Title: Unprepared

Author: Enaty

Rating: M

Warnings: hermaphrodite D, Leon's language (I love the fact that he's cursing all the time xD)

Disclaimer: Don't own anything as far as the original cast of PSoH is concerned. But

Claimer: Dana's mine, and every other person/animal/whatever turning up in this fic that didn't appear in the series is mine as well. I don't mind you using them if you want to, but I would really like to know what happens to my kids. So far I've not bitten anybody who asked politely. ;-P

Author's Notes:

Hei everybody! I know I've taken some time to get this one done, and that you have been waiting for it to come, but here it is, finally, the ultimate sequel to "Unwanted"!

I don't want to prolong this too much since I guess you want to start reading, but there are some things I've gotta say before fun begins.

First, this is another story very dear to me. So please respect this when you're reading it and when you want to leave a review. Criticism is always welcome, but I don't appreciate being flamed for whatever reason. If the story turns out not like you imagined it would, feel free to think of your own ending (after all, we're talking about a piece of fanfiction here, nothing real in it anyway), but don't be angry at me. I was interested in what would happen when D and Dana moved back to L.A. and this is what I thought most probable (and I won't cut off anyone's head who thinks differently. Tell me. I'd be interested in knowing what you thought would happen!).

Second, writing is much work and takes a lot of time. I do it because I like it, and I hope you'll enjoy this story. If you want to make me a happy author (and let's assume you do want to make me happy ^-^), leave me a comment. Appreciate the fact that I spent hours (and quite a few, too) of my life writing this for your pleasure, please.

Third, I speak various languages. Unfortunately, Chinese is not amongst them. Since both D and Dana are Chinese and she doesn't know much English, please assume that they are talking Chinese with each other. Sometimes I dared to look up single words, but I don't want to abuse a beautiful language by creating sentences that will most likely be wrong.

Fourth, enough words. Go on, enjoy, have fun. Make me feel proud when I look at the hits. (And ignore me bragging, please :-P)

So long, Enaty