Chapter Six: An Unscheduled Meeting


I truly doubted that I had ever been so furious in all of my life, and I had lived longer than any man, as long as you counted the seemingly endless years I spent floating in the Twilight Realm, hardly alive, but still living. Of course, during those years I had focused all of my hatred on the Hero of Time himself, my little Link, who had altered the very flow of time itself to interfere with my plans, my goals, my very aspirations. But that was a century ago at the very least, and true, the Link that I had now was not the same Link in the past, but their bloodline was the very same, as was Zelda's, but I myself had never changed.

But that beautiful young man who was the cause of all of my strife, he was almost the same in every way, still a being that could break my shell of callousness because of his visage, so perfectly suited to my tastes, though at the time I had not realized it as much, and my options for sex had looked far more promising. But now that my options for that were whittled themselves down to nearly nothing, he was the best choice for my relief. But I digress in my thoughts. Even one hundred years ago, he was a being of a certain ethereal quality, so perfect to my desires in a multitude of ways, even if I had never known it.

But now, now that I had him precisely where I wanted him, underneath my heel, I was being pulled from him because of an incompetent fool who used my power to proclaim himself a king. I felt such wrath towards Zant at that moment that I was certain that I would burst with rage, have my cool facade break in mid-stride. I threw my thoughts back to Link, my prize, my prize for all of my hard work, the item that had come as a present when I usurped the throne from the Princess.

At least when I thought on Link, I could take my focus to other matters, how I planned to toy with him for a while before I took him as my own, truly capturing his mind, body, and soul, and branding it with my seal. At least that relieved a little of the stress of having to meet with Zant. Goddesses, I thought that once our deal was made, and my final orders given to him, we would never have to see each other again, I was beyond hoping of that, for the Twili was a true idiot, a puppet on my strings whenever I needed him, and it remained true even now.

He was no more important to me than a servant, even if he was strong enough to conquer the Twilight Realm, he could only do so because of my power, and without it, he would be but a servant to the true heirs to the Twilin throne, vying for power that he could never attain. But I would admit, there were certain similarities between us, I could not deny this fact. Both of us were ambitious but lusted for power, both of us wanted to do what was best for our people who suffered under greater rulers. I rebelled against Hyrule, and he rebelled against Midna, the Twilight Princess herself. And both of us used that power for our own means. I knew that I had corrupted myself, but I hardly cared, the power was beyond any petty views such as morality, the Triforce was power, and thus, so was I. And power does not discriminate from good or evil. It is only what you make of it, and thus, so was I.

But there were so many differences between us, so many indeed. My powers were gained for a reason, I was fated to have this power, while he was but a parasite, draining lightly off of my greater strength and ability. He would lose his cool in battle, acting like a fool when pressed into a tight corner, while I would remain calm and collected, with perhaps only an outburst of anger sprinkling throughout the events. He was nothing before he came across me. Nothing! He was distraught little being who had been passed over for the Twilin crown. Had it not been for me, he would have remained as nothing! And yet he would have the audacity to ask to meet with me without giving me prior notice! I could ring his neck for that!

I calmed my mind down, brought myself down from that anger to a state of perfect placidity, walking calmly in the halls of the castle, my robes rustling along the ground almost silently, while the sun played small tricks on the golden threads that formed the patterns on them. That idiot had no idea what he had interrupted, he had Link precisely how he wanted him, completely unaware, but also with enough mental function to make my desires capable of being fulfilled with at least a slightly active partner. And of course, as fate would have it, I would be pulled away, and forced to wait for another chance to open itself just as precisely, that optimal little opening in time that gave him all that he desired. He would have to create another such opportunity soon, otherwise, I truly would go mad.


I wandered as if aimless back towards my room, or at least I think I was, but I could hardly tell, my mind was still foggy, and my thoughts only made this condition all the worse. My heart was still pounding gently in my chest, not racing, but having just come down from it, and I was confused, so completely confused. Ganondorf, the Great King of Evil, had kissed me, and had done so with something that I could never have expected from him. Gentleness. It was not forceful in the least, he had not truly pushed it upon me, it was more of a slow drawn out action, moving at a snail's pace, but happening nonetheless. I could not understand it, but more than that, I could not understand my own reaction...which had been nothing.

I had not resisted him at all, I had simply fallen limp in some regards, completely and total devoid of thought and action, in a way, catatonic. But my body had reacted on its own, my cheeks flushing with color, and my eyes completely closing as I let his larger lips encompass mine, and let his hands hold me to him. Why had he done that? And why had I reacted the way I did? Why did this all have to happen? And what did it mean? I was completely disconnected with reality, and I was trying to come back to it, unable to do so, and unable to even see the path to do so. Why couldn't things just be as simple as they were before? Where good was good, and evil was evil, and there be no space between the two, no area for this confusion, no area where my thoughts might wonder if Ganondorf was truly as evil and cruel as I thought him to be.

He could not be the true embodiment of evil if he showed even an ounce of kindness, and he had in a way, for as I continued to think on it, because he did not force the kiss, he was virtually doing so as a test, but exactly what he was testing, I could not tell. It only made me wonder what would have happened had he not been taken away by a confluence with Zant. The thoughts both made me shiver in a pall of fear, while a smaller part of me almost anticipated such a thing. Why was I thinking like this? Why did even the smallest part of me want that man to touch me like that? Perhaps I deserved this, the molesting touch and the blindness in my mind, perhaps because I had not saved my people as I should have, I was being cursed and plagued by these events. Guilt rested on my shoulders like boulders, pressing down on me until I felt almost crushed. What if everything that had transpired...was simply my fault? I could have fought, I could have tried to end it, but instead, I submitted, and now everything was spiraling out of control, into an abyss that I could see no end to. It was all my fault...I deserved all of slavery and fate suited me well.

When I finally reached my room, I opened the door quietly, almost creeping inside, and closed the door with silence. I drew in a deep breath, and sighed, overcome with a certain grief at what I blamed on myself: the suffering of all of Hyrule. I walked to my bed, and lay upon it, instantly curling my legs into my chest, my eyes half-lidded, small tears forming in the corners, slowly falling to the pillow below. I deserved everything that was even a little negative that was to come into my fate, I desereved to be a slave to Ganondorf's will, I deserved to be no more than a pet to him, and I deserved all of the shame and humiliation that had come upon my name...I deserved all of it...for not destroying Ganondorf when I had the chance...I deserved anything that the Goddesses felt they could throw at me.


I entered the main hall of the castle, and before me, I could see the shadowy version of Zant himself, who as a Twili, could not entered the World of Light without the Mirror of Twilight, and therefore was limited to this visage. I practically snarled as I saw him, each of my footfalls giving a thud, displaying my malcontent with the situation in a fairly simple, and more importantly, a nonviolent way.

"You had better have a good reason for disturbing me, Zant..." I said with a slight impatience, folding my arms behind my back. "Why do you need to speak with me?"

"I apologize for disturbing you, my lord, but I am having many issues with Minda...she is disrupting order in the Twilight Realm, and I believe that she is trying to find a way out." he said calmly.

"And she realizes that the Mirror of Twilight has been fractured and resides within my castle?"

"Yes, but she seeks out another way, or at least is trying to do so. It is a hopeless effort, but she has been a nuisance, even going so far as to attempt to even turn some of my Shadow Beasts back into their natural forms. She is unsuccessful, of course, but she is getting closer to doing so."

"And why is this any concern to me, Zant? Get the point already!" I roared in irritation, sick of having the Twilin ruler talk around in circles, never finding his point. He was shaken a little by my show of anger, and quickly found that point.

"My point is that she is becoming quite potent, and that she will likely try to find an avenue of escape in your world, my lord. Should she choose to do so, she will likely go through one she is familiar with...Link."

"Let her try, she'll never convince him to break my statutes. The only way for her to return to this world is for her reform the Mirror of Twilight, which rests in seven pieces, and to do that, she would need someone to break into each of highest rooms of each of the towers, which are heavily sealed by locks, chains, and magic, and then take them all the way to the Mirror Chamber in the Gerudo Desert to form it again. It is impossible." I said confidently, shrugging of the usurper king's concerns.

"But you cannot be completely sure...what of Link and what of Zelda? She could use them as a medium to attempt such a feat." he retorted in argument.

"Also impossible now, Zelda lies on the very borders of my kingdom, the Triforce of Wisdom stripped from her, and Link resides with me in Hyrule castle, a servant to my will."

"With as much trouble as they had caused you, I would have thought that you would have killed them both."

"Perhaps for Zelda, but I see no reason to kill Link, he is naïve, foolish, and his only strength ever found itself in his courage, which I stripped of him quickly."

"But why keep him at your castle? Surely you could do the same with him as you did with Zelda? What reason do you have for continuing to keep him with you." Zant asked in completely curiosity.

"He serves as a symbol. Those who rebel against me will suffer a similar or worse fate than he, and since he is my slave, then one can imagine what I would do to another who would rise against me."

"I doubt that is the whole story..." The Twilin snickered slightly, much to my annoyance and to my anger.

"Silence. Or perhaps you would like me to strip you of your powers? Remember, Zant, you are as much as slave as he is, you are bound to my power, and should I ever feel that I need to, I can rip that very power from you. And I swear, if it were not for the fact that I need you to help insure fear remains in my kingdom, I would have cut you off long ago." I said honestly. Zant's expression was priceless, completely furious but also knowing that he could say and do nothing about it, because he knew that I was completely right, and that if he insulted me that I could steal his powers away, and leave him at the mercy of his people and worse yet, to Midna, whose curse I might remove in such a case, just to let him squirm.

The shadowy image of Zant disappeared from the main hall, obviously insulted, and thus I turned to return from whence I came, back to the library to read and to think on my next move. Goddesses, why did you have to play your hands against me? I sighed deeply as I walked at a brisk pace back to the book-lined chamber, trying to contemplate precisely what I should do to open up such a good opportunity between myself and Link once again. It had been so perfect! I could hardly have set it up any better than fate had, but that same fate had decided that some annoyance should enter my life to disturb that perfect little moment. At least I had gotten a kiss out of it. I smiled on that thought, still able to taste the sweetness of the young man's lips on mine, the warmth of his skin against my hand, and the softness of his locks between my fingers. I could have damned the euphoria that I entered when I felt those things! But I didn't, for they were the few things that actually made me smile in actual happiness, rather than cruel joy...even if I did enjoy my cruel bliss. I entered the library and slumped myself into the large chair that I had previously occupied. What was I going to do? I could not forsake those wonderful sensations, but I had to have fun with Link, toy with him a little, like a cat when it caught mouse, who would appear to let the mouse go, only to stop it with its paw. I enjoyed toying with him, so I could not simply take out must lust in a single motion...I had to be organized and get every drop of enjoyment I could from the moment. But how to go about it?