To Where You Are - Chapter 11When I opened my eyes I was greeted by a dimly lit room. Sometime while I was asleep, the boys must have left. I was lying down and inside the blankets. I felt somewhat better after sleeping. That is, until I saw who was sitting over by the wall on the floor. When I saw Alice there, still not meeting my eyes, every feeling from last night came back. The anger was the only thing that had slightly subsided.

I knew she knew I was awake. What time was it? It definitely wasn't morning yet. The curtains were drawn but there was no light behind them. I was still staring at Alice's form sitting so far away from me. Why wasn't she talking? Why should I have to talk first? I remembered the outburst I had last night and instantly felt embarrassed.

"Carlisle called Charlie last night before he left. Told him you were staying here and that you'll be home after school on Monday." Alice spoke in a quiet monotone, emotionless voice. Fuck, Charlie. I didn't even think about what he would have thought. Damn it. How stupid could I be? And I have to go to fucking school today!

"Oh. Okay." Was what I managed to get out. Alice lifted her head and her eyes went to the bed, still not looking at me. I sat up and hung my legs over the edge. She stood from her place on the floor and nervously walked closer to me. Alice eventually made it to the bed and sat beside me though at a distance. I tried to ignore the ache it sent to my heart.

"Bella, I...I'm. I'm sorry..." Alice timidly apologized to me. It made my anger rise a little that she wasn't explaining. I took a sharp breath and looked at her coldly. Alice noticed my mood and looked at me. Finally!

Her golden eyes bored into me. A moment passed where all we could do was search each other, not knowing what for. I couldn't let it distract me. I needed to know.

"Alice. Don't you dare apologize before you've told me what's going on." I tried to speak sternly but my voice failed me by quivering. Alice's gaze shifted to the floor. Damn it. She turned more away from me so I couldn't see her face. If I'm not mistaking then a few minutes passed in silence.

"Well. Where is she then?" I asked her; I didn't mean to sound so...bitchy at the time, it came across that way though.

"Gone hunting with the rest of my family." Alice replied straight away. I didn't realise how tense I was until I felt the relief that no-one was over hearing this conversation.

"I see...So there is something there...between you two..." I suggested quietly to Alice, feeling my heart threatening to rip apart as I took each breath. Her golden stare returned mine again. I could see pain. I could see her want for tears. I couldn't see the reason.

"There was. A long time ago...I don't...feel that for her anymore. I know I lied about that. I said I didn't like any of them that way. I don't know why I did it. I didn't want to give you the wrong idea, I don't know." Alice tried to explain. I still felt betrayed by her lying to me. I noticed I wasn't angry anymore, just insecure.

"But she's here don't feel anything? At all?" I asked, not sure if I wanted the answer. All I wanted was Alice.

"Bella..." Alice spoke in a sigh and shook her head, "I don't think I could love anyone else half as much as I love you...lately I've been realising just how much and it goes deep. It's so intense that it hurts. I guess pain comes with love..." Alice paused, my hand touched hers lightly. She was right; I felt the ache in my heart. I wanted to be closer and never part with her. I needed to be with her.

"You have this amazing effect on me just when you look into my eyes," She admitted and turned to me, moving her hand to hold mine. "Bella, you're my weakness and my strength. So no, I don't feel anything close to this love with Stella." Alice finished. I felt like I would explode from so much emotion at her words. I could hardly breathe. Alice's presence felt so strong in front of me, almost overwhelming.

"Alice..." I managed, she came closer. Was she afraid? I grasped her hand tighter, desperate for her to make this distance between us disappear. Alice shifted closer to me. Not close enough. "I feel like...I'm just not...I don't know. She's a vampire...I just feel like nothing compared to her." I admitted to Alice, feeling my face turn that shade I wished it wouldn't.

"No, she's nothing compared to you..." Alice told me and brought her face inches away from mine, her hands found my body. "I'm sorry about the shit in the forest; so much was going through my head. I know I should have been with you...there's no excuse." More apologies. I couldn't take this anymore. My lips found hers and my arms wrapped around her tightly. Alice may have been a little caught off guard at first but she was certainly responding now. Our kiss was soft, patient, loving.

Alice pulled away, the longing ache presented itself again. I gave her a questioning look but she smiled at me. What?

"You better get some more sleep, school in a few hours." She told me and slid past me to lie down in the bed. I surrendered to her suggestion, I was tired. It had been a long night. I settled into Alice's arms, sleep came easy.


Only to be awoken hours later to get to school. I had to put on the same clothes as yesterday. I felt gross but I suppose no-one there would know. I was still conscious of the fact. I heard Alice open the door as I was putting my jacket on. She seemed really excited...

"Bella! Are you ready to have breakfast?" Alice asked me, joy in her tone.

"Ah, yeah. Sure. What are you so excited about?" I asked her, unable to not smile. Alice came over to me so fast that it startled me. She kissed me quickly and stepped back, smiling away.

"I dunno. I'm just really happy!" Alice confessed and smiled even wider. If that was possible. "Come on, time to eat!" I followed her out of the room, it had been a while since I'd seen her like this. When we got to the kitchen, I noticed there still wasn't anyone else here.

"Alice, where is everyone?" More importantly, where's the guest? Alice turned around from the kitchen bench with a plate of toast. It made me realise how hungry I really was.

"Well, Edward and Jasper are coming home shortly. Emmett and Rosalie are...doing their own thing, going to catch up with us at school. And Carlisle and Esme are still with Stella. They've gone to see Tanya. They didn't come home last night, Stella needs to go further away to hunt..." Alice said the last part awkwardly. I sat down at the table and Alice put my breakfast in front of me, only to stand behind me. She still seemed to be in a good mood though.

"When will they be back?" I asked before I started eating.

"I'm not sure. Maybe tonight." Alice told me calmly and started to play with my hair, sending shivers down my back.

"Oh okay. Will you need to be here tonight?" I asked Alice quietly then continued eating.

"Only if you don't want me with you." She replied in a joking tone, her fingers combing through my hair still.

"Of course I want you with me. I just wasn't sure if anything important needed to be done." I explained, feeling a little silly.

"You're the most important." Alice replied with no hesitation, tugging at my heart with her words. I stood up and turned to face Alice. She looked confused, maybe a little surprised at my sudden movement. I realised I needed to apologize to Alice for how I reacted last night, I wasn't being the most understanding girlfriend at the time.

"I'm really sorry if you over heard me yelling last night...I was just-"

"You don't have to explain to me." Alice interrupted but spoke sincerely. She brought her hand to caress my face. I leaned into her touch and my eyes fluttered closed. I felt Alice's chilling lips lightly press against mine. My hands found her hips immediately. I instinctively pulled to get her closer to me, resulting in only pulling myself into her.

I pulled away and licked Alice's lips, a quiet moan escaped her before she caught my tongue with hers. She started running her tongue along mine without our lips touching. Alice started to press her body harder into mine, while one of her hands snaked up the back of my neck and into my hair. I connected our mouths finally and put every possible amount of emotion I felt into this kiss.

I was desperate for Alice. Before school again! I felt Alice pushing on my shoulders; I inched backwards until I felt the table behind me. Alice lifted me onto the table, my legs wrapped around her body. The second our bodies became closely pressed against each other (one place in particular), I let out a deep moan. This felt insanely good.

I gasped and pulled out our kiss when Alice bucked her hips into me. Our eyes locked onto each other, Alice bit her lip and slowly thrust against me a second time, never looking away. Playing games?

I saw Alice's eyes widen in shock and she pulled away from me, disappearing. A second later she was standing beside my slightly breathless self. I looked around and the kitchen was cleaned. What the? I looked back to Alice, giving her a confused look. I tried to ignore the dull ache between my legs; the sudden lack of attention was making it difficult.

"The boys are back." Alice quickly told me. The next second they walked in, Edward was wearing a mocking grin. Oh God.

"Well, ladies. Ready for school?" Jasper asked with a tone that told me he knew as well. I couldn't keep the colour from my face. Alice turned to me and smiled. How could she not mind? Her hand found mine and she lead me outside to Edward's Volvo. We got into the back; Alice sat in the middle to be closer. I smiled to myself as I remembered the first time she did that. The first weekend we spent together.

My heart leapt at the memories. I didn't even notice the speed of the car but Alice thought that was the cause of my heart rate and turned to face me. Edward slowed at hearing Alice's thoughts.

I rested my hand on Alice's thigh for comfort. I wasn't intending for it to start anything but she looked at me so intensely, I knew she wanted me. And now.

I could hardly wait for school to be over and it hadn't even started yet.


It was lunch and I was leaning against the wall waiting for Bella to finish changing from gym class. I'd hardly seen her all day and it was starting to be too much. Plus I'd gotten a vision during first class about Bella and I talking to William, though I couldn't hear anything which was strange. We were standing outside, in the forest. It looked like it was near where I first hung out with Bella. Why there?

I was snapped out of my thoughts as Bella's scent smacked me in the face and throat. I probably should have been hunting today rather than be at school but I think Bella needed me to be here. She was walking towards me with Mike. Fantastic. I could hear everything that stupid human boy was saying to her. And all of it was in some form of flirting.

Just when my anger was beginning to get the better of me, I heard Mike invite her to a party on Friday night, I knew she would say no and I wanted a chance to really show her off. I put on my best innocent face and approached them.

"Hey, Bella. What's this about a party?" I asked with a grin, I saw the flash of dread cross Bella's features but kept my eyes on Mike. I don't think he knew what to do with my attention.

"Oh, Jess is having a party on Friday...Um, you can c-come if you'd like..." Mike awkwardly suggested while looking between Bella and I.

"That'd be great. Where is it?" I asked enthusiastically.



Edward, Jasper, Alice and I all walked up the path to the front door. The music could be heard from a mile away, I recognized the song, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. I laughed a little to myself, the door was open so we walked in, welcomed by quite the sight.

Many people from school were here that I knew, all dancing or having a drink to the side. The music was blearing and the bass was pumping through the whole house. The four of us walked further towards the swarm of people, taking in the surroundings. My hand tightened around Alice's, she squeezed a little back.

The song finished and immediately ran into the next, Rhythm of the Night by Corona. At this point people seemed to start to notice we had arrived; me and three Cullen's. A little late I might add. We all exchanged glances and Alice pulled me to the side to get a drink. Everyone went back to focusing on what they were doing. Edward and Jasper mingled a little, near the edge of the crowd just in case.

I noticed Alice was keeping herself closer to me than she usually did in public. When she handed me the drink, I saw Mike coming over to me. Oh hell. These damn clothes. Too revealing. Too much attention. Alice followed my gaze and turned back to me quickly to give me a look of annoyance. I laughed a little because she still looked cute even with that expression.

"Hey, Bella!" Mike yelled at me and gave Alice a smile to greet her, she shifted to stand by my side. I saw his eyes look my body up and down, he probably thought I wouldn't see. I knew Alice wouldn't have missed it either. I felt her rest her hand possessively on my opposite hip. That made me smile. I placed my hand over hers.

"When did you get here? I thought we were on time!" I spoke loudly for him to hear me over the music. Alice's arm snaked further around me. The song flipped to It's Getting Hot In Here by Nelly.

"Oh, early! Jess wanted help getting organized! You like the music?" He asked me loudly. Alice moved behind me and started moving to the music. I was all too aware of which part of her body was being rubbed against me suggestively. I saw Mike watching, I tried to keep my expression placid, betraying all the feeling flowing through me at this point.

"Oh. Um, yeah. It's great. Who picked it out?" I struggled out. I knew he noticed. Alice's hands came around to my side and held my hips, pushing harder against the back of me. Also causing me to start to move with her, my hands found hers and I pulled them further around so her whole body was against me.

"Mostly Jess...Um, I better go...see her. I'll see you...around." He managed to say before stumbling away. I felt Alice laughing against me so I turned around to face her. The song changed again, Man Eater by Nelly Furtado. I smiled and grabbed her hand, leading her to the dance floor.

Alice was smiling at me as we started to dance not touching each other. I was a little shy about dancing the way she was but I had to get her back for doing that before in front of Mike. I put on my best sexy act and started moving my hips and running my hands along my body, my eyes never leaving Alice. She was dancing as well but her expression was a little surprised looking, her smile faded. Something else replaced that surprise.

I moved closer to Alice, feeling confident from the reaction I'd already gotten from her. We were inches away from touching and I turned so she was at my side. I ran my hand through my own hair, still keeping my eyes locked on Alice.


Bella was driving me crazy the way she was dancing. I didn't think she would try and get me back for what I did in front of Mike. Especially not like this! She was giving me that familiar intense look that always got me. These things combined, I could hardly dance the same way. I tried to collect myself, the song was half way through and I'd been dancing absently and starring lustfully at Bella. I bet she found it amusing. I'll show her.

I was facing the side of Bella's body, the view of her body moving like this was insanely captivating. I moved closer so her leg was in between mine. She didn't expect that, I started moving more enthusiastically than I was before. I moved so she was up against my back. I moved my hips into her and side to side. I felt her hands on me, she gave in. First they were at my hips then as I threatened to move away by going forward a few inches, her arms came forward more, travelling upwards slightly. I moved back into her, keeping my rhythm with the song. If Bella's hands didn't stop moving, she'd be at my breasts soon. I grabbed them before they got there and laced our fingers.

I felt Bella's way of dancing change. It became more sexual; I felt her pushing into me more blatantly rather than suggestively. I unintentionally closed my eyes and I'm sure I moaned a little though no-one would hear me.

If I hadn't hunted before the party then this would be a disaster. I wanted to take Bella away from all these people and be with her alone. I heard her desperately whisper my name, she knew only I would hear it. I heard my name called again but this time it was different, the voice was different. A male voice. Edwards voice.

I immediately went into alert. I took in a small amount of the air around me but only detected human blood as the dull pain in my throat jumped to the top of my priorities. It would have been too dangerous to breathe in more while I was in the middle of all these humans, especially with Bella right behind me. I grabbed her hand and weaved us through the crowd to the edge.

Bella was silent but I knew she wanted to know what was going on. Her hand clutched mine tightly as if she were afraid of being left behind. Again. I pushed the pain that thought caused me and headed toward Edward and Jasper who were waiting outside the front door for us.

"What is it?" I asked them when we approached, speaking loud enough for Bella to hear. They seemed to agree with my decision as they both spoke at the same volume.

"We need to leave. It's not safe for any of them if we're here." Edward nodded his head in the direction of the house, music blearing through the walls.

"It's the male vampire. He's close. And good at hiding from us." Jasper added more detail. I felt Bella's hand close even more tightly around mine. If I wasn't this strong then it'd probably be hurting.

"What are we gunna do?" Bella asked with fear lacing through her words. I felt my own fear rise as I turned to look at her. She looked so stressed and human. I moved closer to her as Jasper spoke.

"We need to go to our house and figure out what's going on and what we're going to do about it." He spoke to us both but looked directly at me before turning and walking towards the car. I heard Edward sigh quietly and turn also. I ignored how utterly confused I was at Jasper sudden change in mood and lead Bella to the car.

To Be Continued...

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