Time for a change

A Birthday To Never Forget

Tomorrow is my sweet 16th B-day! That means tomorrow is the day I finally turn into the demon I'm supposed to be. My mom, well actually, my adopted mom told me last week about it.

(Flash back)

"Hey mom, I'm back!" I shouted out as I walked into the house. I stepped into the kitchen cause I knew my mother was there.

"Hey, Kagome I need to tell you something, you might want to sit down for it." Okay... I wander what's going on.

"Kagome, I don't know how to say this, but… you are going to become a demon."


"I'm not your real mom, I found you next to the well with a note pinned on your blanket, you are actually from the feudal era."

"Then how come I look like a human... and everyone believes I'm a human from my scent?"

"There was some kind of spell put on you so that no one would be able to tell you were a demon."

"O-oh... why didn't you tell me allof this before?" I was really shocked about this... but I wasn't going to go crazy over it.

"Cause the note said to wait."

"The note said to wait?" I raised my eyebrow at the way that was said... she made it sound as if the note wrote itself.

"Yeah... Um, are you going to become a demon here or there?"

"Probably there"

"Oh, okay, well, are you leaving now?"


"Okay, be safe dear." she smiled slightly.

"Okay, bye mom" she smiled bigger at that, I'm guessing it was cause she was happy that I still consider her as my mom "Wait, are my parents still alive?"

"I um… no they aren't, I'm sorry"

"Oh… okay, well got to go, bye mom love you" I hugged her and dashed to the well.

(End flash back)

We got to Keade's village this morning, Inuyasha left to see Kikyou… again. Well that's it, I'm tired of waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Inuyasha to get over Kikyou, I'm not waiting any more. I'm going back to the future for my b-day then I'm coming back but I won't be with the group anymore. Maybe I can convince Shippou to come with me, and we can search for the shards.

Everyone else was still asleep, so I quietly took my stuff, and left for the future, but first I had to say goodbye. I walked up to Shippou, kissed his forehead, and said: "Goodbye for now Shippou" I turned to Sango and Miroku "Goodbye you guys" and then I left.

I got to my house and it looked like everyone was asleep, so I just went to bed, and surprisingly, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, I didn't know I was that tired...


I woke up from the sound of glass breaking, wandering what happened, I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. It was my mom doing the dishes and she accidentally dropped one.

"Oh, I thought someone was having a fight down here" I laughed. She turned around, shocked.

"I thought you were going to be there for your B-day?"

"I was, but I changed my mind."

"Oh, well I'm glad you decided to come here so that I can say good-bye at least one last time." she smiled.

"What do you mean 'one last time'?" my eyebrows furrowed

"Oh yeah, last night I read the letter again, and it said that you had no choice but to return to that era, and that you'll automatically be teleported there if you didn't return by tomorrow."

"Oh, but that doesn't mean I wont see you after tomorrow."

"Yeah it does, cause the well will seal once your there." She looked down sadly.


"I'm sorry."

"I won't see you, grandpa, Souta, or any of my friends anymore." A few tears slid down my cheeks, and my mom came to hug me.

"Oh, I'm sorry; I thought you'd be happy to stay in that era."

"Not exactly... Well, at least not forever, and continuously." She laughed at me.

"Well, I got to go get something, be back later." Before I could ask what it was she needed to get, she was out the door, and Souta came in.

"Hey sis, mom said you were going to become a demon in the feudal era?"

"Yeah, well things cha-, hey wait a minute! you knew?!"

"Yeah, you were the only one who didn't." He laughed, and I glared. "Well I'm glad I can spend time with the human you and hopefully the demon you for a little while."

"Yeah, I hope so too."


It is night time, and I have been watching movies with gramps, and Souta all day, just so that I could hang out with them for the time I have left. And when my mom finally came back, she had a box in her hands.

We ate pizza for dinner, and I was surprised to find they had made a cake for my b-day, and they even got me presents (2 to be precise, 1 from gramps and mom, and 1 from Souta.)

"Uh, I didn't want anything. And I don't need it."

"Hey you're a part of this family, and it's the only time we'll get to see you again, so suck it up and have fun!" Souta said, well actually demanded. I laughed and nodded.

Souta was the first to give me something; it looked like a small box, in white wrapping paper. I unwrapped it to find a velvet rectangle box, I looked up at Souta cause I was shocked to actually know he could afford this, and he just shrugged and pointed to the box, telling me to continue. I opened it, and found that there was a beautiful necklace in the box. It had a thin delicate looking chain, but it was actually very firm, and it had a silver snow flake, with a faint blue crescent moon bordering it. All in all it was very, very beautiful.

And now it is time for moms and gramps gift. They handed me a big white box that's used to hold clothes in. I took the lid off and moved the tissue paper out of the way, and saw a gorgeous kimono; I took it out of the box to get a better look at it. It looked like the silver color you would see on water at night, and the obi was a pinkl that was so light, it almost looked white... that's the only way I can describe it, there is no possible way to describe a kimono such as this.

I hugged my mom, gramps, and Souta, and they all told me to put them on, so I went upstairs and changed. I looked at myself in the mirror...the dress was beautiful, at the slightest movements I would make, it would look like water rippling on a calm lake just after you have touched it.

I went down stairs to show my family, and once I reached the bottom, they were shocked to say the least. I got hugged again and got a lot of complements. Suddenly I started to glow a bluish, pink color.

I could feel my claws starting to form, along with my fangs. I got this tingling sensation all over my body, and I saw that a piece of my ebony locks that was hugging my shoulder grew massively, it grew to where it was at the front of my knee. Not long after the tingling left my body, the light had died down. And once it did, my family all gasped.

I ran to the mirror, and was a bit dizzy at how fast I went, but that isn't what surprised me, what I saw in the mirror is what surprised me... I didn't even know if that was me.

The girl had long claws that looked sharp, she had jet black hair that fell to the back of her knees. She was real thin around the waist that made her look extra curvy, she had decent sized... Ahem, things that just happened to be below the neck. But the thing that surprised me most was the faint blue snow flake with a crescent moon bordering it on her forehead, and two stripes of the same color on her cheeks. Those marks are supposedly one of a demon that is really powerful; She can't be that powerful, can she? I mean this person is a miko demon (I think) but that isn't that powerful is it? I laughed, I guess I have to work on trying to not purify myself, I laughed again.

I raised my hands to the mirror to see if that really was my reflection, and sure enough all I touched was glass. I was shocked because the body in the mirror is something that any goddess would kill over, and the dress just made her look even more stunning. I mean how could someone like me look like that? I turned around, and obviously I wasn't the only one thinking that. I gave a small smile at my family.

"Wow… well Kagome, I guess you should be on your way now." My mom was trying to hold in tears, I could tell cause of the little pools staying there, and I could also smell them.

"Yeah." I sighed, and hugged them all, I got 1 lollypop, and said goodbye for good (or so I thought). Then I left, and since there was no point in taking anything, I didn't have a need for the backpack anymore.

I wander what the future holds for me? Actually it's the past, well… oh never mind this is starting to give me a headache. I'll just have to wait and see what destiny has to offer me.