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(Amu's POV)

I wouldn't graduate from high school for a couple more years. I was fine with that. I was fine with having that much more time with Ikuto. I knew he planned to propose to me the second after I got my diploma. Or maybe he would propose to me at the celebration party. Maybe I was wrong and he would wait a little before such a big commitment.

These sorts of thoughts filled my head often. When I had been younger I'd not been sure whom it was that would take my hand while I wore a fluffy wedding gown, but Ikuto had always been a candidate, for a reason that had been beyond me until a couple months ago.

I walked out of my classroom after the bell rung. The day had been tedious, as usual. There was a Guardians meeting that day so I made my way to where they met on the High school campus. All three campuses (Elementary, Junior, and High school) had a glass building that was pretty much the same. Only I liked the High school Guardian building best because it had a swing and lounge chairs and had cool things like black roses and red and white wild flowers.

I saw the others gathered around a coffee table. They were gossiping. What else were they going to do? Easter was probably going to be closed down because of the investigation. Ikuto's father would be thrown in jail, and Lulu was in the Nut House. There was almost no purpose for the Guardians anymore.

And yet that was not the case. Teenagers are most prone to losing themselves or giving up or becoming depressed, so we were needed in protecting the self-esteem and other insignificant blah blah blah. It's not like I don't care. I do care, but it was so tedious and troublesome.

"Amu!" Nagehiko called to me. I sat down on a long couch next to Kairi and across from Nagehiko and Keiko. Yaya sat next to Kairi. Rima and Tadase each sat on their own small sofa, as far away from each other as possible. Rima's bodyguard stood behind her.

"Kukai's late?" I asked.

"Yeah, he left early to see Utau before she left for the weekend." Keiko replied.

"Right, she's doing a concert." the others nodded.

"So what's the latest gossip around High school eh?" I jumped. Ikuto stood behind me. "Did I scare you Amu-koi?" he smirked. I glared at him,

"No! You just surprised me!" I had almost been about to admit the truth, since the island my cool & spicy charade was rusty. I moved over so Ikuto could sit next to me. Kairi gladly took that opportunity to slide closer to Yaya (yeah the poor kid was still after her, I wondered if Yaya would ever see, but the only actually stable relationships were mine and Kukai's (Nagehiko and Keiko hadn't been together long enough to be considered "stable")

"Among the girls the most recent conclusion is they all want to be Amu, though a mass of them are extremely jealous of Keiko."

"The guys all have their own favorite girl though most of them seem rather jealous of Kukai, but Kukai's too cool for them to hate."

"What about me?" Kukai came running in, "Sorry I'm late everyone! Utau's flight got delayed." Kukai planted himself next to Nagehiko, "Plus some girl saw me and started asking questions about you Amu."

"Me?" I was confused.

"Yeah, mostly she wanted to know if you were really going out with Ikuto-kun and then she asked weird things like when you plan to get married and if I can get you to invite her to the wedding and stuff." I sweat dropped.

"God these fangirls can be annoying."

"At least that girl wasn't asking if you were pregnant." Kukai said.

"Huh?" it sounded like he was saying someone had asked him if he were pregnant. Kukai chuckled,

"Some random fan came up to me one day and asked if Utau was pregnant."

"What did you say?"

"I asked the kid if she looked pregnant and then told them to stop listening to wild rumors." We all laughed and then we started talking about other rumors. Ikuto liked to keep us on the subject of the Tadagay rumor. Keiko enjoyed that too.

Ikuto drove me home on his motorcycle. I greeted Papa warmly because Papa was going emo because of me having a boyfriend. I walked upstairs to my room to start my homework. Ikuto sat on my bed.

"I thought you went home." I commented.

"I parked around the block and came back."

"Great! Are you going to help me with my homework?"

"Yeah, but after I tell you this," his eyes were serious. I wondered what was up, "Easter is not the only organization interested in the Embryo, and there are plenty of people who know about the Embryo and are searching for it. There are companies that create technologies involving Charas and heart eggs. Most of these people are dangerous, Amu. Just because Easters out of the picture doesn't mean all danger is gone."

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