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To Belong

I am so bored. I've been in this rainy, depressing little town for 4 months. If I wasn't scared of what Aro would do to me I would have left long ago. My masters sent me here as a spy. This is my test to make sure I'm worthy of joining their prestigious ranks. I was brought into Volterra by Heidi along with a large group of other tourist as the meal of the week. Lucky for me I was meant for Aro but when he took my hand he was shocked that he was unable to see into my mind. I intrigued him and over the next few months we became close. At Caius insistence I was trained on how to block or mislead the Cullen's gifts. I spent two months learning to control my emotions and block Alice's visions by constantly changing my mind. We wouldn't need to worry about Edward since no one could affect my mind. So here I am in Forks, Washington trying not to go crazy from boredom.

I missed my friends, playing pranks with Felix and Demitri, tormenting Jane and debating with Alec. But James I missed most. Running my fingers through his long dirty blond hair as we lay in bed, I had even gotten used to his shocking red eyes. And now found I missed their strange beauty. Hopefully I wouldn't be here much longer.

I still couldn't understand why Caius insisted they needed someone to check on the Cullen's. They are the most human vampires I've ever met. I have grown to like the Cullen's but kept myself from getting emotionally attached to them. I was warned not to form any kind of bond with them as I would likely never see them again. Not that the Volturi have any plans of harming them. Aro knew they were no threat; he was merely humoring Caius who was more miserable than usual if he didn't have an enemy to focus on. But I would be returning home to Italy, hopefully soon, to be changed into an immortal and finally be an equal to all those I loved and missed.

The Cullen's know that I'm aware of what they are. Caius allowed me this so I could get close enough to know what they are actually doing. It was pure luck that Sasha had chosen Charlie Swan to be my "father". She had altered his memories to make him believe that I'm his daughter. It was lucky because Chief Swan's best friend Billy Black has a son who all to willingly gave me the secrets of the Quileute tribe and the reason I was able to let the Cullen's in on the fact that I know about vampires.

As I said I haven't grown attached to any of the Cullen's but I'm afraid they have grown attached to me. Alice, despite me keeping my distance, still insists we're going to be best friends. Rose of course despises me, which is perfectly fine with me. Emmett I will miss most when I'm gone, he's become like another big brother. Jasper keeps his distance; afraid he'll lose control. Esme and Carlisle are always kind and treat me like another member of their family, I feel awful about deceiving them but I don't have a choice. If I had refused this mission I would have been killed on the spot. Edward worried me most. He started out indifferent to me, staying in his room when I visited his family and ignoring me at school. But he was slowly getting more comfortable around me and though he thought I was unaware, I saw him staring at me from time to time. He is still frustrated that he can't read my mind and I know he is suspicious. His family hopes that we will fall in love and live happily ever after. But although I'm attracted to him, he's a bit to tame for me. Treating me as if I'm made of glass.

Today they have invited me to watch them play baseball. They have been taking care not to leave me alone lately because Alice had a vision of four vampires coming to see the Cullen's, she thought they wouldn't be here for a few more days because I had managed to send a text message to James letting him know they weren't blocking well enough. I'm excited to know they're on the way to get me but now I have no idea when they will actually be able to come. I sat with Esme on the edge of the clearing as she refereed the game. I was feeling immensely guilty and sad knowing that they would all hate me once they find out who I am.

"I'm sorry Esme." I whispered so only she could hear.

"Whatever for dear?" she whispered back. I gave her a pained look. I really hated deceiving her.

"Everything." I replied, hanging my head. Just then everyone froze. Before I could blink Alice and Edward were by my side.

"What wrong?" I asked looking between them.

"I'm so sorry Bella, I thought we had more time. They heard our game and decided to come early." Alice said looking frantic.

"It'll be okay." I told them smiling. They seemed confused by my sudden excitement.

"Bella, these vampires aren't like us. They hunt humans. I'm sorry we've put you in danger. We never should have brought you here." Edward said looking distraught.

"Really Edward, it'll be fine I promise." I told him. They were all looking at me as if I had lost my mind. Then I remembered that soon none of them would like me very much. They would find out what I had really been doing the whole time I've been here in just a few minutes. I looked around at them all once more.

"I'm sorry." I said softly, knowing they all heard me. Everyone looked at me for a moment then they all stiffened and turned as one to focus on a spot in the forest. Four beautiful figures stepped from the trees. Four people I had missed so much over the past few months.

"Brought a snack I see." chuckled Laurent. The Cullen's all growled and I giggled. They all looked at me as if I really had gone crazy. I was touched that they would all fight for me but I couldn't wait another second to be in James' arms. Before any of the Cullen's could stop me, I darted around them and ran across the clearing toward him.

"Bella stop!" Emmett shouted.

"Bells, I've missed you!" James said looking extremely happy as I jumped the last few feet and he caught me in his cold stone arms. He hugged me tightly then kissed me trying to convey just how much he had missed me. I heard three throats being unnecessarily cleared behind us. James sat me down and stepped protectively to my side.

"How'd ya hold up little human?" Victoria asked hugging me.

"I did fine Vicky. I missed you guy so much! Where's Demetri, Felix, Jane and Alec?" I asked.

"They're waiting for us back in Seattle. They really wanted to come but we didn't want to cause too much of a scare." Sasha told me stepping forward to hug me.

"They've got a game of Bella keep-away planed for the trip home. Aro sent the private jet." Laurent explained, squeezing me so tight I couldn't breath and James had to pull him away.

I laughed. "Sounds like fun. I've really missed you L." I said, hugging Laurent again.

"Bella, what's going on here? How do you know these people?" Carlisle asked, reminding me they were still there. I turned back to face five confused vampires and two incredibly angry ones. Rosalie never liked me anyway and Edward had read all my friends minds and knew what was happening. His face softened slightly as he looked at me. I could see the pity and anger in his eyes as he was trying to figure out how to feel toward me. Anger finally won out and he turned and in a harsh voice explained to his family. They all looked at me with a mixture of shock, sadness, confusion, hatred, anger and pity. I noticed Edward slowly inching toward Sasha as he spoke.

"Sasha no! If he decides of his own freewill then fine but don't manipulate him. And I'll ask Papa if you did when we get home." I said, turning toward her angrily.

"Sorry B, he's just so cute." she whined.

"Papa?" Carlisle asked, surprised.

"Yes, Aro has become like a father to me. He calls me daughter and I call him Papa. And I'm sorry Edward. You have to watch out for Sasha, she tends to make what she wants just happen for her." I explained, still glaring at Sasha. Edward looked confused for a moment before hearing in someone's mind that her power is manipulation.

"We will be here for a few days so Sasha can clear the human's minds. The masters wished us to invite your coven back to Italy for a visit." James said. Although he said invite his tone implied there was no other option.

"Of course. Where will you be staying?" Carlisle asked.

"Sasha and I will stay with Bella. Our orders are that she is not to be left alone now that your coven has been informed of who she is and why she was sent here. The others will return to Seattle to wait for us. And don't worry we will not feed here." James explained, while helping me onto his back.

"Are we allowed to contact Bella?' Alice asked scathingly.

"That is for Bella to decide." James replied indifferently.

"I would like that. I didn't think any of you would want to talk to me after you found out. Again I'm so sorry. I didn't have a choice."

"We understand Bella. But that doesn't mean we aren't hurt." Alice replied turning away. I buried my face in James' hair and clung tightly to him as he started to run.

"Don't be upset Isabella, you were doing what you were ordered. I told you not to get close to them. I hate seeing you upset. I told Aro from the beginning this was a bad idea." James said sternly.

"I know what you told me James. Don't speak to me as if I'm a child!" I hissed. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself. "I'm sorry. I don't want to fight, I haven't seen you four months. Tell me how everyone at home is." I said apologetically, as we stopped on Charlie's front porch. He helped me down and leaned over to kiss me again, he knotted his fingers in my hair to hold me still.

"I don't want to fight either, I just wish that for once you would listen to me. And don't forget that compared to me you are a child." he said pulling back but not letting me go. "Aro will be upset if you get depressed again Bella. Try to just let this go okay."

"And I suppose you don't care if I'm depressed, I mean I'm just a little human child after all." I shot back at him, pulling myself away from him and turning to open the door.

"We've not even been here half an hour and you two are already fighting. I'll never understand your relationship. Most couples would be in bed making up for the months spent apart, but you two chose to argue instead." Vicky said.

I turned to find my three friends leaning up against my truck in the driveway. I glared a Vicky before going in the house, slamming and locking the door behind me knowing it wouldn't stop them. I was right, by the time I got a glass of water from the kitchen and made my way back to the living room they were all four sitting there waiting for me.

"Oh come on guys! Kiss and make up already. I've missed my best friend and I don't want to try to have a conversation with her while you guys are having one of your little 'see who can stay mad the longest' contests." Laurent said, sprawled out in Charlie's recliner. James and I both glared at him.

I turned around and went upstairs to my room. He was right of course, that's just the way our relationship is. James and our small group of friends, unlike the rest of Volterra, don't treat me with kid gloves just because I'm so close with Aro and Marcus. James and I are constantly fighting, that's just the way we work. We always make up. Neither of us think much about it, its just the way we've always been, we both like arguing and no one else knows how to push my buttons quite like James. I am the same way with him though; I always know just what to say to piss him off. Some people might think it's a bad idea to piss off a vampire that could easily kill you but I know James would never hurt me.

I sat on my bed with my legs tucked up under me and my arms crossed tightly across my chest, glaring at the door. I knew it wouldn't be long before Vicky and Sasha made him come looking for me. I hadn't been sitting there for five minutes before he knocked on the door opening it slightly and sticking his head in. No doubt braced for something to come flying at him. I just continued to glare. He stepped hesitantly into the room looking apologetic and came to sit next to me.

"Baby I'm sorry. You know how I get when you're upset. I hate to see you sad. But I love the way you look when your piss at me." he said, leaning toward me, he pushed my hair over my shoulder and nuzzling my neck. Against my will my head tilted back and I moaned. He chuckled. "Seems like I wasn't the only one lonely these last four months," he said, while continuing to lick and kiss my throat.

"Do you really want to talk right now? Odds are if you open your mouth again we're going to have another fight and as much as I love fighting with you that's not really what I want to do right at this moment."

We heard laughter from downstairs. "I'll be right back." he groaned, as I pulled his shirt over his head.

He was gone five seconds before I heard the door slam downstairs and the next second he was back beside me on the bed. "Where did you send them?" I asked taking off my clothes.

"I didn't. I just told them to go."

We were both naked now. I loved that James wasn't overly gentle with me. He wasn't unnecessarily rough, but he didn't treat me like glass.

He was on top of me on the bed, my hands pinned above me and my legs trapped between his. I struggled to get free. I wanted to touch him, I had missed the feel of his cold, hard, smooth skin. But he just laughed and shook his head. "Now, now Isabella, you really should be still so you don't hurt yourself. You know you can't get loose unless I let you go... and I am most definitely not letting you go." he whispered taking my earlobe carefully between his teeth making me gasp.

"Come on James. Don't make me beg!"

"I don't want you begging, I want you screaming." he stated, releasing my hands and flipping us over. I immediately took advantage of this, running my hands over his sculpted chest and up his shoulders bring them to rest tangled in his hair and kissing him. I ran my tongue over his smooth lips. He swallowed the venom in his mouth before opening them to me. I love the way he tastes, minty and sweet. His hands were on my hips, holding me tightly to him, he started sliding me up and down his body making me moan into his mouth. I broke the kiss to breath still moaning at the friction he was creating.

"I guess I'll have to do better than that, though I do love your moans, I really missed your screams." he said breathlessly, pushing my shoulder back and kissing down my throat. He lightly nibbled at my collarbone before moving down to my breasts and running his icy tongue around my nipples. He lifted my hips and positioned himself at my entrance. He took my right nipple in his mouth and pulled my hips down in one swift movement.

"James!" I screamed, feeling him smile against my chest.

I started moving on my own, he kept one hand on my hips and ran the other up my back and cupping the back of my head pulled me down to kiss him again. I twisted my hips slightly making him groan. "Seems like you've been awfully quite, I missed your moans too." I said smirking, as I pulled back. I raised myself almost all the way off him before pushing back down and twisting my hips again.

"Bella…God!" he moaned, making me shiver. He grabbed my hips and slammed into me, making me scream again. I leaned back putting my hands on his knees for balance as I moved. He ran his cold hands all over my overheated body adding to the multitude of sensations I was feeling.

"Bella your body is so perfect." he moaned, watching my breasts bounce with our movements. I watched him through my eyelashes, his face scrunched in pleasure. I started moving faster, bringing my hips down harder. He matched my movements gripping my hips tighter. With one final thrust into me we both came together panting and screaming each other's names. He rolled onto his side turning me so my back was against his chest and held me tightly to him.

"You have to tell Aro to send me with you where ever you go from now on. I don't like being away from you for so long." He said, kissing my hair. He rarely showed me this side of himself and I felt a thrill run through me. I know he loves me but its something we don't say often.

"I'll talk to him as soon as we get home. I missed you too babe. I love you, you know."

"I know. I love you too." he replied, pulling the blankets around me and kissing me again. "Get some sleep, I'll be right here when you wake up." I was asleep in a matter of minutes. I didn't sleep well without him and he knew this, so he knew I hadn't slept well for about four months now and I was exhausted.

I woke up early the next morning, James's cold body still pressed tightly to mine. I think I had missed this the most. I loved waking up to him every morning.

"Good morning beautiful. I have a proposition for you." he greeted me.

"Good morning. And what might that be?" I asked with a yawn.

"How about we try to go through the entire day with out fighting?"

"Sounds good. I'll try my best not to do anything to piss you off." I giggled.

"Yeah right, don't get your hopes up!" Vicky shouted from the living room.

"We can still fight with them right?" I whispered. He just nodded and smiled. "How about you take this one while I take a shower." I told him with a kiss.

"Go ahead and take your time, this might take awhile. I'll send one of the idiots out to get you some breakfast." he said, watching my still naked body hungrily as I went about the room getting my stuff. I pulled my robe on blocking his view. "You know, I don't know why you fight with me, all you have to do is walk around naked and I forget my own name." he said coming up behind me trying to take the robe back off.

I giggled. "Aren't you supposed to be downstairs fighting with our rude friends?" I said turning in his arms and wrapping my arms around his neck. He leaned down and kissed me while he carried me into the bathroom.

"Yeah but I can fight with them anytime. I would much rather stay here and help you."

"Out!" I said, playfully pushing him toward the door. He played along and let me push him. I kissed him again before closing the door in his face.

"Isabella that isn't going to help our not fighting." he said through the door. I laughed and started the shower.

"Finally!" Laurent said as I came down the stairs fifteen minutes. He followed me to the kitchen and sat across from me at the table. "Sasha went to get your breakfast since she could go ahead and clear a few minds along the way. She should be back anytime now."

"I thought James was sending you back to Seattle. Does he know your still here?" I asked.

"Yeah he knows. He's making us leave this evening. He's still out back fighting with Vicky for her comment this morning." he said laughing. "You know you two can't go a whole day without fighting." he stated.

"Don't be so sure. We haven't seen each other for four months." I replied tartly.

"I swear I've never seen James the way he was when you left. All he did was mope around and snap at anyone who tried to cheer him up. Caius wanted you to stay another month but Aro got tired of 'James the miserable' and sent us early. Anyways that just means you have four months of fighting to make up for."

"James" I called, not bothering to raise my voice knowing he would hear me.

"What is it Baby?" he asked from behind me a few seconds later.

"I think you need to take L out to play with you and Vicky." I said, smiling at Laurent who was shaking his head. I just nodded back at him as James went over and picked him up by the back of his shirt and carrying him out the door.

I walked over and watched from the window as James took on both Vicky and Laurent and was still winning. I was good to know that he missed me as much as I had missed him. Although it upset me to know he had been so miserable the whole time.

"You really missed him huh?" Sasha said setting my breakfast on the table.

"You have no idea." I told her sitting down to eat.

"That stuff is disgusting! I can't wait until your changed and you don't have that junk."

"Soon enough. Sash, was he really that miserable while I was gone?" I asked.

"He was B. It was like you took his personality with you when you left. Did L tell you we came early because Aro couldn't stand him anymore?" she asked, shaking her head.

"Yeah he told me. I hate that he was so miserable but is it selfish of me to be glad he missed me as much as I missed him?" I asked, not able to look up from my biscuit that I was picking apart.

"No. It isn't." she replied. This is why I waited to talk to Sasha instead of talking to Laurent earlier. She doesn't feel the need to make fun of me over everything, she tells me what she's actually thinking and she doesn't push for more information.

"So where did you guys go last night?" I asked smiling at her.

"Well, L thought it would be fun to try out the 'vegetarian lifestyle' so we went hunting. If you can call it that." she said making a face. "We didn't go far enough though. We still heard everything you guys said and did."

I laughed. "Did you guys forget how loud we are? You should have gone further away. And your just mad cause I wouldn't let you corrupt poor little Edward."

"Man, and I want him!" she moaned. "And I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't hear you guys from his house last night."

"Maybe you should try talking to him…you know, getting to know him. Then maybe you wouldn't have to try to get in his head to get him. You know, your beautiful, smart and funny what's not to love. And you'll have the whole plane ride home to talk. Oh, just a piece of advice Edward doesn't like being bombarded with mental images of what you want to do to him so try not to think about that around him." I told her, hoping she would take my advice and try for a relationship instead of a one-night stand, for once.

"Thanks B, they're coming back in now. I wonder who won." she replied.

I was suddenly flying through the air and was caught on the other side of the room by my pissed off boyfriend. "You know we can't play now she just ate." He growled at Laurent.

"Sorry, I just thought I help get her to you faster." Laurent replied, smirking.

"You know they're going to spend the entire day trying to make us fight, don't you?" I asked James.

"Yeah, I know that's why they aren't going to be spending the day with us. Sasha is going to start removing you from everyone's minds, Vicky is going to destroy all paper evidence of you and L…L is going to spend the day getting to know the Cullen's." he finished, laughing.

"Why do I have to spend the day with them? B already gathered all the information Caius needs." Laurent whined.

"Fine if you don't want to do that then you can either go help Vicky or you can go on back to Seattle. I don't really care which you do, just go and we'll call you when Sasha is done and let you know when we'll meet you at the airport." James told him as he pointed toward the door.

They all moved toward the door. Laurent turned back to look at me. "I'm so glad your coming home B, its been so boring there without you."

I went over and hugged him. "I missed you too L. And I can't wait to get back home so we can start making everyone's lives miserable again." We both laughed, and he ran off to catch Victoria. I turned back to James. "So what are we going to do today?"

"Your supposed to give me a report of the last four months. Caius doesn't trust your little human brain to remember everything in the excitement of your homecoming. And before you get mad those were his words not mine." he said pulling me to his chest.

"There's really not much to tell. The Cullen's act like a normal human family. Well, except for the whole killing animals to drink their blood, thing." I spoke with my face pressed against him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Just humor me and start where Sasha left you in this godforsaken place, please. I don't want to go back and have Aro see I didn't do my job." he said, kissing the top of my head and sitting on the couch, pulling me into his lap.

"Well Sasha enrolled me at Forks High, so despite the fact that I'm actually 19 and have already graduated I went back to do it all again. At first none of the Cullen's paid any attention to me then they all realized their powers either didn't work right on me or not at all. So Alice decided that she and I were going to be best friends. She started inviting me to their house, picking me up in the mornings and driving me to school and dragging me shopping every weekend. I was still trying to figure out a way to let them know that I knew what they are. I kept hoping one of them would slip up in front of me and move too fast or something but they've spent too much time around humans for that. Then Charlie introduced me to his friend's son Jacob Black. They live on the reservation about 15 miles from here. Their tribe has some interesting legends about "the cold ones" which after a bit of flirting Jake told me. He of course thought they were just stupid stories passed down through the generations but it gave me what I needed to let the Cullen's know that I know. They were of course shocked that I figured out their secret all by myself but after a few weeks they got more comfortable and started acting like normal vampires around me. From what I can tell that's the only wrong thing they've done since I've been here. But they didn't tell me, they think I figured it out on my own so they didn't technically break the law." I finished, looking at him pleadingly.

"I don't think Aro will let Caius do anything to the Cullen's, your right they didn't technically do anything wrong. So don't worry." he said, holding me tighter and stroking my hair.

"How long do you think it'll take Sasha? I can't wait to get away from this constant rain!"

He chuckled. "Well if she works non stop, which she probably will, we might be able to leave tomorrow night. We all want to get out of here just as bad as you do. I'll bet Felix is driving the others crazy, I saw him packing water balloons in his bag. I wonder how many of Alec's books he's ruined so far."

"I wish they could have come here with you. I've missed my brothers. And little Jane, who's been tormenting her while I've been gone?" I asked, excited to hear what had happened while I was gone.

"Oh, don't worry Felix took care of that for you. He spent the first month slowly replacing her clothes with bigger sizes so she would think she was shrinking. I have to give it to him, he paid immense attention to every tiny detail on every piece of clothing she owns and duplicated it perfectly onto the bigger clothes. Only Felix would have enough patience for such a stupid prank." he told me. I was clutching my sides in laughter, he was right and I couldn't decide which was funnier, Jane thinking she was shrinking or Felix picking such a painstakingly difficult and idiotic prank.

James and I spent the rest of the day telling each other everything that had happened while we were apart, and we didn't have one fight. The next day was spent packing my stuff and watching TV. Sasha came back about 10 p.m. and told us she was done and we could go. James called Laurent and told him what time to meet us at the airport then called the Cullen's to see if they were ready to go. Of course with Alice in the house they were ready and waiting.