hole in her head. Sam dug his face in Dean's neck and cried. "It was finally over now." Sam thought

"Shh, shh, Sammy it's over, I've got you." Dean said

John went to his son's and put a hand on Dean's shoulder and said, "Let's get him inside so we can salt and burn the body."

Caleb helped Dean carry Sam inside while the others burned Darla's body. They laid Sam in Caleb's room and went to find the others. A few hours later Sam woke up and found himself alone and in another room. Scared that someone else would get him he went down stairs to find everyone.

He found everyone in the living room resting on the furniture with a beer in their hands. At seeing Sam come down John looked at him before asking the question everyone wants to here. "Hey son, are you alright?"

With a smile Sam sat next to Dean on the couch before answering his dad. "Yeah, I'm doing ok. I want to thank you guys for helping and thank you Dean for getting me out of there."

"Hey that's our job! Helping others and keeping you safe." Dean said proudly

"Did you get Zack?" Sam asked

"Yes, we got him after Alzo." John confirmed

"Good." Sam said then he laid his head on Dean's shoulder and fell asleep.

Dean looked at his brother and then at his dad. He was worried about Sam hoped he could help him more. "Do you think Sam will be fine?" He asked

"Give him some time, he'll make it." John said looking at his sleeping boy.

"You sure it was the right Zack?"

"Yes, I'm sure. You seen him Dean, he's dead." Bobby said

Dean leaned back on the couch with Sam next to him before sighing, "Good! Now we can all rest." Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.



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