Defeat and Good Use

It has been 2 months since I supposedly became the lady of the valley, and let me tell you, I absolutely, without a doubt, despise it. I have appeared there 15 times already, while traveling; only the last time it happened I had the privilege of it happening when I was sleeping. This is the worst possible punishment I could have.

I may hate it, but Sesshomaru just happens to find it highly amusing, and well since he seems to like kissing me, I'll make sure that I'll be kissing him the next time it happens, then I'll be the one laughing.

About 2 weeks ago, Rin started calling me mommy, at first it was an accident, but then I said it was okay.

(Flash back)

Shippou and Rin were running around in the clearing we, well, I decided that the kids need to take a break, at first Sesshomaru said no, that we keep moving, but with a little 'persuasion' from me he reluctantly said yes, then I sat down in his lap, with his arms around my waist.

Rin ran and picked up a bundle of flowers, then came up to me and held then out, and I smiled and took them.

"Here you go mommy." My smile faded into a shocked one.

"Mommy?" And as if realizing her mistake her smile faded and she tried to explain.

"Well, I… I mean you… well it was an accident, I… I… I just-" I started laughing.

"Rin, it's okay, you can call me that if you want." Her expression was filled with relief, and then it melted into an extremely happy expression, and I thought that she was smiling so big, it almost looked like it hurt.

She squealed and hugged me, and then went off to play with Shippou again.

(End flashback)

I smiled at the memory, she is so cute, she is always happy most the time, I have hardly ever seen her sad.

"Ah, I see you saved the child, interesting." I gasped and turned around; I stumbled backwards at how close Naraku was.

He was about to say something, but just then Inuyasha came into the clearing, with everyone else following behind, even Kouga, Ginta, and Hakkaku.

I have a feeling that this going to be the last battle, whether or not we lose, or Naraku does, we all got into fighting stances(except the kids, who hid behind a few trees.)

"Oh, so I see, this is going to be a 'group' effort. But don't worry; I'll make sure to kill all of you, except Kagome, since she will be mine." Oh my gosh, the guy doesn't know when to give up.

"Don't Naraku! If you kill them, then you won't have any part of me, you'll upset me." I faked a hurt expression; everyone had a looked extremely shocked, and Naraku was the first to come out of it.

"So you finally realized, you'd like to be with me?" Then a tentacle came and grabbed me by the waist, not roughly, but I still had to refrain from grimacing as he brought me towards him, I looked at everyone's facial expressions, and they all looked betrayed and angry, Sesshomaru the most.

"I'm sorry." I whispered so low I barely even heard myself.

"What was that?" I looked at him and brought my hand to his face to distract him, he was starting to lower his head, I took this as my advantage point, and I brought my other hand up and shoved it right where his heart was, his eyes widened and I heard gasps around the field.

I felt the miasma swirling around my hand as if it were his blood, he narrowed his eyes at me, and the next thing I know I feel something thick, go strait through my torso. I knew it was one of his tentacles, but I ignored it the best I could, along with the shouts of my friends and the kids. I concentrated on summoning my miko powers, I started feeling a tingling sensation throughout my body, and I decided to let Naraku feel the same thing, though I'm sure it will be a different experience for him.

His entire body slowly disintegrated, and I somewhat floated back to the ground, I picked up the piece of the jewel he had, and I joined it with mine, a bright pinkish kind of light emitted from the jewel and it got really bright I had to cover my eyes (it looks just like it did when the jewel broke, except the fact that it isn't breaking, it's joining.) After the light died down, I fainted; I guess I lost too much blood or something.


I woke up and it was dark, I sat up and looked around, it looked like I was in a hut all by myself, how did I get here?

I stood up and walked outside… it looked like Keade's village, I looked at the right side of me, and saw Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Shippou, Rin, Kikyou, and Inuyasha, Then I looked to my left, and saw Jakken, Ah-Un, Kouga, Ginta, Hakkaku, and Sesshomaru, everyone was asleep except Sesshomaru, and I'm surprised he hasn't realized I was here standing in the doorway yet.

"Why aren't you asleep?" He gasped and looked at me, he got up and hugged me tightly, but not to where it hurt "I'm so sorry." I started crying, I felt so guilty and sad that I did that and made everyone think that I had betrayed them, he pulled back and grabbed my shoulders.

"It's alright, I just thought you had actually gone with him, you know you are really dubious." I giggled, but it didn't go on for long, cause his lips crashed to mine.

I started hearing everyone waking up, but I didn't care, I was sort of 'busy', I heard a few intakes of breath, and I smiled against his lips.

"Hey." We broke apart, and gave questioning looks at Kouga. "I told you to protect her, not have an affair with her."

"Kouga! That wasn't very nice!" I scolded

"I don't care, you're my woman." I heard a growl come from Sesshomaru, and before he could say anything, I did.

"Kouga, I am not yours, I am not someone's piece of property, or an item, besides me and Sesshomaru have been together for months now." He got a shocked look on his face, and I could only picture Sesshomaru looking smug, and he put his arm possessively around my waist.

"Fine, well now that you're awake, you need to make a wish on the jewel so it will be gone for good." I nodded, I knew the perfect wish.

I clamped the jewel in both of my hands and closed my eyes and made my wish, when I opened my eyes and my hands the jewel was gone. Everyone was staring at me curiously, I smiled.

"What did you wish for?" Inuyasha broke the silence; I pointed at Kikyou and smiled

"What about Kikyou?" he asked, I giggled.

"She's alive." I stated, his confused expression turned to one of an incredulous expression, he walked up to her and sniffed, I had to stifle my giggles. He gasped and looked at me, and then ran up to me and hugged me, and whispered a 'thank you' I hugged him back and said 'you're welcome', then he ran to Kikyou and hugged her, she had a look of surprise, and once Inuyasha let her go she hugged me too, and the same thing happened with her that happened with Inuyasha.

"Sango." she looked at me, and I pointed behind her, she turned around, and gasped, then ran to hug her brother, then me and she was crying the whole time.

"What exactly did you wish for, Lady Kagome?" Miroku asked

"I wished that all the heartache and damage that Naraku and the jewl caused, that it all go away. If I'm not mistaken you're wind tunnel should be gone, and that your grandfather, and dad should be alive also." I turned to Sesshomaru, and grabbed his hand and we started to leave with Rin, Jakken, Shippou, and Ah-Un. I wonder if Shippou will ever see his parents again, he doesn't seem to realize that they are alive now. Since Shippou's parents were killed for a shard, by the thunder brothers.


(1 year later)

Shippou ended up seeing his parents again, he lives with them, but comes to visit every once in a while, along with Inuyasha, and everyone else, I am a mate to Sesshomaru now also. I also found that the valley could be put to good use, me and Sesshomaru now live there, and every now and then Sesshomaru will go and check on his lands, and a couple months ago, I took over the lands that used to be my dads, and I check up on my lands every now and then also... Wow, us two put together, have control over 3 lands.

I had Sesshomaru meet my family also, well actually, adopted family, but I still consider them as my real family, just like I consider all my friends family…

"What's wrong?" Sesshomaru's voice broke me out of my train of thought; I looked up at him and smiled.

"Nothing, just thinking back on some memories." He nodded his head and a small smile made its way to his face, I lied back on my bed that we were currently sitting on, and he did the same. I smiled mischievously.

"Oh no… what are you thinking?" My smile got bigger, and I looked at him, he looked curious but cautious.

I rolled on top of him, and we started kissing passionately, and what happened next was not for youngsters.