Twisted Fate

Disclaimer: I do not own W-Juliet or any of it's character

What if Ito was really a guy? What if Makoto was actually a girl that had to live as a guy to fulfill her dreams, a twisted story of these twisted characters plus bit and pieces that would give you a whole new experience that's different from the original.

The bell rang, as everyone was keen on leaving their classrooms, Ito Miura was still asleep on his desk, it wasn't until his best friend Yoshiro woke him up that he notice class has already ends and it was already time for club. Ito and Yoshiro was members of the famous drama clubs, also known as the no.1 club at Sakura Gao-ka High. As they were heading toward their clubroom, rumors of a transfer student were flooding the hallways.

"Wonder what kind of person that transfer student is like" Ito was kinda interest in the 'much rumored transfer student'.

"Not sure, heard it was a boy, same grade" Yoshiro replied after hearing some girls screaming how cute that new transfer is.

"A boy……um…… wonder if he will become a friend of mine" Ito wonder in his mind as they reached their clubroom.

As they arrived, they can see a crowd blocking the entrance. As they try to get through, surprising as the girl notice who it was, that was trying to try them aside from the entrance, a path was made like the river that split for Moses.

"Leave it to the prince of our school to get such welcome from these girl" Yoshiro teased as he follow Ito who was blushing from his comment and the screaming that the girls had when they noticed it was him.

"What do you mean?" Ito was kinda confused "I'm no prince, I'm just a normal high school guy"

"That's what you think but the girls don't think so. Hey!" Yoshiro turn to the girls at the entrances "what do you (s) think of Ito Miura?"

Replies came flooding back like "Ito-kun is so cute" "He's our prince" "Miura-senpai is so handsome" and such which cause Ito to blush even more.

"Hey Yoshiro, Ito-kun. Stop fooling around!" Ms Ito, their club representative called out which snapped Ito out of his embarrassment.

"Drama club! Listen up! We have a new member!" Ms Ito tries to get her club members attentions which indeed aroused their interest. "Amano-kun just transferred in. He was a drama club member at her last school."

As Ms Ito finished introducing him, the new transfer student greeted everyone "Nice to meet you all."

The transfer student was just a few cm shorter, with handsome features that could make any girl fall for him. His blonde hair was those that catches peoples attention without even wanting to.

"So everyone, make friends with him." Ms Ito added as the girls of the drama club bombard their new member with questions.

These questions include "How tall are?" "Do you have a girlfriend?" and such.

While in the corner the guys of the drama club was discussing about the situation this poor transfer student was in.

"Man, those girls can interrogate!"

"It's like they're going to strip him down to nothing"


"Hey Ito, that kid might even take your place as the prince of this place, if you don't do anything about it" Yoshiro starts to tease

"Don't care, he can take the spot if he want" Ito was not really interest in the conversation, it just strike him that as he look at this new member, instead of the handsomeness that everyone was describing him, he could relate this new member with the word beauty and maybe cuteness. If he were to describe this new member, he would say he's beautiful that he could sense some cuteness from him.

"Hey Ito, don't you think you should help him?" Another member caught the attention of all the guys in the conversation.

"Why?" some questioned including Ito

"Because it reminds me of when Ito enter this school and when he introduce himself"

Ito started to remember of all those dreadful time when he tries to escape those questions that was thrown at him because of his heights and looks.

"Don't remind me of those dreadful time" Ito face starts to pale as those memory traumatized him

"That why I think you should help him"

"Yeah, you know his feeling the most"

"and maybe a lot worse, remember you were our idol as you entered school"

"Ok, I'll help him!" Ito yell out loud gaining everyone's attention, including the girls that were stunned by this sudden reaction of their prince. "Stop reminding me of those times damn it"

Ito starts to head toward the crowd of girls and the transfer student. The girls were blushing as she saw their prince was heading their way.

"It's Miura-senpai" one of the girl called out

"It really is"

"Hey girls, maybe you should continue the questioning next time" Ito said as he turned his attention from the crowd to the worried looking transfer student. "I kinda next to show him around if you don't mind" Ito added with a smile that no one could resist including the new transfer student that blush the moment he saw the smile.

"Hai, we don't mind, please take him anywhere you want" the girls replied, as soon as they saw Ito's smile, it's like they don't remember their new member anymore

"Thank you" Ito then turned to the transfer student and offered "If you don't mind, I could give you a tour around places.", as he head toward exit

"Thank you" The transfer student replied as he follow Ito, though his face was still blushing' along with the worried look.

"Ms Ito" Ito called out to their club representative, getting her attention, "do you mind if I give this new student a tour around school and our clubroom"

"Sure, if it you Ito, I know you take good care of him" Ms Ito replied back

"Then I guess we be going now" Ito inform the representative as he exit the clubroom followed by the new member.

The girls start shrieking as they remember the smile of Ito

"Ito-kun is so cute"

"Sempai's smile, wish I took a picture"

"Me too"

Upon seeing this, Yoshiro and the guys was kinda sent off guard

"I guess…, our prince's still no. 1 here then" Yoshiro stated while the rest of the guys jus nod.