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Spoiler for Cloak. This is the best episode ever!!!

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"I am Tired of pretending!" Tony said.

Tired of pretending, the words are still ringing in my head.

I had seen Tony going into the elevator. I wanted to talk to him, and I knew he was mad, however we needed to talk and privately.

Tony immediately started with how he was tired of the lies and manipulation and secret agendas from the previous administration. This was something we had talked about how he had felt used at one point by Jenny. Now I wondered if he was feeling this again. However this time it was Gibbs who had used the both of us.

I told him I hoped things would be different by now. However things had not changed much. We had orders, orders we had broke many times.

Tony started to blow off steam and tell me how he wanted to give Vance a piece of his mind. I knew if he did that his career would be over. I then reminded him of the orders, okay so I threw it in his face he had no military training, and did not know how to follow orders. However, I knew what he was saying was not only about the operation we were on.

Yes, we both were told not to engage. However the thought of Tony being hurt, made me go into my training of defense mode and I had to protect him. I have lost so many people, I could not loose him. I would rather die defending him, than live another day.

I knew I said too much, he could read my soul. When he stared into my eyes we both could read the others thoughts.

"I am tired of pretending." We have hid our secret long enough and I am tired of not being able to show how much we care for each other. Tony looked into my eyes and I said "So am I."

He left the elevator, where this leaves us time will only tell. However I am no longer going to hide how much I care about my partner.

I think about when I awoke and was handcuffed to the pole, my first thought was where is Tony? Before I would have thought how could I escape? I think now how I could have put Tony at risk, how I immediately asked where he was letting my captor know Tony was my weak spot.

When Tony released me from my hand cuffs and helped me up, I could see his look of concern. I went to touch him, and he gave me a look letting me know I could not show my concern. It was so hard, I wanted to touch him and maybe next time he is hurt I will be able to show my concern and make sure he is ok.

I am not sure what Tony is going to tell Gibbs, however I am glad we are done pretending.

I get off the elevator and go back to my desk and try to get my thoughts together. My head is a jumble and that is something I can not allow it could cost my partners life.