A/N: Nothing much to say. Yay for random Poetry

Series: Devil Summoner Kuzunoha vs Soulless Army

Pairing: Raidou/Narumi (Narumi POV)

NOTE! I think this AU...I wrote this during the games release weeks and that was a loooooooong time ago. Pardon the obscurity of it all.

Disclaimer: Don't own what rightfully belongs to Atlus whom I respect as one of the best gamer companies ever.


Relishing in the unknown he walks,

Footsteps heavy with each passing he talks,

Tells about this world beyond imagination,

A condemned world,


Wrought with sin and the damning,

Gradually inserting its jaws, teeth, all fouls,

To destroy, to convert,

A life long insert.

Sitting behind a wooden desk,

A line I pretend exists,

To divide me to him.

He is unnatural—an inhuman being,

Can't he see what these dark powers mean?

He speaks passionately whilst his kind run,

Underneath Ginza Cho—Tokyo's son,

To the rivers and houses,

Endangering women and spouses.

Through Fukagawa—Man's hideout from law,

Where he joins them in conversation,

Raising tension,

Lowering ill fought trust.

Through the shaky and happy times I never thought,

How hard it would be to see shimmering obsidian,

Stare back at me in pain,

Desiring words of comfort he wishes to hear,

Despite the lies and obvious tear.

I thought him before an immortal being,

Able to do more, act and see,

That world he talked about,

Beyond and forever sought.

Side by side I take his hand in mine,

"You'll be alright Raidou…" Cling to time,

I wish to utter,

Between my sobs and jumbled mutters.

With incredible strength he offers his final goodbyes,

Into a kiss with warm wistful sigh,

I cannot explain a passing,

A depart from someone close.

An obsidian gem, hard as rock.

"A Partner" in the dark.

A/N: Looking back on this….I don't even remember writing it o_O It must have been SOME time ago. LOL. AU I guess XD?