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1. Kagome's Little Surprise, InuYasha's Sewing Skills

Kagome, you idiot! You're late! He's gonna be so mad! Kagome thought as she franticly looked for her backpack, 'Where's that stupid thing at?! At that moment, Kagome heard a light thud behind her and was afraid to see who it was. She didn't want to see the anger and hurt on the hanyou's face.

"Kagome, you're late." The hanyou's voice made her shudder. She slowly turned to find exactly who she thught it was standing so casually behind her. She sheepishly looked down at her feet, to embarassed to look up at his face. "Don't look down like that. You're making me feel guilty." He whispered, raising her tear-streaked face up to meet his gaze. She looked to the left of him, doing possibly anything to not meet his eyes. He huffed and wiped the wet liquid from her eyes, smiling her favorite smile. She couldn't help but get a peek at his face. That's all it took. He quickly pulled her into a passionate kiss, pulling her closer to him. They finally parted, panting, and Kagome layed her head on his chest.

Her eyes, halfway closed, shined with the hiding excitement as she realized that there really was no need to be upset. She slowly wrapped her arms, "paralyzed" untill now, around his waist and pulled herself so close to him that she could hear his heartbeat. In a dead, tourtured voice, she whispered, "InuYasha...."

"We're back!" InuYasha yelled as he and the still sulking Kagome walked into a hut occuppied by Kaede, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo. Kagome slowly slid off his back, set her stuff down with a thud, and sat down, her knees to her chest. "Kagome, what's wrong?" InuYasha asked, Kagome buring her face in her knees. She let out a muffled cry, InuYasha wrapping his arms around her. "Kagome?" InuYasha asked, worry in his voice.

"M- my stomach." Kagome cried, her voice a mere whisper. InuYasha saw that her stomach was a little rounder that he remembered it to be. He slowly placed his hand on her stomach and felt a soft kick, Kagome yelping.

"Y-y-you're pr-pregnant?!" InuYasha gasped. Kagome nodded once and relaxed herself. She laid in his arms, her eyes shut and tears still flowing. "Why didn't you tell me?" InuYasha whispered, rubbing her enlarged stomach.

"I thought you'd get mad. I'm sorry I did't tell you sooner," Kagome apologized, her tear- streaked cheeks rising a shade. InuYasha chuckled. "What's so funny?" Kagome asked, a smile on her face for the first time in a long time. InuYasha shook his head. "InuYasha." Kagome demanded, anger in her tone.

"I'm just surprised that I'm a father and I'm only seventeen." He laughed again, feeling the child kick.

"How do ya think I feel? I'm only sixteen for crying out loud! I'm barely old enough to drive!" Kgome cried, her voice mocking. Sangowalked over to them and smiled.

"How about I help the new mother up, while the new father talks with Miroku. We gotta find it some clothes. Miroku, you and InuYasha start adding on a nursery room, got it?" Sango asked, helping Kagome up. Miroku nodded and quickly ran outside with InuYasha. "So, do you know what gender it is yet?"

"Mmhm. A girl. My mom had an ultrasound done a couple days ago. The doctor was a little conserned, though. She has her father's ears, if you know what I mean." Kagome laughed, slowly walking outside with Sango. Sango giggled and saw her daughter, Aika, running to her. She swooped her up in her arms and laughed. "I'm happy to see that she's up and feeling better again." Kagome smiled and ran her fingers through her silky hair. She sat on a stone and waited for Sango to give her child to Kaede. "We ready?" Kagome anxiously asked, rising to her feet. Sango nodded as the walked down the dirt path.

"Have you figured out a name yet?" Sango asked, smiling as they walked into the first clothing store they found. Kagme shook her head. "Well, how about Ayame? Name her after a pretty flower."

"EW! No, not Ayame. It reminds me of that stupid ookami youkai girl who thinks I'm trying to steal Kouga!" Kagome stuck her tounge out and added, "Bleech!" Sango laughed and picked up a pce of cloth. She showed it to Kagome. "That would make an adorable dress!" Kagome squealed, smiling as she held the silk fabric. The fabric was a beautiful golden silk with a hint of ruby red sparkles. They were able to aford anything they wanted because they got tons and tons of money from all the demon runs they do around town and outside of town. They walked up to the counter and laid down the fabric. "Five yards please." Kagome smiled and laid down the money.

"Right away ma'am." The woman carefully picked up the fabric and headed to the back room. She came back a few minutes later with the fabric carefully folded in her arms. Kagome smiled, took the fabric, and handed the lady the money. "Thank you. Have a nice day." With that said, Kagome and Sango headed out the door. On their way home, everyone was staring at the beautiful fabric draped over Kagome's arm.

"InuYasha, be careful with that! You're gonna poke out an eye!" Kagome yelled as they walked up to the house. InuYasha saw the beautiful golden fabric over her arms and nearly fell backwards of the roof. Luckily he landed on his feet. Kagome sighed and followed Sango into the hut. "So, any other names?" Kagome asked, setting down the fabric.

"How about Nyoko? She'll be a beautiful gem, just like you." Sango replied, smiling. Kagome thought about that, then heard InuYasha come in.

"So, it's a girl? That would explain the gaudy fabric," he teased, leaning against the door frame. Kagome just rolled her eyes. "How about Ruri. She's an emerald, not just a gem. Much more fitting for a child of Kagome's." She blushed and turned her attention to the fabric.

"I like it. Okay then. Our little Ruri Higarashi. You don't have a last name, do you?" Kagome asked, carefully cutting the fabric. InuYasha shook his head and helped Kagome by getting out Kaede's sewing kit. Kagome cut out a simple long-sleeved dress and a short sleeved dress. "You're quite the sewer, InuYasha." Kagome teased, watching InuYasha weave the needle in and out, up and down, with such presision and perfection that it was unimaginable. InuYasha's cheeks rose a shade, making Kagome giggle.

"I learned from Kaede a while back. She told me it might come in handy." InuYasha looked away, Kagome bursting into a fit of giggles. "What's so funny?" He looked slightly annoied, but a little scared.

"You're just so cute when you blush!" Kagome exclaimed, pinching his cheeks like a child. InuYasha's face turned bright red as Kagome thought, So, so cute. It's almost hypnotizing.

Author's note:

Kagome and InuYasha bumped up their relationship to almost engaged, but InuYasha has yet to propose to her. InuYasha came to believe that her sadness came from baby denial, but it actually came from something much, much bigger. Read on and see.