Title: First Meetings aren't Always the First

Author: annadiel

Disclaimer: Kyou Kara Maou and all of its characters are not my property. The only thing I can call my own here is the story of this fic itself. And if you have read something similar to this, it's entirely coincidental.

Synopsis: Another run-in with the Demon Mirror and a wish that suddenly came out of Yuuri's mouth led him back to the past, when Conrad was not yet in the military. The two of them meet in a seemingly familiar fashion, but with a very headstrong Conrad. Will Yuuri be able to handle the stubbornness and pride that was Conrad? And will he be able to correctly pronounce 'Conrart'? Conrad-Yuuri friendship.

Hey! This is annadiel once again, and here is a new fic. It's my first attempt at creating a Conrad and Yuuri-centric story, but I dare not tread the waters of a ConYuu fic yet, in fear of writing a very sloppy one. It's up to you to interpret what goes on in the story. This would probably be a two or three-chapter.

Spoilers? Maybe there are. I'm one who isn't affected by spoilers, so probably I wouldn't notice giving one. Sorry about that. (bows head)

As always, Yuuri, ever the naïve, adorable one, stumbles upon the Demon Mirror in his attempts to hide from Wolfram. Add Conrad into the mix, and our favorite Demon King gets a glimpse of the old lifestyle of his most trusted retainer.


I. Not Again! Yuuri, Drawn into the Past

"You can't get away from me!"

A mad Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld rushed along the corridor, following a frantic clay-haired, onyx-eyed young man in search of some place to hide…

"Wait! Yuuri!"

…who happened to be the 27th Demon King of Shin Makoku.

Yuuri made a left turn at a T-junction he just passed. And there goes my plan, Yuuri thought, I should've known that Wolfram would follow—nah, more like stalk—my every move.

The young king wanted to have some time alone and have a short, unguarded walk in the part of the town nearest to the castle, and so to avoid guards (and talk to some ladies along the way), he planned to disguise himself. Heck, he even bought some peasant clothes during one of their trips (secretly, too, of course) to make his disguise more effective!

He decided what his look would be like for the day: the usual reddish-brown shade of hair, the same caramel-tinted contacts, a buckled top that was olive green in color, and a dark brown pair of pullovers. Unfortunately, as he finished dyeing his hair and was about to put on the contact lenses, Wolfram barged into his room and saw what he was doing. What followed was what was happening that moment.

And behind him, he still heard Wolfram's screams of 'wimp', 'traitor', 'cheater', 'kill', 'burn alive', and 'castrate', which were dangerously sounding nearer and nearer.


As Wolfram got nearer to Yuuri, the young king quickened up his pace if that was still possible, and turned right at another T-junction. Just in front of him was Conrad, who seemed about to enter a room. "Conrad!"

The soldier looked at the direction of the shout, and saw…someone unfamiliar. It did not take long though before it registered to him who that someone was. "Your Majesty. What are you doing and why do you look like that?"

"It's Yuuri, Nazukeoya! I'll explain later, so please help me hide!" Yuuri answered.

Conrad was curious as to why Yuuri wanted to hide so badly, until he heard Wolfram's shouts. He smiled, and opened the door to the room he was about to go to. "Quick, inside."

Yuuri hurriedly went inside the room after muttering a 'thank you' to Conrad. The soldier closed the door, locked it from the outside, took a couple of steps back, and started to look behind him just as Wolfram showed up.

Wolfram skidded to a halt as he approached Conrad. "Conrad, where's that traitorous wimp of a fiancé!"

Conrad smiled at his brother, who was currently panting because of all the running he did. "I just briefly saw him pass by as I was about to go to the storage room," he answered as he pointed to the locked room before them.

The blonde looked doubtful at Conrad. "You're not hiding him here, are you?"

"No," the older one immediately answered, "I just arrived here, and I have to run an errand for Gunter. Besides, it seemed like His Majesty didn't want to stop running, as if he were afraid of something."

Wolfram clenched his fist in front of Conrad, and angrily he said, "He better be! When I catch that cheater I would burn him into a crisp, chop his body into pieces, and feed him to the goalas until there's nothing left! Disguising again just to leave the castle and chat with women!" He started to run again. "Yuuri! You're toast!"


Yuuri could barely hear the discussion of the two brothers even if he was seated near the door. He felt relieved as Wolfram's voice sounded much farther. He looked around the room where Conrad hid him with the little light available. The storage room, huh. I wonder what Conrad has to do here…

Just then, he heard the door open. He turned his head to it, and saw Conrad entering. The soldier approached him and said, "I've managed to divert Wolfram's course for now. Please explain what happened, Your Majesty."

"I said it's Yuuri." The young king sighed. He then told Conrad everything he planned to do. Even though Conrad was amused, he still didn't think it was wise for Yuuri to go out alone. "Even though this is the capital," Conrad stated, "it is not perfectly safe. For you to go out alone is unthinkable. Please always consider your position as king before doing such kind of things. The castle is the safest place for you to be in."

"I know," Yuuri retorted, "That's why I'm bored. I can't go out by myself anywhere except the castle. And that's also why I want to see and explore the capital. You know me, Conrad. I won't be able to stand being cooped up in the castle for too long."

The soldier smiled. "Yes, I think I know you too well. Now, if you would please excuse me as I finish my errand from Gunter." He approached some of the cases to his right.

"Gunter asked you to do something? What is it?"

Conrad answered as he was shuffling from case to case, finding something. "Ah, yes. Gunter found a velvety blue box with very intricate and elegant designs around it in the treasury of the Kleist castle when he visited there once to check on his territory. He told me the size was perfect for the Demon Mirror. And since I'm not really busy today and no one else was around, he asked me to look for said item here."

"So what we're trying to find here is the Demon Mirror?" Yuuri stood up, went to the cases opposite Conrad and looked there. "Will it finally be moved to a better place?"

"I think so. Gunter has been cleaning that box to perfection for quite a while now. And it has been proven that the Demon Mirror has not yet lost its powers, since we have seen what it has done to you before. Therefore I think it's fair to line it up along with the other sacred treasures on display." Conrad went to a case to his left and searched there. "Here—I found it." He held the Demon Mirror with both his hands.

Yuuri went up in front of Conrad and looked at the item. "Finally." He looked up to Conrad and continued, "Say, Conrad, can I still continue with my plan for today? I really want to walk around town. You can come with me, since you said you're not very busy today."

Conrad hesitated at first, but eventually gave in after he saw the firm resolve in Yuuri's eyes (…or was that just the "puppy eyes" technique?).He sighed. "…Alright. But first, let me bring this to Gunter."

Yuuri smiled. "I really like how it's easy for me to convince you."

"Maybe you have great persuasive skills, seeing that you manage to convince everyone around you of your principles." Conrad then smiled at him and added, "Or maybe I've grown soft over the years. Did you know that I was harder to handle when I was young? I think that was more than sixty years ago…"

"Sixty years ago, huh. So that must be before you served in the military."

"Yes. I was very reckless and as stubborn as a mule when I was younger. I even cut classes and had some vices of my own."

"Really? Mules over here are also considered stubborn? And the old Conrad Weller was stubborn and reckless? That I would really want to see," said the young king, a big smile on his face.

Conrad chuckled. "I swear you wouldn't want that."

The two of them started to walk out of the storage room. But, as Yuuri's luck would have it, he tripped over Shinou-knows-what and as he fell, grabbed on to the nearest thing he could, which turned out to be Conrad's arm and the Demon Mirror. When his eyes caught sight of the treasure's surface, it was when he noticed it light up.

Uh-oh, not this again, was Yuuri's last thought before his consciousness was drawn into the Demon Mirror.


Conrad noticed Yuuri trip, and would have held the boy steady had his hands been free. It was a good thing Yuuri managed to grab onto him before he fell. "Your Majesty, are you—" he wasn't able to finish his inquiry when the Demon Mirror in his hands suddenly lit up, and its light went out as fast. Wondering what was that about, Conrad noticed that the load on his right arm became heavier. He looked at it, and saw Yuuri slowly falling to the ground. He immediately put the Demon Mirror on the case next to him and caught the double-black before he completely came in contact with the hard floor.

The soldier shook Yuuri, trying to wake him. "Your Majesty—Yuuri! Wake up, Yuuri!" It was then that he noticed the glassy look in Yuuri's eyes. Don't tell me—Conrad looked at the Demon Mirror. It must have taken Yuuri's consciousness when it lit up a while ago. Conrad lifted Yuuri up, placed the Demon Mirror on the king's chest, and darted out of the storage room directly into the king's quarters.


When Yuuri opened his eyes, he noticed that he was not in the castle anymore. He woke up in a narrow, dimly lit cobblestone passage, his back against an old style building of brick foundations and tiled roofs reminiscent of the structures he frequently saw around his kingdom. That means I'm probably still in Shin Makoku. The problem is, what time am I in now?

On one end was the main road, where he could hear lots of noises and merry-making. At the other end was darkness that extended as far as his eyes could see. Probably a dead end, the king mused.

He looked at himself, seeing that he was still glowing green and semi-transparent. The red skies above him and the cool breeze that blew meant that it was almost evening. He decided to walk onto the main road, wander around wherever he was in and find a place to stay for the night. As soon as he stood up, however, he noticed three men approaching from behind him. The one on the left was bald and fat, with tanned skin, thick lips and a very low voice enough to scare people away; the one in the right was a redhead, had average physique, some scars on his arms and face, and sporting a goatee; and the one in the middle had long, dirty blond hair, was skinny but had some muscles fit in the right place, elongated face, and his voice was a little high-pitched for a guy. They looked like they were up to no good.

The young king somehow knew he had seen these guys before. He put on a sour look when he remembered. Geh, it's the generic bully trio! Or their ancestors, or maybe their descendants… Thinking that he was still safe because of his temporary transparent state, he continued on walking away to the other side, and was already halfway until he heard one of them say, "Oya, what do we have here? A human?"

Yuuri continued on walking, pretending he did not hear anything. "Hey, where are you going? Wait up!" he heard another say, the footsteps behind him sounding faster. They are not after me, they are not referring to me, was Yuuri's thought, they cannot see me, I'm—he looked at himself, and saw that he had returned to being visible—geh, apparently in trouble now!

The main road almost in sight, the young king's walk became a sprint to the place before him and was about to exit the alley, but the skinny guy caught up to him and grabbed his left arm. Skinny pulled him toward the middle of the alley where his companions were waiting, probably to avoid the attention of the still bustling crowd out the open area.

"You shouldn't ignore people talking to you," Goatee said as the two got near them, "that's very rude, you know." Skinny pushed Yuuri to the wall and the three surrounded him, preventing him to escape.

"And what do you call dragging a person to an alley but wants to go somewhere else?" Yuuri retorted, "If someone's being rude, that's the three of you."

The three thugs looked at each other, and laughed. "Oya, oya, this kid's got a lot of guts!" Baldy said, "Pretty gutsy for a human wandering around Mazoku territory! And in the capital even!"

Skinny shook his head. "Nah, I'm sure this kid's Mazoku."

Baldy looked at Skinny doubtfully. "You sure? How can you tell?"

"Just look at him! He's too gorgeous for a human! And the color of his eyes and hair…definitely Mazoku. Eyes are like that of the Soukoku's, but the hair's plain."

"What do you want?" Yuuri asked angrily.

Goatee leaned nearer to the young king, their faces just inches away from each other which caused Yuuri to lean more on the wall, and answered, "Well kid, just at the end of this alley is the capital's district with the best night hangouts. You know, girls, booze, parties, food, that kind of stuff. We were just about to go there, but we're kinda short on money. So you'll give your money to us."

"What if I don't want to?" Yuuri said, glaring at the three. The truth was he only had a few amount with him. He didn't have to spend a single penny when he was within his country, so he only brought a few bucks with him around, if ever the need for it arose. Moreover, he was not sure if the currency he had with him would be accepted in this time, whatever this timeline was.

Skinny smirked, and took the dagger strapped at his back. "Then we'll make you give it to us!" He pointed the knife near Yuuri's throat.

Now Yuuri was really panicking. The hell! I didn't see that a while ago! Then again I never saw his back…but this is turning bad! He was about to shout for help, but Baldy forcefully covered his mouth with his left hand, hitting his head a bit hard on the wall behind him in the process. "Oops, no calling for help, pretty boy." Goatee then began frisking him for money.

Even though this is the capital…such things still happen, Yuuri thought, as he closed his eyes tightly, Conrad was right…

Conrad…someone, anyone! Help, help me…!

Goatee found his wallet at last. "Heh, looks like we can have fun after all." He was only able to open it slightly until a voice interrupted them.

"Now, look who's here!"

Yuuri opened his eyes when he heard the voice. That voice! I know that voice! Sure enough, when he turned his head, he saw the orange-haired spy he was expecting to see, walking slowly toward them. Yozak!

"Mh-mhp! Mmhp!" Yuuri tried to call out, looking with worry at Yozak, who stopped just a couple of meters away.

Goatee approached Yozak slowly, Yuuri's wallet in hand. "Well, this kid here stole my wallet, so we chased him 'ere."

"That's not what it looks like to me." Yozak disagreed, looking at the situation before him and pointing behind Goatee. "Your friends' got a weapon in front of the boy."

"Tch. Forgot about that." Goatee signaled to Skinny, and the latter lunged at Yozak, dagger aimed. However, Yozak anticipated the attack and was able to grab Skinny's arm. He did a chop on Skinny's wrist, making him drop the dagger, and punched him in the face, with enough force to send him tumbling on Goatee. He caught the dagger before it fell to the ground. "The tables have turned. Let the kid go, and give him back his wallet."

"Damn." Goatee was pissed off. This guy before him was fast, and Skinny was undoubtedly the fastest of them three. He also had some strength that might match even that of Baldy's. "…Fine. Hey," he called to Baldy. Baldy reluctantly let go of Yuuri, who let out some air, glad that he could finally breathe better. Goatee threw Yuuri's wallet back to its owner. They started to walk briskly out of the alley. When Goatee passed Yozak he snarled. "…we won't forget this…"

As Yuuri picked up his wallet, he noticed Yozak approach him. He got a better look at the spy, and noticed that he was a bit leaner than he remembered. He also looked younger; fine complexion, no visible scars, eyes full of boredom and mischief.

"You shouldn't be wandering around here, boyo. This is the dirtiest part of the capital, and not just on the looks. Who're you, and what are you doing here, anyway?" he heard Yozak ask him.

Boyo? If I remember it right, he prefers to call me 'bocchan'. "Wait, you don't know who I am?" Yuuri suddenly asked. Even if I'm in disguise, the light's already faded enough not to distinguish the colors…

Yozak was a bit surprised by the question, and shook his head. "Are you famous enough for me to know you?"

Yuuri laughed. "Ehehe, no, not really." Must be the past…Yozak does look young. "Er…thank you."

"The name's Yozak. Just get out of here already and go home, boyo." Just when Yozak said that, they heard footsteps coming from the road side of the alley. When they looked at the one making them, they saw a tall, young man with brown hair of shoulder length and chocolate-colored eyes. Yozak smiled at the man, while Yuuri was very surprised.

"Conrart!" "Conrad!"

Yuuri and Yozak looked at each other, while the man addressed as Conrart looked at the young king and said, "Yozak. Who's the boy?"


Yuuri lied on his bed, totally unconscious. Gunter and Gwendal were standing near the windows, Wolfram was seated near Yuuri's feet on the bed, and Conrad was beside it, seated on a chair facing the bed and Yuuri. The Demon Mirror was placed on a dresser to the left of Conrad.

"This is your fault, Conrad!" Wolfram suddenly shouted. "You shouldn't have brought him there! You shouldn't have lied to me in the first place!"

Conrad could only bow his head and look at Yuuri with shame. He knew Wolfram was right. He shouldn't have brought Yuuri there, for even a slight surge of the king's maryoku touching the Demon Mirror would trigger its effect.

Gunter sighed. "Now, now, Wolfram. I'm sure Conrad had his reasons for bringing His Majesty along. Weren't you chasing His Majesty around again and accusing him of cheating?"

"Wha—now it's MY fault? Yuuri was trying to sneak out of the castle!" Wolfram defended himself. "I was just trying to stop him! …And yes, calling him a cheater and a wimp…but it's true anyway!"

"For Shinou's sake, stop yelling already," a disgruntled Gwendal said, another crease on his forehead appearing. "If this was just like the first time, then we should just wait for the effect to wear off. No need to accuse anyone of anything," he said firmly, looking at his youngest brother. Wolfram merely looked away, irritated.

"I agree." A new voice added. The four in the room looked at the door that just opened, and saw Murata. The sage walked toward the bed and looked at Yuuri's prone form. "I heard what happened. There's really nothing we can do but wait."

"Will Yuuri be alright?" asked Wolfram.

Murata nodded. "I guess. Although one problem would be the time his consciousness is currently in, and whose life he is seeing."

All present looked at him. "May I inquire why, Your Highness?" Gunter asked.

"If it was a time when dangers lurked about every corner, then he's in a bad situation. If ever he were hurt, then it may reflect on his current body once his consciousness returns," answered Murata.

Gunter gasped. "B-but how is that possible? Doesn't the Demon Mirror only show the user his past or future?"

"If it were just like that, then there's no need to take the user's consciousness," replied Murata. "The traveler's consciousness is turned by the mirror into a physical body. That way, he can interact with anyone in that particular time. He can see, smell, feel, taste, and hear everything happening there. Moreover, even though his consciousness is in a different timeline, it is still deeply connected to his body."

This information surprised the four. Conrad lowered his head even more, worry etched on his face and fists clenched on his knees. If anything happens to Yuuri, I will never forgive myself…

The sage looked at Conrad. "Lord Weller." The soldier turned his head to Murata.

"I need to confirm something," Murata stated. Conrad just nodded. "At the time when Yuuri's consciousness was taken by the Demon Mirror, was he the only one holding it?"

The brunette recalled the events a while ago. The moment he remembered, a realization struck him. He looked worriedly at Murata.

Murata nodded. "It seems that he wasn't the only one holding it, ne, Lord Weller?"

"No," answered Conrad. "At that time, we were about to leave the storage room. I was the one holding the Demon Mirror. His Majesty just managed to trip on something, and he grabbed my arm for support. His right hand, however, grasped the Demon Mirror. That was when I noticed it light up. Your Highness, does that mean…?"

Gunter and Gwendal, after hearing Conrad's statement, had a look of surprise on their faces. Wolfram harrumphed, not noticing the importance of the situation. "And so? What's the problem about that?"

"Wolfram, the Demon Mirror shows the past or the future of the person holding it," answered Gunter. "True, its powers can only be activated by the Maou, but it was never restricted that only the Maou can hold it."

Suddenly everything became clear to the blond. "Then Yuuri is seeing Conrad's life?"

"That seems to be the case," the sage said. "The mirror may even draw in the consciousness of any other person holding and peering into it once it has been activated. The only reason Lord Weller is still here is that he didn't look on the mirror's surface."

Conrad nodded to that. "Your Highness, it would be dangerous if he ended up to where I was twenty years ago."

"The peak of the war." Gwendal stated. "Twenty years ago, your troop was sent to Ruttenberg."

"We should just hope he's not there. Can you remember anything else, any clue as to what time Shibuya may have fallen into, Lord Weller?" Murata asked.

The soldier in question thought for a moment, then shook his head. "I believe there is none. We were just talking before that…wait, when we were talking, I kind of brought up my younger days, when I was still in the military academy. He said he would really want to see how I was then."

Murata clasped his hands and smiled. "That's it! That's where Shibuya is. If it was that far into the past, then there's no huge strife yet occurring around. And he may have the young Conrad as company. Not too bad." He looked at everyone in the room, hoping to see everyone relaxed, but got the opposite. He noticed that they still had worried expressions on their faces, including even Conrad. "Oh, is something wrong?"

"Yes, Your Highness," answered Gunter. "You see, the past Conrad was very, and I mean very, different from the present. I am really not assured he's going to be in perfectly safe company."

Conrad sighed. "I'm afraid I have to agree to that."

Gwendal sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Given these new complications, let me take back what I said a while ago. Conrad, you hold responsibility for His Majesty's condition. Now please excuse me, I have a lot more tasks to do." He left the room after giving a slight bow to Murata.

And somewhere to Conrad's right, he could feel Wolfram's fiery gaze at him. His younger brother would probably be ready to murder him if something happened to Yuuri, especially if something happened between the younger him and Yuuri.


Conrad's staring at me, he's staring at me! Yuuri thought, worriedly.

It was true. The man addressed by Yozak as 'Conrart' was staring at the young king, albeit suspiciously. Silence reigned for quite a while.

It was Yozak who broke the silence. "Boyo, you know Conrart?"

"Eh?" Yuuri looked confused. What do I say? What do I say?

Conrart walked nearer to the two, and said, "I don't think so, Yozak. It's the first time I've seen this guy around here. And he called me 'Conrad'."

"So? Some people call you that way."

Conrart stopped inches in front of Yuuri and smiled at him. "Well, not for long." Yuuri gulped. There was something on that smile that seemed…devious. "Ne, boyo, you sure you know me?"

The young king hurriedly shook his head. "N-no, I don't think so. Although I do know a Conrad…"

"Oh? And what's he like?"

"W-well, he looks a lot like you…but he's older, and his hair's shorter." Yuuri managed to say. "S-sorry if I mistook you for him…" even if you're actually him something years from now.

Yozak pulled Yuuri away from Conrart. "Hey, hey, don't scare him. I just rescued him from some punks a while ago."

Yuuri let out a breath of relief. The Conrad of this time looked intimidating and doubtful. He was different than the Conrad he knew.

"Anyway," said Conrart, "let's go. I want to have some drinks before Sir von Kleist realizes I've left the premises again."

"And that's what we're here for," added Yozak. "You better go home, boyo." The two started to walk away.

Yuuri stood there for a while, looking at the retreating forms of the two before him. He wanted to go with them, since technically they were the only ones he knew there. And he wouldn't want what happened a while ago to happen again. "Wait!"

Conrart and Yozak stopped and looked behind them as the boy ran toward them. "I told you to go home already, boyo!" shouted Yozak.

Yuuri halted in front of them. "Well, sorry then! My home isn't anywhere near here! And stop calling me boyo! I'm already sixteen!"

Conrart and Yozak looked at each other, confusion etched on their faces. Then Yozak asked, "Then what's your name? Where are you from?"

"Eh? Ah…well, my name is…I'm…" Come on, Yuuri, think! Can't use real name! What other moniker do I have, besides Harajuku Furi...Oh, that one! "…Mitsuzaemon! Yeah, that's me. My name is Mitsuzaemon. I'm from Echigo, in…the south. The truth is I left our home. Life there was thriving, and my father told me about Shin Makoku. I wanted to try my luck, so I got on a ship and landed here. I managed to get to the capital by boarding a caravan, but now that I'm here, I don't know where to go."

"Echigo? Sounds far away…and fake." Yozak said, now looking at Yuuri warily. Yuuri froze. If they don't buy that, I'm dead.

Conrart shook his head. "If I'm not mistaken, there is indeed a town called Echigo in the lower Nurunurunotaki region, on the southernmost part of the map."

Yozak was amazed. "Really? I didn't know that."

Even Yuuri was surprised. So Echigo is really a place. Good thing Conrad knew that one.

Conrart continued. "If I remember correctly, my father said it was a poor place. He mentioned that he wanted to go there, but wasn't able to because he was already too old to travel far away, and he shortly died after. Something bothers me, though, Mitsuzaemon." He then stared, intensely, at Yuuri. "Are you really Mitsuzaemon from Echigo, as you say you are?"

"W-why do you ask?" Yuuri said nervously.

"One," Conrart stated, "Nurunurunotaki region is human territory, and you say you are from there. Yet the color of your eyes and hair are definitely Mazoku. Your eyes are even black, the revered color of the Soukoku. So we are sure you're Mazoku. Two, you say you're sixteen. Assuming you're Mazoku, why do you look…sixteen? A Mazoku your age would probably look like ten or twelve human years. Three, why would someone from Echigo give his son an idea to go to Shin Makoku? I only know one reason that will answer everything I said, so I hope you reach the same idea. Explain."

"Ah, ehehe…well…" Great, I managed to arouse more suspicion. What reason is Conrad talking about? Here goes nothing… "O-of course my father knows about Shin Makoku, and of course I look like this, it's because he's Mazoku. And probably the reason I look like my age is because of my human blood, which is from my mother." Yuuri explained, looking straightly at the two. It wasn't really a lie, anyway.

"Then, you're half-human?" Yozak asked. Yuuri nodded, trying hard to have an expression that looked like 'sorry-for-being-one'. The orange-haired spy-to-be glanced at Conrart, wondering if he heard the boy correctly, and the brunette nodded at him.

Conrart once again stared at the young king, and smiled. That smile, Yuuri thought, just now it looked like the smile Conrad always wears. Then Conrart spoke. "No one in his right mind would openly tell someone of his human heritage in a Mazoku country. But I'm glad you told the truth. Come on."

Yozak draped an arm over Yuuri's shoulders. "Good thing it was us you told that to. Welcome to Shin Makoku, Mitsuzaemon."

Yuuri, after hearing this, smiled widely. "Thank you! Yozak-san and Conra…rt-san."

With that, the three started to walk to the busy streets of the capital. Yuuri stayed behind the two as they were walking, the two older men chatting about the day's events. He glanced at Conrad. Looks like I just got my wish.

Was my use of 'Conrad' and 'Conrart' in the past world confusing? I hope you noticed that 'Conrad' only appears in Yuuri's thoughts, or if that paragraph has more to do with Yuuri's actions. I think I'll be sticking with 'Conrart' for the next chapter, since most of it will be on the past.

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Next chapter: Yuuri would never in his life forget what is about to happen that night with Conrart and Yozak. And what he thought would just be a single night in the past turned out longer than he expected.