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Moving to Forks was a hard decision to make, and even harder to go through with. I hated seeing Renee sad I was leaving but Charlie was so happy I was coming to live with him. And I knew this would make things easier for Renee and Phil.

When I arrived at the airport, Charlie was there to greet me. He pulled me into a very big fatherly embrace. It had been a while since we'd seen each other. I was indeed happy to see him and he seemed happy to see me too. At least here, I wasn't a burden. I know Renee probably didn't feel that way but I felt like I was. He loaded my few bags into the squad car. Chief Charlie eh? It was raining lightly. I suppose I'd have to get used to it. The drive to Charlie's house wasn't long. He took my bags up stairs for me and let me settle myself in. He wasn't very nosey person and I liked that about him. I can't say I inherited that gene.

I lay down on my bed and took in my old room. Everything was the same. All my old possessions I had left here instead of taking them all to Phoenix. Old posters on the wall, my desk covered in God only knows what. I did love this room. But the silence of the quiet street was making me feel anxious so I shut my window and put a CD in the stereo next to my bed. I didn't turn it up too loud or Charlie would complain. It was my first night and I didn't want to seem like an ungrateful child. Just yet.

"Bella," Charlie called from downstairs, "Dinner's ready."

I left the stereo going but turned it down a little more and fairly swiftly went downstairs to the kitchen table. Charlie had made spaghetti for dinner? Wow.

"Would you like me to cook tomorrow?" I asked trying to sound like I would really enjoy it.

"Oh, that'd be great Bella." Charlie replied with a grin and proceeded to plough through the food on his plate. It was a lot more than what was on mine. I smiled. I wasn't a big eater. Charlie finished well before me. Not much of a talker, he got up, cleaned his plate and went to watch a game on the TV. I was eating slowly because I was in deep thought. That anxious feeling hadn't gone away. The kitchen blinds were open and things like that made me uneasy. Especially since I hadn't lived here for so long. I ate the rest of my dinner hastily and washed my plate and put mine and Charlie's away.

"Night, Dad." I said to Charlie as I walked past the lounge where he was watching the game. I didn't even know what sport it was. Probably wouldn't be able to name it after looking either. So I didn't bother.

"Goodnight, Bella." He replied automatically but sweetly.

I trudged up the stairs and had a shower. I couldn't get to sleep, that feeling still hadn't faded. I decided to concerntrate on breathing very evenly and slowly so that I'd relax a little more. It worked and I soon drifted.


Another long, silent night alone. I longed for love, but it's hard to come by without waiting a while when you're immortal. I sighed and kept gazing out my window. I knew Jasper had liked me when I found him. It could have been something but I wasn't looking or waiting for love from a man.

The night sky made me feel peaceful. I decided to go for a walk. Edward would hear my thoughts, at least one person would know I hadn't got myself lost. As if. So I strolled out of the house (rather fast for the human eye) and headed for my favourite tree. It wasn't too far away from the house but it was far enough so Jasper wouldn't feel my emotions and Edward wouldn't get bombarded with a silly loveless girl thoughts.

I climbed the tree within seconds. An easy task for a vampire. I sat on a branch with one leg over each side and leaned on the trees trunk. This was my place. I closed my eyes and inhaled in a calming manner. The smell of the trees, the dirt, the cool night air and...


"Hey, Alley Cat!" He called up at me and laughed, noticing I hadn't had a vision he was coming. I was too preoccupied in my mind already.

"Guh! Don't call me that!" I yelled down. Stupid nickname. I don't even act like a cat. But it was Emmett so it made me smile anyway.

"You know you like it sis!" He said, grinning on his way up the tree. This took a total of 2 seconds or less. I moved my position so both my legs were over one side and he sat down next to me on the large tree branch. It was a big tree.

"How come you're prowling the night eh?" I asked him curiously. I didn't really mind too much since he had no special ability to know how I was feeling or what I was thinking. For the millionth time.

"I just felt like talking to you, that's all. You seem distant these days...I miss my way too happy sister." He told me honestly and was looking up at the sky. He knew I had turned and looked at him but he still didn't look at me. And he wasn't smiling anymore.

"I...okay...What do you want to talk about exactly?" I asked nervously. I always got slightly guarded when it came to love and my preference for girls. And this was Emmett I was talking to. The least sensitive out of all my brothers. Oh well, couldn't be worse than Rosalie trying to have a dead heart to dead heart with me.

"I just...wanted you to know, that...um I'm always here for you to talk to okay?" He said quietly. I gave him a sceptical look.

"I mean...If you want to seriously talk to me about anything, I'll can the jokes and listen okay, Alice? He added.

I nodded and leaned on his incredibly large shoulder. My big bro. I felt the safest a vampire could at that moment.

We sat like that for I don't know how long. He accepted that the silence meant I wasn't ready to voice my feelings just yet and just let me know he was there for me by staying. The sun was beginning to show and light the sky. Dawn.

"You better go to Rosalie now." I said sighing and sitting up straight again to face him.

"Yeah, true. Oh first day of school today. What car are we taking?" He asked as he got on the next branch down. It was slightly thinner than the one I was on and drooped a bit.

"Oh, shit! I completely forgot about school starting. Damn it!" I mentally kicked myself for not getting a new outfit. Emmett very audibly laughed at my dumb luck and I punched his arm playfully.

"I'll ask Edward. See you back at the house, Alice." He said still grinning. He jumped down from the high tree and landed skilfully easy. Hunting perks. Emmett was running and gone within a second and I was left sitting quietly in the tree. I looked up at the sky to take the day in. The night was over and I didn't have to go through it alone for once. But the next night would come all too quickly for me. I jumped down from the branch and rolled as I hit the ground. Getting leaves all over myself. Great now I look like a bush lady. I brushed them off swiftlyand ran back to the house. Not as fast as I could. Today just wasn't one of those days.


I was running late after sleeping in five minutes too long. So I didn't have time to really eat breakfast or care about what I was wearing. I'll just be invisible like i was at my old school in Phoenix. I was about to biff my plate into the sink when I saw a note on the kitchen table. I quickly read it twice before I could process what was being said.


Your welcome home present is waiting outside, have a great first day of school. Keys are on your house keys hanging by the door.



My eyes were wide with surprise and happiness. I ran to the window and looked outside. There it was. A big old red truck. I smiled happily. This was just me. I quickly went to brush my teeth and grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

The trip to school wasn't very long and I remembered how to get there easily. I knew Phoenix well and Forks was so much smaller. Therefore, I pretty much remembered every place. My truck was very loud and sounded like it was growling. When I pulled into school I got a lot of stares. I didn't take long to find a big enough parking space for my truck. All the cars were pretty average. Mine was definitely the oldest. So much for being invisible. That anxious feeling was back. I killed the engine and took a deep breath. Here we go.

I stepped out into the cold air. It created goosebumps all up my back and on my arms. I slung my bag over one shoulder and folded my arms tightly in my stiff but comfortable jacket. I was walked into the main office building and told the receptionist I was new. She gave me a knowing look and rushed off into the back room. I raised one eye brow and took a seat in the little waiting area. I could see outside through the glass doors from here. A silver Volvo parked next to mine.

Wow. I wonder who's that is.

I tried to be casual as I waited to see who got out of the car. The doors opened and two, no four people got out. Three guys and one girl. They were all...stunning. All of them were smiling about something and the biggest guy was laughing really loudly. He was probably the oldest. But No-one was looking at them like they looked at me when I drove in. I saw why they were all seeming to be joking about something when another person stepped out of the car.

She was beautiful. My mouth hung open a little as I starred at her for longer than necessary. Her hair was black and quite short but not like a guys. It contrasted so nicely with her pale, white skin. She was shorter than all her family? She was probably shorter than me as well. Just as I realised I was starring for too long, she looked in my direction, still half smiling from whatever they were laughing at before. I didn't know if she could see me or not but I couldn't look away. She was so beautiful. And the way she walked...

It definitley dawned on me that she could probably see me. She hadn't looked away and she was walking into school. She was keeping eye contact with me. Suddenly I got a mixed feeling of anxiety and embarrassment. I looked down and blushed.

Since when do I stare at people like that!?

"Isabella Swan, yes?" A man's voice spoke clearly through my thoughts. I spun my head around to see who had said my name. A suited man, looking friendly. I relaxed a little.

"Uh, Yeah. That's me." I replied trying to sound like my morning had been ordinary when it really wasn't the case.

"Wonderful! I was wondering when you'd arrive. Now, here's your timetable. And here's a map of the grounds just in case. All set?" He said in a helpful tone.

"Yeah, thank you." I replied nodding at the same time. I was eager to get to class and get my mind off that amazing looking girl.

"You're welcome. Have a good day, Isabella." He said smiling warmly at me and walked out the back door from where he'd appeared early I assume.

I walked out of the office in a slight hurry to get to class. There weren't many students left walking into the school building. I looked at my timetable and map and figured out where my first class was and headed there.

Math was alright as usual. Gym, hell. English. An okay subject for me. But, they were covering topics I'd studied last year. I decided not to mention that to the teacher and let my mind drift to lunch. I was so hungry from not having breakfast. The bell finally rang and a girl I'd sat with in all three classes asked me if I wanted to sit with her group at lunch. I figured why not. Her name was Jessica. She was pretty but nothing extra ordinary. Same as me really. Pretty normal looking. My mind kept wondering to the girl from the Volvo. I spaced out of her conversation on the way to the cafeteria.

"So, yeah, I really like him." She stated. I turned to look at her.

"Mike, right?" I made sure.

"Yeah, he's sitting over there." She said and motioned to a table of people I had met in my classes. I recognised Mike waving at us. Or just me. I wasn't sure. He didn't seem that excited a few seconds ago. I guessed it was because of Jessica. We both got a tray and grabbed some food. Heading in the direction of our table, I saw that family again. All sitting together, not talking much or eating anything though the food was there. And I saw her. The black haired girl. Sitting on the end, facing slightly away from the rest of them. They were all so white. I thought i was pale but they were unbelievable.

"Oi, Jessica, who are those people over there not talking and stuff?" I asked trying not to sound too curious or interested. She finished having some of her water and looked in their direction.

"Oh. They're the Cullen's." She said in a way that made me think she thought they were weird people. She continued her conversation with Mike. Although he didn't look too interested. I wasn't either. I looked back at the table where the Cullen's were sitting. She was looking right at me.

Oh fuck...

I got a fright but I didn't flinch or look away from her dark eyes. I couldn't tell if she looked scared, shocked or surprised. She didn't look away either. One of her brothers said something to her. The blonde one sitting beside her. She looked away as soon as he'd stopped talking. They all got up and walked out of the cafeteria.

She didn't look back.

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