When Gibbs heard the gunshot ring through the air, he immediately unholstered his weapon and ran toward the sound of the shot. He rounded the corner cautiously; in front of him was a red headed woman, lying face down in a pool of blood. He pulled his gun up from his side and looked around carefully.

He knelt by the body to check for a pulse, but not holding much hope. As he pushed her hair back, his hand faltered in recognition. He almost fell backwards from his crouching position next to her.


"FREEZE!" two Metro cops came down the side street behind Gibbs, "Put down the weapon sir, and put your hands behind your head."

"I'm a federal officer," Gibbs said getting to his feet, "I'm just going to pull out my badge,"

"Don't move! Put the gun down sir, or I will be forced to shoot," Gibbs lowered his weapon slowly to the ground. The other cop came up behind him and kicked the weapon to his partner. He roughly grabbed one of Gibbs' hands and put the handcuffs on him. Gibbs sighed in frustration,

"Reach into my jacket pocket, my badge is in there. I heard the shot and came to investigate, I'm with NCIS. Special Agent Gibbs,"

The two cops refused to believe him and pulled him into the cruiser. He was taken down to the Station and put in interrogation.

"I'd like to make a phone call if you don't mind?" He asked. The cop handed him a cell phone and left the room. Gibbs was very aware of the camera in the room, and the microphone he felt under the desk in front of him. Flipping open the cell, he dialled a familiar number.

"Cynthia, its Gibbs. Can you get the director?"

"One moment special Agent Gibbs, I'll patch you through."


"Jen... I'm in a bit of trouble."

What kind of trouble.

"The serious kind... Metro PD just arrested me for the murder of my ex wife." He heard her laugh on the other end of the line.

Very funny Gibbs,

"Well you're the only person laughing Jen." There was a long silence before,

What the hell happened?

"I was at the market; I heard a gunshot and rushed toward it. Metro found me with a gun next to her body and arrested me."

... Only you would run toward a gunshot. Did you show them your badge?

"No, they wouldn't let me. They've shoved me into interrogation, and I'm waiting for someone to get their arse in here so I show them my badge and get the hell out of here:"

Was your gun recently fired? There was silence on Gibb's end of the line.


"It was earlier today. I had no other choice at that point. I didn't know I was going to be accused of murder tonight Jen," Jenny sighed.

I'll send DiNozzo down. He'll help sort things out.

"I'm never going to hear the end of this, am I?" Gibbs growled, Jenny had to smile,

Probably not, but he's the best you got. Take it or leave it. With that she hung up. So Gibbs waited.

Finally, a metro cop came into the room.

"Special Agent Gibbs?"

"Finally! What's going on?"

"Your gun was recently fired,"

"We were working a case today. I had to fire it, but I never shot Holly."


"The victim... she was my ex wife."