Mei: God guys! I'm so sorry it took me sooooooooo long! I was off for 2 weeks in france skiing and when I got back, I fell sick, had headaches from the french kids hitting me on the head with their poles and school started YEARGHHH! Also, I am only updating now because I had lots of things to do! cough sleeping cough

Kururu: Ku ku ku ku! Stressed out much. -picks nose-

Mei: Well, anyway...moving on........YAY! Today I am much more happy with the results! Thank you reviews-

Giroro: She bounces back fast...

Tamama: Tell me about it.

Mei: Ignoring that...Well, um....The reviewers are....uh.... -continues flicking through reviews-

Zeruru: Need help?


Zeruru: Fine. Be that way. I just wanted to see my brother in pain! -leaves-

Mei: Fine. You can watch...only this once...Now where was I...

Keroro: Uh...Thank you?

Mei: Don't sas me boy! -Shoots aura sphere-

Keroro: GAWD! -runs off from the aura sphere-

Mei: Okay...I would like to thank bladeskater, Shinigami-Assassin, sotnosen93, Timecharge, Neon-POP, yuki99, xXxleafeonxXx, destroyer9573 and last but not least, Haeztiger!



Everyone: -Applauds-

Mei: Yay! Now to the torture...BRING IN THE VICTIM!

Everyone: uh...

Dororo: Nin! -Flees-

Mei: -Grabs Dororo's head- Don't want to try that again, do you? -evil smirk-

Zeruru: I'm pretty sure he will.

Mei: Shut the hell up for once!!! Why did I even create you?!

Zeruru: Cause I'm cute and irresistable. :3

Mei: No. You are not now, LEAVE!

Zeruru: I heard that Zefri reviewed this show. -Flips through reviews-

Mei: Naw, Rely? -rolls eyes-

Zeruru: And he said you stole his running gag.

Mei: Whuts your point? I can change it anytime I want.

Fuyuki: How about now?

Mei: I said anytime I want. I'll just bring in my classmate to spice it up. He's awesome and the only guy who doesn't ditch me (In other words, he ditches me for chocolate) LET'S BRING IN MY NEW TORTURER! DAANISH!

Daanish: Yo.

Mei: My new running gag! -shows off Daanish-

Daanish: I don't even know anything about this anime now may I leave?

Mei: Purple pencil...-Holds special limited edition 0.5 purple rex grip mechanical pencil-

Daanish: Ok. Where do I start. -Takes pencil from Mei-

Mei: Back to the main thing! We are here to torture Dororo.

Daanish: Explain please.

Mei: Just stand there and do what you always do in class to get me in trouble. I shall go upstairs and do my 'Know your stars' thing. -runs to studio-

Daanish: I have no idea.

Mei: Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars. Today, we have Dororo Heicho on the chair.

Daanish: Let's get a move on lady!

Mei: Dororo...He hates the Earth so much that in his spare time, he pollutes Japan's water supply.

Dororo: I do not!!

Mei: O Rly? Then why do I have this totally photoshopped picture of you throwing chemical waste in the water supplies?

Dororo: You just said for yourself that you have no real proof!

Mei: Oh Yeash I do! It's right here on this clearly photoshopped picture! -Shows to everyone-

Everyone: Oh no you didn't.

Dororo: Man, even when you say it out loud, no one believes me!

Mei: That's the point!! Anyway, moving on, Dororo...He would sell Koyuki for his music box.

Dororo: I would not!!

Mei: O Rly?

Dororo: REALLY!

Koyuki: Did I hear right? You would sell me for your music box? I thought we were friends! -Starts crying-

Dororo: It's not like that, Koyuki-dono!

Mei: Oh so you are saying you like her?

Dororo: No! I mean Yes! I mean...MOVE IT ALONG PLEASE!

Mei: Okay...Dororo...The traumas are all a lie.. He was the one that made Keroro feel guilty because HE planned all those stuff.

Dororo:I do not!!

Mei: Let me see...I don't have a friend which can turn into your biggest lies so I'll just say you did! Cause I freakin' CAN!

Dororo: Let's just get this over with...

Daanish: It ain't gonna end yet. There's like, 6 more reviewers to go with 3 lies...I mean lines each.

Dororo: Damn...

Mei: Dororo...He actually tried to get his revenge on Keroro but sadly failed...

Dororo: Not going to argue....not going to argue...

Daanish: Hey! Keroro dude person! I heard Dororo tried to break your Guns!!...

Mei -whispers to Daanish-

Daanish: I mean Gunpla!

Dororo: I did not!!!

Daanish: 5 bucks please.

Giroro: -Hands up 5 dollars-

Mei: Oh well...Dororo...Is actually Koyuki's boyfrirend...

Dororo: Am not!

Mei: Yes you are!

Dororo: No!

Mei: Yes!

Dororo: No!

Mei: Yes!

Dororo: No!

Mei: Yes!

Dororo: No!

Mei: No!

Dororo! Yes!

Daanish: What a lame trick...

Mei: Who cares! He still confessed!...Anyway...continuing...Dororo...Will always remain uke...

Daanish: What's uke?

Mei: I have no idea but this person reviewed it so I can't deny it.

Daanish: Who?

Mei: I forgot...

Dororo: I am not uke whatever that is!!

Mei: Since none of us know what it means...

Zeruru: I know!

Mei: Shut up you freakin' Jew!

Zeruru: Firstly, I'm a keronjin and secondly, racism not allowed!!

Mei: Fine, Shut up YOU...uh...Fluffy bunny!!

Zeruru: What the?...

Mei: Anyway...Dororo...Eyes of truth actually is that he secretly read the manus.

Daanish: Once again, what does that mean?!?!?!

Mei: I have no idea...

Dororo: Neither do I so lets move it!

Zeruru: I know!!

Mei: Shut up you Stupid fluffy bunny! Moving on...Dororo...His ninja arts are only light- and smoke effects.

Daanish: Anyone know ninja speak here?

Mei: Sorry. Only draw, write about, create and watch ninjas so...I have no idea.

Dororo: Uh...My ninja abilities also contain more that just that. I am a high class ninja afterall.

Mei: Yeah, you can gloat all you want later...Dororo...He is such a Coward...

Dororo: Am not! How could you say that Mei-kun...

Mei: I'm a friggin girl god dammit!

Dororo: Mei-kun...

Mei: DIE!!! -Eyes turn to fire-

Daanish: You can kill him once this is over! I need the 10 bucks from that Tamama girl over there!

Tamama: I am a boy!!!!

Mei: Atleast we are on the same page here...-Looks down at Tamama- No wonder everyone says I sound like you...MOVING ON!! Dororo...He really likes be traumatized everyday...

Dororo: LIES! -Attacks Mei-

Daanish: 10 bucks please.

Tamama: -hands over 10 dollars-

Mei: -Ducks and lets Dororo smash into the wall- Sit -Puts Dororo on chair- Dororo...has a crush on Giroro.

Dororo: I do not!! Mei-kun...

Mei: For the last time...I AM A GIRL!!

Kururu: -insanely jealous- ku ku ku ku ku ku ku...

Mei: Looks like you made Kururu jealous...

Dororo: don't kill me please!

Mei: Yeah! I need him for the show! Anyways. Dororo...He LOVES koyuki.

Dororo: We already clarified that I like her as a friend. Now move on.

Mei: Uh...Ok...Dororo...he has his mask to hide his vampire jaws

Dororo: No I do not!

Mei: Then prove it to us!

Dororo: -pulls off mask and it is completely not vampire-ish-

Everyone: LE GASP!

Mei:...Whoops...Had my audience remote on French...

Dororo: -Puts mask back on- You mean there's no real audience?

Mei: Sorry. There are only like, 5 fans...

Daanish: She's bad at math...

Mei: We are in the same math group which means you suck too you know...Dororo...he trains by slashing the heads off of innocent bunnies

Dororo: I do not!

Everyone: Conejitos pobres...

Mei: Whoops. On Spanish.......Kururu!!

Kururu: ku ku ku ku ku! pochito.

Everyone: Poor bunnies...

Dororo: You really need to fix that thing...or get a real audience.

Mei: Shut up! Dororo...after he kills the bunnies, he sucks on their blood with his vampire teeth

Dororo: We already clarified that I do not have vampire teeth!

Mei: But we didn't clarify that you don't kill bunnies.

Dororo: Damn...

Mei: Dororo...He has a huge ZIT behind his mask!

Dororo: You already saw under my mask once, you ain't seeing it again. A ninja must never reveal their identity!

Daanish: but we all know who you are...

Dororo: Just get on with it, PLEASE!

Mei: Well, this is from Zefri and I can't interpret it so I'll just put it here as it is.

Do you know how Dororo REALLY got so strong.

His trauma over Keroro bullying him is a lie. The truth is, he bullied Keroro and Giroro! Used them for training practice. But then, thanks to connections with the almighty Zefri, he had their memories wiped, and whenever he remembers the cruel things he did to them, he's set off into trauma over the guilt of the hideous truth.

Daanish: Say whut now?

Dororo: I did not do anything to them! Keroro was the one who made multiple copies of me for my dango... -cries-

Mei: I can't believe you bullied them and asked Zefri to wipe their memories...

Dororo: I didn't!

Mei: It's ok...We all know that Zefri is always right.

Guy in Audience: No! I think Dororo is right!

Mei: When did we get a human in here?...Other than the cast of Keroro Gunso of course

Keroro: You mean you guys aren't human?

Daanish: Jeremy+Jeffrey+Nuclear Waste+Us being able to create a comic where we can alter the world as we know it= super natural beings.

Mei: Couldn't have said it better myself. -Highfives Daanish-


Daanish: 50 bucks please.

Natsumi and Fuyuki: -Hands over 50 bucks each-

Mei: I guess it's my turn! Dororo...He changed his name because he was ashamed that he strangled a cat in the forest.

Dororo: -Trauma Switch On- Mei-kun is So mean...

Mei: Maybe I shouldn't have cut my hair...-Trauma Switch On-

Daanish: -Hits Mei and Mei snaps out of it-

Mei: Well Join us next time with uh...Hm...We have a request for the Garuru Platoon up on the chair is TORORO!

Daanish: Why not this Garuru Person?

Mei: Because it's too obvious.

Daanish: Right. JOIN US NEXT TIME!

Everyone: -Waves-

Mei: Review or I bring out Treq!

Daanish: You mean Trequizelle? The guy who can turn his hand into bats, racquets and other stick like things?

Keroro: -Sniggers- Trequizelle!

Mei: -Poofs in Treq-

Giroro: -blushes- Man that girl is hot...

Kururu: Ku ku ku ku ku! According to my computer, he is a guy. So i see you have a taste in guys huh? -blushes-

Mei: -poofs Treq out before he can kill Giroro- Ok...He won't work...Anyway, REVIEW OR I KILL THIS TOTALLY FAKE BUNNY!

Daanish: Bye! It would be longer but the rest is censored for sexual reasons. -Waves goodbye and closes the curtains.

Underlined: Done

Bold: Not done

Italic: Next


And some more which I forgot their names...