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Sith Spirit

Star Wars

Dark Lords of the Sith

Chapter 1

The Darkness Calls

It had been a scant 6 months since the Trade Federation's invasion of the planet Naboo and the resurgence of the Sith.

Tholan Alara, 17 years old, had arrived on the planet Tatooine after a visit to the planet Zhar where the young force sensitive encountered an ancient Sith Holocron, a vessel for the knowledge of the Sith.

His parents had long worked for the Galactic Museum and he had accompanied them on many of their "less threatening" digs across the galaxy. At his birth he was determined to be force sensitive. Fearing the Jedi Order would take him his parents fled to the outer rim of the galaxy, beyond the reach of the Jedi, on "extended field work". Not returning to republic space for 5 years.

On Zhar they had uncovered an ancient temple of the Sith Order. While his parents continued their work in the main chamber of the temple Tholan wandered through its labyrinthine condors, searching for anything that may have been useful, or interesting. In a side chamber he found a pyramid shaped device sitting on an obsidian pedestal.

He picked up the device, a Sith Holocron, from its place and was visited by the spirit of Tulak Hord, an ancient Dark Lord of the Sith whose spirit had come to be connected to the Holocron.

Why have you disturbed my sleep young pup

Tholan just stood with his jaw agape, looking at the spirit of the long dead Sith Lord. But as they say "when you look into the Darkness, it looks back" and the ancient Sith lord did just that. Deeply he looked through the force, down into the pits of the 17 year olds soul, and what he found there made the old spirit double over in laughter. There buried deep within this pup lay the dormant soul of one of their own, one of the most powerful among Sith. After calming down he motioned the teen closer to the ancient Sith record device.

Come here pup, come and learn the ways of true and total power.

Tholan did as the ancient lord beckoned. This all felt so familiar to him, so right, as if he was meant to learn from this one or remembered doing so once before.

The ancient spirit gave him preliminary instruction into the ways of the Sith, the ways of the Dark Side. The Sith Lord quickly discovered, much to his delight, that the teen had a healthy dislike of the Jedi Order. If not what it stood for, then the way it was handled. A dislike that grew almost in to total hatred as Hord taught the teen the history of the Sith. He then instructed the young teenager on how to construct a Lightsaber, and then bid him build his saber and then go to the ancient Sith burial world of Korriban with this Holocron for further instruction. As he was set to leave the ancient Sith stopped him.

As you go pup, have a taste of true power!

The Sith raised a hand and Tholan fell to his knees, overwhelmed. He could see things, great conquests. And he could feel it, power, pure unstoppable power. The ancient Sith faded away as Tholan regained himself and moved away. Hord hadn't done anything, but given the pup a taste of what he already had.


Tholan arrived on Tatooine via his small starship the Starchaser several hours later. He landed outside of the city of Mos Espa to avoid locals as well as port fees. The Starchaser was purchased by his parents for his use a year ago and was nothing special, just a 2 person personal ship.

Tatooine was on the way to Korriban, it was also known as a place where one could find almost anything with out attracting attention.

He hiked the 2 kilometers into the port city through the blaring heat. He looked down at the small data pad he brought from his ship. The list of supplies he needed was pretty specific, though a local junk dealer should have them. He picked a small shop toward the center of town. The place wasn't large and wouldn't attract much attention, which was the rule of the moment.

He walked in and was met by an odd, small, flying, elephant like creature. It fluttered up to him and began to speak in Huttise. Tholan looked at the data pad and called up the universal translator, it read.

Welcome what can I help you with

Tholan called the list back up.

"I need all of this"

He handed the small fluttering creature the data pad. It examined the list, then back at him, and then to the list again. It spoke again this time in Galactic Basic.

"What do you need this for"

Tholan, whose small taste of the Dark Side had left him eagerly wanting more, narrowed his eyes.

"I just need it, do you have it or not"

The odd creature nodded.

"yeah I have them, but it's a going to cost you"

"how much"


The 17 year old Sith-to-be raised an eyebrow.

"200 huh, a piece or for the full list"

The alien scoffed

"the full list, most of this is junk"

Tholan smirked.

"I don't have any thing in this planets currency, but…"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a gem about an inch across. Its cut and color were extraordinary and the alien junk dealer had a hard time removing its eyes from the gem as it was placed on the counter.

"Will this do?"

The creature gently picked up the gem and examined it

"Where did you get this?"

Tholan chuckled.

"From a world called Zhar, my master instructed me to come here and find these things. And incase the locals weren't receptive to what I need, he gave me this to soften them up, will it do"

"If it is real it will more than cover it"

Tholan smirked. Greed was a powerful ally and made manipulating these peons much more interesting.

"Have it appraised if you must"

The gangly creature fluttered over to the com panel behind the counter, contacting the local appraiser. After a few moments it returned.

"He is sending over his droid. Now let a me take a you out back huh, we'll find what you need"

Tholan followed the little creature as it fluttered up and over the counter and towards the back door. He noticed a woman with brownish shoulder length hair working toward the back of the shop. She was obviously a slave, but not his concern. He began to name items off of the list and the little creature found each with ease. They returned to the shop and lay each part out on the counter.

"Ok let a me see here. You've got demerits circuitry, an old recharge port, some different types of wiring, a parabolic high energy flux aperture from that old ion cannon out back, took the dynoric laser feed line from it too, random buttons, and an old cylinder type power cell that brings the total to 200 like I said"

"So now were waiting for the appraisal droid"

The creature nodded and engaged Tholan in small talk while they waited. The odd creature quickly wore thin on Tholan's nerves, though he did learn the slave's name, Shmi Skywalker.

While they waited Tholan noticed an old de-active Astromech droid in the corner of the shop. He pointed over to the old thing.

"Does the old droid still work?"

The creature looked over.

"What, that old Astrodroid over there"

Tholan rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Yeah that one, does it still work"

The creature nodded.

"yes it works; I don't sell any thing that doesn't"

The odd alien stopped and thought for a moment.

"Hmm I'll a make a you a deal. If the stone is real I'll trade you the droid and three of everything on your list here for it"

Tholan thought for a moment, replacement parts, or better yet three sabers, would be helpful. And a competent navigation droid for the Starchaser would also be a large help.

"Alright sounds good, I'll also be needing some supplies for my ship"

The old trunk faced alien raised an eyebrow.

"Like what"

"Storage racks, food, water, and some other random spare parts"

"And how are you going to pay for those"

Tholan reached into his side pouch and pulled out another gem, this one twice the size of the other.

"It helps that my master has no need of material objects"

The creature's eyes widened as it stared at the gem, Tholan had the alien eating out of his hand.

"I'll bet it does"

Tholan almost smirked at the alien's reaction. Greed was a powerful ally indeed

"I'll make you a counter deal, the parts, supplies, and other things I'll need, for the gems, deal?"

"Just what sort of other things"

The alien asked suspiciously as Tholan handed him his data pad with a revised list.

"Nothing not worth it to you"

The creature looked over the list.

"Alright deal"


The Appraisers droid arrived just a bit later. It was clearly an old GG-Series Hospitality Droid, reprogrammed for appraisal. It stood beside a stool at the counter, almost female in its appearance despite its dirt brown color. It looked both gems over very carefully, its improved optics scanning them in minute detail, and sat them back on the counter.

"My word, I've never seen gems of this quality or cut before, these are real treasures"

The creature, which had identified its self as a Toydarian in the time before the arrival of the droid asked.

"Yes, yes but are they real"

The droid turned to him.

"Oh yes sir quite real"

The droid handed the gems to Tholan, its voice as female as its appearance.

"If you would be so kind sir, my master is a fine jeweler and would be most happy to see gems of this quality, would you please stop by sir"

Tholan scoffed.

"Yeah I bet he would"

Tholan thought for a moment, this could actually be helpful.

"Very well, I'll stop by later on"

"I am so pleased you will sir, I'll inform my master"

The droid wandered off. Tholan moved from where he was leaning on the wall and walked over to the Toydarian.

"So, now do you feel like dealing with me?"

The Toydarian floated over the counter, pulled out a stool, and sat a data pad on the counter

"Here go ahead and have a seat, I'll get the rest of your stuff"

Tholan remained where he was and made out his list. The Toydarian returned a few moments later with 2 small Duraplast containers.

"Here's the stuff you asked for"

It paused for a moment.

"Aren't a you going to turn on your droid?"

The teen Sith apprentice looked over to the read droid which sat in the corner.

"Oh yeah that"

He handed the list to the Toydarian and walked over to the de-activated droid. He flipped the power switch in the little Astrodroid, and It immediately came to life and began to beep and whistle.

"My name is Tholan; I'm your new owner"

It rolled out in the floor and beeped again. Tholan leaned down and read its number, R5D3.

"R5 huh, well R5 I'm sending you a list of things I want you to help our friend here find"

Tholan punches some buttons on his data pad and transmitted the list he was working on to R5. The little droid immediately rolled to the back of the shop followed closely by the junk dealer.


After R5 and the Toydarian returned with the things Tholan had put on his list the teen inspected the items before handing the gems over. Confident he had conned the Sith-to-be the flying alien fluttered over behind the counter and clutched his new treasure.

In reality Tholan's Sith master had provided him with 20 gems of varying sizes. Tholan and R5 returned to his ship, and load the supplies. R5 connected to the ships computer and begins to plot the fastest course to the Sith throne world of Korriban.

Meanwhile Tholan visited the Appraiser who had sent the droid. He walked into his shop, which was almost as worn down as the junk dealers, and was greeted by the droid from before.

"Hello sir I'm pleased you could make it, just a moment and I will inform my master"

The droid waddled off into the back. After about five min an older human well into his 50s stepped out of the back.

"My droid said you had a gem to show me"

Tholan pulled a gem about an inch across with a fire color from his pouch and placed it on the counter.

"Your droid said you had an interest in gems of all types"

The old man's eyes widened, he picked up the gem and examined it.

"Where did you get this?"

Tholan narrowed his eyes.

"Where I got the gem is my own business"

The appraiser looked the gem over. He asked no more questions of its origins, he probably didn't want to know.

"How many more do you have?"

"Just this one, so how much is one of these worth"

The old appraiser grinned.

"I thought you would never ask, I'll give you 5,000 for this one"

Tholan thought for a moment, considering how many more he had…



After they had completed there exchange Tholan decided to catch some of the local food. He found his way to a local dive and found a seat at the bar. The place didn't seem too run down and the food was edible. He spoke to some of the locals around the bar, one of them specialized in clothing including tailor made work.

"So you're a tailor then?"

The older woman, around 39 to 40 nodded.

"Yes that I am. Have been for nearly 20 years"

Tholan thought for a moment.

"Think you could make something for me"

The woman sitting next to him turned to the teen.

"What's that?"

"I have an image of what I want"

He retrieved his data pad and called up the image. It was a digital copy of a painting his father had that was a few thousand years old. He had always loved the way it looked, even down to the mask and armor the figure wore. He could never explain exactly why, but those cloths looked familiar. When he would look at the image he would lose himself and almost feel the cloth on his body and the weight of the armor. He handed the woman the data pad with the image on it, she raised an eyebrow and the menacing looking apparel.

"Yes I have the pattern for something similar, I can do the fabric but not the armor"

Tholan nodded, he had expected as much.

"That will do, I'll find some one to fabricate the armor, how much"

She looked back at the image.

"For what you're wanting around 30 to 35 for materials and 30 for labor"

Tholan thought for a moment.

"I'll give you 100 but I want top quality"

The tailor blinked.

"umm…yes certainly"

The tailor was dumb founded, she had never had such an expensive commission before. Tholan placed some odd assorted coins in the tailor's hand. Money was such a useful tool.

"There's an extra 50 just incase you run into any problems"

The tailor stood and bowed slightly.

"I'll go get to work on them immediately; you'll need to come by later on for a fitting"

Tholan nodded as she left, now for the armor. He still wanted to know why he felt so…drawn to this style, perhaps his master would provide answers.


Finding someone able to craft his armor, even in simple Durasteel had been a monumental challenge. After searching nearly the entire city he finally found a smith capable. It had cost him almost all of his remaining money but it was being done. He would have to return later for it.


After wandering around the city for a time Tholan stopped by the tailors and had his new robes fitted to him. They fit extremely well and were quite comfortable. He decided that to just wear them out and drew a few curious looks as he stepped out in to the Tatooine evening and made for the Armor Smith.

The Smith had filled his order, exactly to the image. The armor and armored mask were perfect, they felt just as he imagined they would feel, or was it remembered, he still couldn't decide. He placed the armor and mask on and then stepped from the Smiths shop. This time instead of curious looks, the few still on the streets gave him a wide birth as he left the city and headed back to his ship. He could almost feel their fear and he loved it.

He returned to the Starchaser and placed his armor in a simple storage locker. He them moved to complete his primary task on this sand ball, the creation of his Lightsaber.

He took the parts for his Lightsaber out and arranged them on the workbench in front of him. Just as the junk dealer said there were enough parts to make 3 different sabers. He took enough for one and placed the parts in front of him. He then fitted them together, placing the parts and focusing gems in place just as his master had instructed, the focusing crystal being the most difficult part.

He plugged the weapon into a small charging outlet, then using the power of his own will, he forged the sabers parts together while the power cell charged.

He wasn't sure how this worked, or even how he knew to do it, just that he KNEW that this was how it was done.

In around an hour it was finished. He unplugged the saber from the charger outlet, placed the cap over the recharge socket and pressed the button. A crimson red blade of energy shot out of the open top of the hilt. Tholan waved the saber through the air listening to the hum from the blade, its deep and menacing hum sounding so right. He shut it off and placed it on his belt.

"R5 have you plotted our course yet"

The little droid beeped and chirped.


Tholan climbed into the cockpit, sat down and powered up the ship's engines.

"Well here we go"

He feed power to the repulsers and the ship lifted off the sandy ground. He then put power to the engines and headed for orbit. Once free of the planets gravity he set his course for Korriban and engages the hyper drive.


Red Lightsaber clashed with double edge yellow in a fierce battle. The masked Sith Lord fending off a group of Jedi by himself. From her place in the center of the group of 3 a young woman with long brown hair tied back stepped forward. She looked at her enemy across the ships bridge, keeping her yellow bladed saber between them. She looked down at herself and saw she wore an off orange body suit with brown vest, boots, and shoulders.

"Give up, it's over Revan"

Suddenly behind the Sith she noticed an incoming bolt of Turbo Laser fire, as the bolt hit the bridge her world went white.

Padmé Amidala, born Padmé Naberrie, sat bolt up in bed, sweet poring from her and soaking her nightgown. Why was she having these dreams, each time they were different, yet each time she appeared as the same person, a Jedi clad in orange and brown usually accompanied by a rather rag-tag group, but always constant was the presence of one man. Roughly 24 with ear length brown hair and matching goatee, he was rather attractive and apparently a Jedi of some for himself. This time had been different, however for some reason she knew the masked figure she had fought in her dream had been the same man. Now she had a name to match to this face, but what did the dream mean if anything. And why was she so drawn to this man.

"Just who are you Revan?"


On Courasaunt, deep within the Jedi Temple, Jedi Master Yoda opened his eyes after a deep meditation. There had been a disturbance in the Force. They seemed to be growing in frequency and strength, something was in the offing. What it was and if it was for good or ill he couldn't say, but it troubled him. It would bode him well to watch galactic events for a time.

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