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Short sighted.

"I can't believe they re-elected him." Buffy was beside herself with shock.

The glazed look in her eyes was a good indication of exactly how hard it was for her to believe what she had just witnessed.

Giles sighed and flicked off the TV with the remote. "Well…" Unable to think of some way to comfort his slayer the watcher simply fell silent.

"Actually it kinda makes sense," Xander spoke up after everyone had fallen silent.

The number of disbelieving gazes tossed his way prodded him to speak up. "You have to admit he has experience."

A chorus of groans arose from Buffy, Willow, and Giles with Oz abstaining.

"No, seriously. The guy is experienced, and except for that one little slip up earlier this year he's done an excellent job."

Xander noticed Oz and Willow nodding absently, while Giles actually appeared to be considering it before Buffy spoke up.

"Little slip up? You call what happened a little slip up?" Buffy stared at Xander like he'd grown a second head. It was remarkably similar to the look she'd given him when she had found out about his 'closet sessions' with Cordelia, so it was easily brushed off.

"Considering the number of years he was in office and all the…" Xander paused as he searched for the right word, "things he's dealt with to keep everything running smoothly, can you think of a more qualified person for the job?"

To the surprise of everyone involved Willow actually answered, "You have a point."

Buffy's incredulous gaze shifted to Willow, who just responded with an embarrassed shrug.

Glancing around Giles' apartment, apartment she desperately searched for a sane Scooby. Realizing Sane and Scooby really shouldn't be in the same sentence together she gave up and searched for the most down to earth Scooby.

"Oz?" she asked desperately, hoping the most well grounded member of the group would come in on her side.

Oz simply shrugged. "Plus you wouldn't have to worry about him dieing in office and getting replaced by someone less qualified."

Xander sighed. "Buffster, think about it. He did exactly the same thing we have been doing for the last four years for over one hundred and fifty years. "

"Well…" Buffy's voice wavered as she considered how hard a job it was keeping things from opening the Hellmouth.

"But, hasn't he, like sacrificed a ton of people and the death rate in Sunnydale is off the charts!" she rallied.

"Yes, well the sacrifices were part of his ascension attempt and the death rate over an active Hellmouth is always insanely high," Giles offered. "We have a blood signed contract stating that he will not be doing that again and at any rate as long as he isn't doing evil he isn't our business any longer."


Faith awoke to a hand stroking her brow and a very familiar face. "Boss?"

"It's good to see you awake again, my dear. I was worried that the spell wouldn't work." The honest concern and affection in his eyes warmed his young charge's heart.

"We won?" she asked in a scratchy voice, as he passed her a cup of water and helped her sit up.

"No, they managed to pull things together in the last quarter and cleared the field. I have to say, I admire their dedication. My attempts to accomplish a demonic ascension are permanently stymied."

"So we lost?"

"More like tied. Ascension is still possible, but not a demonic one. Tell me, how do you feel about harps and halos?" Sunnydale's one and only Mayor Richard Wilkins' fatherly grin held a bit of shark in it.

AN: I always liked the mayor. It's rare to find a villain that is such a genuinely nice guy while at the same time being such a huge bastard.