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Part Four

By the time he was able to leave the scene, Carlton was borderline murderous, he was so angry. He had had to spend thirty minutes talking to the fire chief about what had happened, what he saw inside the building, and whether or not someone else could be in there. Before he had to suffer through that waste of time, he had gotten berated by Chief Vick for going into a burning building and for not waiting for back up.

When all of that had been squared away, he had gotten his hand bandaged by a paramedic because of a mild burn. Then he had gotten into the Crown Vic and just before he left he heard Chief Vick say "Good work, detective." That had lessened his anger only by a bit. Carlton just tried to focus on making it to the hospital without killing every slow driver that cut him off. He was sure that some Higher Power was testing him. Thankfully, he made it to the hospital without resorting to violence.

"Excuse me, I'm detective Carlton Lassiter," Carlton said as he flashed his badge to a nearby nurse. "I need to talk to the man who was brought in about an hour ago from the building fire on Cress Road."

The nurse seemed to think about it for a minute before her eyes brightened. "Oh! You mean, Shawn?"

Carlton had to grind his teeth together to stop himself from growling at the nurse. "That must be him," he lied. "What's the room number?"

"Oh, he's just right down the hall here. Follow me," she said happily. The detective followed her to Shawn's room. "Shawn, you have a visitor," she called into the room softly and moved to the side so Carlton could enter. A quiet sound of acceptance met his ears as he entered the hospital room.

He heard the door close behind him and was thankful that they had some privacy. Carlton walked to the side of Shawn's bed and took in the younger man's form as he lay there in the bed with his eyes closed.

"Hey Carlton," Shawn said quietly when he opened his eyes and looked up at the detective.

"Hey," Carlton replied softly. "How are you feeling?"

"Stir-crazy! I hate hospitals."

Carlton smiled at the whining tone in Shawn's voice. He couldn't tear his eyes off of the younger man. He looked so small and pale in the hospital bed. "What did the doctor say?" Carlton asked him.

"Nothing serious. I just have a mild case on smoke inhalation. They had me on oxygen for half an hour after I woke up and everything seems to be okay," Shawn said in a casual tone. As if he was just talking about the weather and not something that could have killed him. "I just have to be aware of any changes over the next twenty-four hours and if something changes I have to come back."

Carlton had to keep his hands clenched at his sides to stop himself from reaching out for Shawn. He just wanted to make sure that he was really okay. As if reading his mind, Shawn shifted over in the hospital bed then reached out and pulled Carlton until the detective sat down on the bed. As soon as Carlton was settled, Shawn snuggled into his side. He smiled when he felt an arm wrap around his waist and pull him closer.

"Shawn," Carlton started. "I was so... terrified when I got to the Psych office and saw it up in flames and I knew you were in there." Shawn was alive and safe, but the fear still lingered with Carlton as they sat there together.

"I'm sorry, even though I didn't start the damn fire or anything but I'm still sorry I worried you."

Carlton smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to Shawn's forehead. "S'ok. Can you tell me what happened?"

"All work as usual, Lassie."

"The sooner I get your statement, the sooner we can go home."

"We?" Shawn's eyes went wide with hope.

"Yup. You're stuck with me for the next couple days. I asked Chief Vick for a couple days off," Carlton elaborated at Shawn's quizzical look. "Now, tell me what happened."

Shawn snuggled further into Carlton's side. "Well, I got home around seven and decided to take a nap while I waited for you to get off work. Gus and I've been working this serial arson case to help out with the huge backlog of cases for the Chief and I was totally exhausted.

"Then I woke up because it was way too hot in the office. When I opened my eyes, the place was engulfed in flames. I tried to find a way out but couldn't so I tried to break the window but that failed. The last thing I remember is grabbing the phone and hitting speed dial. Then I must have passed out."

Carlton nodded as he took mental notes that he would have to pass on to the Chief when he got home. "Did you and Gus make any progress on the arson case?"

"The spirits are still whispering to me about that," Shawn smirked.

"Shawn, that's not funny. The fire at Psych is related to the case. There's no way it was just a giant coincidence. The guy you are looking for probably set fire to the office to throw you off his trail or get you out of his way. They're connected, so drop the theatrics," Carlton growled.

"Alright, alright. We know who's behind the arsons. I just haven't figured out the motive behind it," Shawn said seriously.

"Who's doing it?"

Before Shawn got the chance to answer, Carlton's cell phone went off. He looked over at Shawn before answering. "Lassiter... Yeah? Excellent... Thanks, O'Hara."

"What'd Jules say?" Shawn asked as soon as Carlton had flipped his cell shut.

"They got the guy that torched the office. Apparently, the guy was just lurking around and watching. O'Hara even had a few witnesses who said that the guy had been lurking around the area for a few hours and checking out the surrounding buildings. He confessed to all of the recent arsons," Carlton said happily.

"That's great!" Shawn cheered. "Does that mean that we can go home now?"

"Yes, just let me go grab the discharge papers from the Nurses' station."

Before Carlton had even moved to get up the nurse from earlier walked into the room and placed the papers on the table. "Well, you're all cleared to leave, Shawn. Take care of yourself because neither I nor your boyfriend, want to see you here ever again." With that said she turned and left with a small wave.

Shawn laughed. "See you soon," he yelled after the nurse. "She's sweet." He smiled when he saw the faint blush that coloured Carlton's face.

"Not a word Shawn," Carlton warned as he stood up from the bed. He grabbed the papers and passed them to Shawn.

"Carlton, what happened?" Shawn wrapped his fingers around the detective's wrist when he noticed that bandage wrapped his lover's hand and wrist.

"Hm? Oh," he said when he noticed that Shawn was wondering about his palm. "It's just a mild burn. I got it when I tried to get in to Psych to save you. Nothing serious but the paramedic just wanted to be cautious."

Shawn brushed gentle fingers over the bandages. "I'm sorry," he whispered sadly, his eyes filled with guilt.

"Hey, hey, come here," Carlton said softly as he pulled Shawn up off of the hospital bed and into his arms. "You didn't do anything to cause my injury, okay? I would willingly let myself get injured again if it meant I would be able to save you. Okay?"

He kissed Shawn then, a slow, searching kiss that vibrated with a quiet intensity. Carlton poured everything he felt for Shawn into the kiss and tried to make Shawn realize that he would do anything for him. Shawn broke the kiss and gasped into Carlton's mouth. The two of them stood there for a few beats to catch their breaths.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good," Shawn assured Carlton. "That's the second time today that my breath has been taken away but it's the first time today that I've actually enjoyed it."

Carlton had to stifle a laugh, "Come on. It's time to get you home and into bed."

"Wait," Shawn said seriously, "I don't have to stay in bed. I just got a bit of smoke in my lungs. I'm fine to be up and about doing things."

The detective looked over his shoulder at the younger man. "The doctor may not have ordered you to stay in bed but you're going to be spending the next few days in bed anyway...with me."

Carlton strolled out of the hospital room with Shawn hot on his heels. When his lover fell into step beside him, Carlton wrapped an arm around him and pulled Shawn close. The fire didn't do any lasting damage to Shawn but Carlton would be damned if he let anything hurt him again.

The End