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So this is now a Artemis Fowl, Heroes, Doctor Who, Torchwood, House M.D. and sorta Pokemon crossover
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This is not primarily a romance fanfiction, but there will be some pairings. Right now, it looks like it'll probably be:
11/Wilson, Little Old Lady/Jack, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Holly, Jack/Stephen, Jack/11, Jack/Pikachu, Jack/Wilson, Jack/House
Jack/Peter, Jack/Claire, Claire/Artemis, Holly/Artemis, Mohinder/Mohinder's Voice, Mohinder/Maya, Matt/Daphne, Gabriel/Elle
...and Jack's hitting on practically everyone. No matter what gender, species or age. Be afraid. Be very afraid...
Okay, so you can probably omit Jack/Pikachu. But the rest of them are the likely pairings at this moment.
(Maybe it's just me, but Peter does seem to have really bad luck with girlfriends tbh, so he gets left out apart from the fact that Jack hits on him.) There will probably be others as well.

Pikachu is not Ash Ketchum's Pikachu.

And just in case you didn't guess, I don't own any of the above, apart from my own Pokemon on Emerald which don't really count and Rachel. The only characters in this story I own are the OCs (like Rachel). So let's hear it for the lil' ol' lady that only gets mentioned in passing too! Woo!

"Life is never quite what we expect it to be. We reach beyond ourselves, achieving things that we once thought were far beyond us, and in so doing, progress; sometimes backwards, sometimes forwards. Yet the paths we take are neither fully predestined nor chosen by ourselves, and no-one can see the full end of the road we go down until it is too late to fully prevent it. But if so, do the choices that we make really matter? And is it fully possible to change the future after it has been revealed to us?"

Artemis Fowl II was bored. After the "incident" with Opal Koboi, his mother had recovered mostly from Opal's possession of her body, although she still retained all of the memories the deranged pixie had left her. Naturally, this had led to an awkward explanation of all of Artemis's more supernatural exploits since his father's disappearance in the Arctic.

"How could you, Arty? How could you kidnap a sentient creature?" Angeline asked, horrified.

And I said; I don't know.

But I do know. How could I not justify anything I did to get my father back? Almost killing off the last member of an entire species, kidnapping, theft… Aurum potestas est.

And I used that power to get him back. I would have done much, much more for him then. I would do it all over again. Have I really changed?

"Artemis?" His mother turned around. Since the conversation, she had resolved to get someone to keep a closer eye on her eldest and most troublesome son, even while on this spa holiday in New Jersey. After her artificial organ failure, Angeline had brought most of the family to the spa with her, after her husband had insisted that she have time to recover. Unfortunately, Artemis Senior had been busy with a pressing eco-conference; ever since he had been rescued from the Arctic, his priorities had shifted greatly, from money and crime to saving the planet and getting to know his family.

Artemis II's mouth lifted somewhat at the corners. If only his father knew how many interspecies wars he had prevented… he wondered what he would say.

"Artemis, are you all right? Are you getting sunstroke?" Angeline stopped and looked at him with some concern. The twins turned round in unison, licking Beckett's favourite espresso/treacle/banana ice-cream combination.

"Artemis simple-toon, he not like my secret sundae recipe," proclaimed Beckett, waving a hand at his older brother, while Myles shook his head at Artemis's foolishness.

"Perhaps it's because he's more sensible than you are in some respects," Angeline told the twins, smiling. "Generally, caffeine is considered bad for small people. Especially young genii," she said, ruffling Myle's and Beckett's hair.

Artemis felt a lump form in his throat. What would have happened had I been born into this family now? He followed his family back to the hotel, wondering about what might have been, fiddling with his ring. Holly. Would he still have met her?

He was too concerned with his thoughts to notice what was in front of him, until he dropped the fairy communicator in surprise and vanished.

Angeline turned round, noticing the lack of her son's footsteps behind her. And saw a red ring, with a coin-shaped disc on it, and a man, looking dumbstruck. Shaking, she picked it up. "What did you do with my son?" The man shook his head, and ran away before she could stop him. The only thing she heard him say was, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry…"

The twins notice, and the ice-cream dripped onto the ground. "Mum?" asked Myles. "Has Artemis gone again?"

He speaks as if it's perfectly normal. Perhaps it is normal, she thought, for Arty.

"He'll… he'll be back soon," she said, staring at the ring. "He always is."

This is a different time; the relative past, to be precise.

In another universe, something, someone snaps. Actually, to be more accurate, a human who is extremely pissed off with his neighbour. It's just a minor matter, but it gets out of hand. Even so, it should still have stayed a minor matter, something for cops to shake their heads over and wonder why the hell anyone would try to kill their neighbour over the matter of a dog. It's not even a special dog.

The dog in question makes a lot of noise at night. The neighbour to the owner is, naturally, quite annoyed by this. The dog vanishes mysteriously. The ex-owner, equally naturally, suspects the neighbour. A fight breaks out, some punches are launched, and someone ends up in hospital, and there's a trial for grievous bodily harm. Normally. Under other circumstances, perhaps.

Unfortunately, these are the circumstances that are:

The dog in question makes a lot of noise at night. The neighbour to the owner is, naturally, quite annoyed by this. The dog vanishes mysteriously. The ex-owner, equally naturally, suspects the neighbour. A fight breaks out, and both disappear. The police hears nothing more of it. But the story goes on.

The neighbour goes underground for quite a while, literally so. Eventually, he is released by accident, and looks for his family. People from the Company try to catch him again. They find him. He runs away and tries to kill himself, somewhat unconventionally.

An interesting fact about the universe is that there is thought to be a black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, as well as several other revolving galaxies. As a result, perhaps one day all matter will be consumed by these, Nature's non-portable Dysons. But it follows that all of this matter has to go somewhere.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Even if you can't see it. And everything that we do has repercussions.

Holly woke up to the insistent bleeping of her comms. She groaned, and rolled over on her couch. Falling asleep on the sofa while watching PPTV was not a good idea. She hit the button on the device. Foaly's face appeared on the screen. "Holly? Holly, are you all right?"

"All the better for you waking me up, thank you very much," Holly groaned. "Watching reruns of Oprah Winfrey-style chat shows while drinking nettle smoothies. Bad idea." She got up. "Anyway, what are you calling me at this time for?"

Foaly sighed. "Nobody seems to appreciate the company of my genius these days. Especially not Mulch. You know, I almost miss those chats with Artemis Fowl," he proclaimed melodramatically.

"Why don't you marry him and get it over with. No, wait. You already are married to Caballine."

"You're just envious because you luuuurve Artemis. Go on, admit it. You spend so much time around Fowl Manor it's unbelievable," teased Foaly. "I've seen your flight records."

Holly refused to rise to the jibe, choosing instead to put on a fresh uniform out of sight of the comm's camera. "Did you just call me up to interrupt my sleep, or was there an actual reason?"

The centaur turned serious. "Anyway, to business. It's probably nothing, but I thought I should get it checked out anyway. Trouble's still pretty annoyed with your time travelling and Mud Boy kissing antics." Holly winced at the last. "Pretty simple, really. There's a sensor in New Jersey on the surface picking up some strange readings, so basically all you have to do is look at it. Nothing involving blasting things, wasting buildings or romancey thingies. Just for the record, by the way, where exactly is Artemis right now?"

"Going on a fascinating-sounding spa trip with his mother, although knowing him, he's probably in trouble. Again. For the…" She ticked off her fingers. "I think that makes about 352 times, if you include the number of times that Opal's tried to kill him, the troll, the goblins, Cudgeon… I lost track." Holly stopped. "Wait. Did you just say New Jersey?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Oh, d'Arvit." Holly speeded up getting dressed and ready, and looked at the camera with mismatched eyes. "What am I bet that Artemis is involved in this problem somehow or other?"

Foaly looked directly at the camera. "If he's in NJ, I'll bet half my pension." He groaned, and stuck out his lip. "What is it with that Mud Boy and trouble anyway?"

Holly grabbed her Neutrino. "I'll be over there for the briefing, but I'm leaving on the next flare when it comes along."

"Right, fine," said Foaly, distracted.

"Wait… his communicator's bleeping. I'd better answer."

Please pick up. Please pick up.

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