The chat room.

(A.N.: I'm going to admit that I did take this idea from someone else and if it's you and want me to delete it just let me know and it'll be gone! =] i wrote this randomly in English class and it's kinda...rubbish...but hey!)

'Sakura_blossom' has signed in.

'Sakura_blossom' – Anyone here?

'Ramen_lover' has signed in.

'Sakura_blossom' – Oh, hey Naruto. U seen Sasuke around?

'Ramen_lover' - *Sighs* No, thank god.

'Uchiha-avenger' had signed in.

'Sakura_blossom' – Sasuke-kun!

'Uchiha-avenger' – Hn...

'Can'tgetnosleep' has signed in.

'Uchiha-avenger' – Hey, Gaara.

'Can'tgetnosleep' – Hi.

'Sakura_blossom' – Sasuke I love you soooo much! I love youuuu!!!

'Can'tgetnosleep' – Yeesh, I'm leaving. Come on Sasuke, let's go write poems about how painful life is and suicide.

'Uchiha-avenger' – Cool.

'Can'tgetnosleep' has signed out.

'Uchiha-avenger' has signed out.

'Sakura_blossom' – Noooo!

'Ramen_lover' – what's so great about him anyway?

'Sakura_blossom' – He's amazing! And sexy!

'Ramen-lover' – you're obsessed with him.

'Sakura-blossom' – How am I?

'Ramen-lover' – You're like...

'Uchiha-avenger' has signed in.

'Ramen_lover' – Ooooh, Sasuke! I love you soo much! Ur sooo sexy! Please fuck me Sasuke-kuuun!

'Uchiha-avenger' has signed out.

'Sakura_blossom' – Haha, you idiot!

'Ramen_lover' – what?

'Sakura_blossom' – Don't worry...

'Ramen_lover' – brb, Sasuke's at the door.

'Sakura_blossom' – kk

'Ramen_lover' – ok, he's acting weird, he's uibvfgiurnredmg d r'gmdr mg'

'Sakura_blossom' – Erm, Naruto?

'Ramen_lover' – rvol kdfovkm RAPE! Ornfgrirn HELP!

'Sakura_blossom' – OMG! Where's my camera...

'Ramen_lover' – You useless yaoi fangirl! Aaaah! My ass sidufbhserifnisdrf