Author's Note: Disclaimer, this is not Tadamu. Also this is in the future when Amu is 15 (incase you didn't read the summary)

Chapter 1: Take off

The excitement rippled through me. A thousand butterflies fluttered through my stomach as I entered the plane. It was packed full of people waiting to take off towards San Francisco, California. The President of the School and astronomy fanatic whom I still didn't know the name of had entered us to be in a world debate. I had been surprised to find that Kairi and Kukai had also been selected. We shuffled on board. I took the window seat and put my things under the chair in front of me. We were in coach, (sarcasm) big surprise. Tadase sat down next to me. He smiled his gorgeous princely smile,

"May I, Hinamori-san?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah." Uh, yeah? That's the best you can do? I scolded myself. Then Tadase distracted me as he pointed out the window and exclaimed,

"Hinamori-san! Look! The plane's about to take off."

"Eh?" I looked out the window, and sure enough the plane started backing up. It was bumpy and sort of scary. I'd never been on a plane before in my life. It turned around and started to race up the long black tar. It went faster and faster still. The speed forced me back into my seat. I wasn't sure I wanted to go to San Francisco if it meant going through this. Weren't the unbearable long lines enough? And the customs had been a nightmare of the worst kind. Then there came pressure from bellow us. The plane made a funny sounding noise and started jostling up and down. I peeked out the window and saw the road streaking past. Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia all yelped and hid in their eggs. Kiseki was squished back into Tadase's chair and looked thoroughly indignant. I gripped Tadase's arm.

"It's okay, Hinamori-san." he whispered soothingly, but I was far from calm. I was about to panic when the plane abruptly tilted upward and climbed with rapid speeds toward the fluffy clouds above. There was pressure from all sides and I was squished back into my seat as far as I could go. I wanted to scream. I thought I might cry. We got high enough that my ears felt like they'd been jammed with cotton.

The plane leveled out, and we were flying a little smoother. Then the plane started going lower and made a turn. Had something gone wrong? What will I do if something goes wrong!?

"Tadase-kun." I whimpered. My voice sounded oddly far away. I held my breath and squeezed my eyes tight. I didn't open them until Kukai shouted from behind me,

"Sugoi! ( means cool, great, and/or awesome)"

"Eh?" I looked out the window and there were puffy, blindingly white clouds surrounding us. It looked like cotton candy but left water streaming down the windows.

"Rima-chan! Mashiro! Mashiro!" (Mashiro means pure white and it is Rima's last name)

"Hai, Amu-chan." Rima replied in a bored tone while KusuKusu chuckled. Yaya tapped my shoulder.

"Amu-chii! Do you want water?" she pointed at the attendant.

"Ah! Hai! Arigato gozaimasu!" After drinking the water my ears popped and I was able to hear everything much clearer.

We flew through the air. I enjoyed laughing with everyone. Occasionally I'd look behind me to where Kairi, Rima, and Kukai were sitting and see Kukai annoying Rima and Kairi reading about the entire history of the Americas. In front of me sat Nagehiko and Utau. In front of those two were Sanjo-san and Nikaido-sensei. The two were chaperones on the trip but Sanjo was mainly going to give Utau some international publicity.

Every unusual noise made me jump and Kukai would always laugh at me. Rima enjoyed blowing in my ear causing me to scream. Yaya said I was a scardy-cat while Tadase maintained a sweat-drop expression.

Then we hit some major turbulence. No one laughed at me for jumping then. The plane shook with violence and fury. I hugged Tadase tightly and squealed like a scared little girl. The turbulence didn't pass quickly like the others. The plane kept shaking and shaking. I heard noise from Kairi behind me. He was putting all his stuff back and instructing Kukai and Rima to do the same. I started to too. Shakily I put back my magazines and music. Tadase and Yaya followed my lead and I glimpsed the others in front of me doing the same. The plane bounced up and down like a jumping bean.

"I don't think this is normal!" Kairi shouted over the noise.

"WHAT?" I screamed just as an attendant rushed into the cabin.

"Please stay in your seats and remain calm!" she pleaded. She didn't look very calm. In fact her eyes screamed panic and her once neat ponytail was in disarray. She was gripping the sides of the entrance way as if her life depended on it. "We are experiencing extreme turbulence, please stay seated!" she continued. There was a huge clonk noise from above and it titled the plane sideways. "Do not panic! I repeat, do not panic! Do not panic!" I thought she was going to hyperventilate.

But there was no time to do anything as the plane started tilting even further sideways. It wasn't like in movies. The plane didn't fall headfirst. It span slowly through the air while falling extremely fast. I grabbed my backpack and put in on my back, then I hitched my egg carrier to my belt. We fell faster and faster. I started praying to every deity I knew of.

Don't let us die! Don't let us die! Please don't let us die! The plane was out of control. I knew our deaths were immanent. I could feel the crushing force of being smashed to bits awaiting me. Then the Humpty Lock started to glow.

"Watashi no kokoro, unloku!" my friends and I screamed. The character transformation didn't have pretty colors or sparkles or any of that. It was too dangerous a moment for that. We just became our character transformations. Tadase wore his ruffled outfit and was trying his best to stand up. Nagehiko wore a fancy Japanese kimono, Kukai was Sky Jack, Utau was Love Angel, Yaya was Dear Baby, Kairi was Samurai Soul, and Rima was Clown Drop. I meanwhile was Amulet Heart.

I screamed and screamed and screamed. I kept my eyes shut as Tadase lifted my out of my seat. The plane was starting to tilt and it was like trying to stand perfectly straight on a wall. Our descent picked up the speed. I was sure the plane wanted me dead if not the universe. I had a flashback of the last time I'd fallen. It hadn't been as horrifying and it hadn't been from so high, but still, it had been when I'd almost caught the Embryo. Then there had been that missile and Ikuto had protected me. Ikuto... Will you be all right? Will you hate me for bringing your sister into this? Will you care that I'm dead? What did I mean to you? I wondered just before the black came. I just barely heard Tadase shout,

"Holy Crown!" Everything was pitch black. There was a shock of pressure underneath me, but not enough to arouse me from the abyss of darkness I'd succumb to.

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