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Chapter 1: Prologue

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Edward POV

I couldn't believe it, I was moving back to Washington something I vowed I would never do. I originally planned to move to California, get famous, and stay there for the rest of my life. The first two things on my list happened so quickly that I didn't know where the time has went.

I didn't have control over my time these days. My agent pretty much told me where I needed to be and what I needed to do. I never complained about it before, this type of control kept me busy and from thinking.

The years flew by and I was starting to forget who I really was and why I wanted to be in the music business to begin with. Sure the perks of being famous were great. I made lots of money, travel all over the world, able to write my own music, and forget about my past. It really was the dream life.

The more I thought about how little control I had over my life, made me realize that I wanted it back. I wanted to go back to my old simple life again before I was famous. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, and my agent threw a fit. But I needed to do something for myself for a change.

Why I decided to move back to Washington I had no idea. The place held so many memories for me. I had spent over half my life in this state. And though I was moving to Seattle, over two hours away from my childhood home, it was still too close.

The state called to me. Every time I had a concert there I was so tempted to remember, but I couldn't let myself. I finally gave in though and sold my house in California so I could buy a new one in Washington. I figured I wouldn't need two houses since I never lived in my old one to begin with and didn't plan on moving back anytime soon.

My two new friends, Emmett and Rosalie, were helping me move in. They understood why I was moving away and had worried about me constantly since I became the next big thing. It also helped they went through similar problems since they were both famous with Emmett being a major player in the NFL and Rosalie a top model. And it didn't hurt that they were America's favorite couple.

The two of them had been waiting for me to realize that I needed to step back from the limelight since I had been in it none stop since I moved to California. They were even moving to Seattle to be with me saying it was about time they settled down and started a family of their own.

They originally gave me strange looks and were questioning me none stop when I told them I was moving back to Washington. Though I never told them the real reason on why I avoided the state as much as possible, all they knew that something in my past made me feel this way.

Sure Emmett and Rosalie were my best friends, but I couldn't tell them everything about my past. I knew they wouldn't judge, but I hated bringing the topic up. There were too many memories, both bad and good.

"For a guy who never lived in his house, you have a lot of boxes." Emmett complained bringing another one in.

"Sorry I guess stuff starts to accumulate over the years. I haven't really had a chance to clean it all out." I shrugged.

When I made the decision to move I practically threw all my stuff into boxes not really paying attention to what or how much I was packing. I figured I could clean it out once I was in my new house.

Which is why I had to have Rosalie help me out. Emmett and I were doing the heavy work and bringing everything inside while Rosalie went through it all and figured out what I needed and didn't need.

"Do you need anything from this box?" Rosalie asked as I sat down on one of the only empty chairs.

"It's all my old high school stuff." I felt a small smile start to form on my face as I got a closer look at it

"Hey your senior year book," Emmett said, "Let's see just how geeky you were back then." I rolled my eyes and let him have his fun. I knew there was nothing too bad in there. "Cutest couple: Edward Cullen and Isabelle Swan. Aw, how cute." Okay so maybe I was wrong about there being nothing bad in the year book.

"No offense man, but she looks a little on the fat side in that picture, but she is still really hot." Emmett said getting a closer look at the pictures.

"You got a lot of pictures of her, how long were you two dating?" Rosalie asked quickly changing the subject before I did something drastic.

"For about a year, but we were best friends from elementary school."

"She looks like she lost a lot of weight here." Emmett chimed in and passed me a framed picture.

I remembered that moment like it was yesterday. We were going to our senior prom shortly after…no, I can not go down that road.

"Hey guys thanks for all the help. I think I can take it from here." I said quickly. I needed to get them out of my house before I said something I would regret.

"No problem, if you need any more help, just call." Rosalie told me before taking Emmett's hand and walking out of the house. I knew her words meant more than just helping me unpack.

I carefully put the pictures and year book away. Though I wasn't ready to face my past, I didn't want to throw away that box yet. I will need it for the day that I will be ready to remember everything that happened.

I stared at the picture of Bella and I, the last one we had ever taken together. I originally planned to put it away, but something told me not to. I closed up the box and pushed it off to the side where Rosalie put the pile of stuff to keep.

I walked into my study. So far all that is in there were a desk, a chair, and my piano. I placed the picture on top of the desk, already the room felt so much homier and muse friendly. After all this was the girl that gave me the most inspiration. When all else failed all I had to do with think of her and I was able to write a song.

I left the room before I could let myself get any further in my memories. I had already remembered way too much today and I didn't need any more because once I started it will be too hard to forget.

I figured now would be a good time to look through all the stuff that Rosalie had told me to keep. There was a lot of it and I needed to figure out what went into each room and if I agreed with it. Most of the time I did, but there was always the chance that I didn't.

The first box I opened up was a mistake. It was filled to the top with sheet music. I had no idea how it was possible that I collected this much sheet music over the past six years. Maybe it was time that I started throwing stuff away. Or maybe sell it on eBay or give it to one of those fan sites. I'm sure all those teenage girls would love to have an actual piece of Edward Cullen sheet music.

I closed that box off and put it to the side. Going through that box would take an entire day and I needed to get more than one box done.

The next box I opened up was a bunch of kitchen stuff. I picked it up and walked to the kitchen so I could put everything away in the proper spots. This was tedious work that was bound to keep my mind from wandering since I had to pay attention and remember where I put everything.

Once I unpacked that box I realized that I had nothing in the fridge or any of the cabinets. It wouldn't be too hard for me to order take out any way, but I still will need something to eat tomorrow. And I couldn't start tomorrow without a cup of coffee. I know it was a bad addiction, but it was a lot healthier than most Hollywood addictions.

I grabbed my car keys and quickly headed out to my car. One of the only things that I let myself remember from my past was the car. I loved Volvos and bought a new one when my old one had died.

Emmett likes to make fun of me since I bought a simple car compared to what I could buy. But I liked simple and that while I was driving I had privacy. I didn't need everyone to know who I was at all times. It was nice to have those moments away from the preying eyes.

In Seattle I would hopefully get a lot of that. I only told Emmett, Rosalie, and my agent where I was moving but somehow word got out. Luckily no one knew where I lived yet, hopefully I will get a few months of privacy before the paparazzi attacked me.

My grocery run was successful and with little pain. I knew exactly what I needed to get going in, which cut my time in the store in half. And I didn't even have to worry about someone spotting me at the cash register because the grocery store had a self checkout lane.

I knew someday I was going to have the face the people and show them my face. But at least it didn't have to be today. I wanted to be a recluse for a little bit and concentrate on myself and my music before I had to face the public.

Once I got home I unpacked my groceries and started to make myself dinner. I decided on pasta since it gave me time to unpack another box.

Once I had eaten and unpacked my bedroom box I decided to call it a night. I had done plenty of work today and needed a break, something I was not used to.

I headed into my study and sat down at the desk, the picture staring at me. I had completely forgotten about it until this moment. I guess my goal for the day was accomplished. Now I had no excuse but to look at it.

Once I was able to tear my eyes away from the picture I decided to read, something I also had not been able to do. I pulled a random book off the shelf, of course if happened to be Withering Heights one of Bella's favorites. But a book was a book and I started to read.

I had so much trouble paying attention to the book, and kept looking up at Bella. It felt as if she was staring at me with her two beautiful brown eyes. How many hours did I spend falling into her eyes, just staring at them and getting lost in their warmth?

I finally gave up on the book since I wasn't getting anywhere with it and picked up the picture. I couldn't believe six years had already gone by.

It was then I realized it was time. So I quickly picked up my phone and dialed Rosalie.

"Hello." A sleepy Rosalie answered.

I looked over at the clock and saw it was one in the morning. I knew she wouldn't care that I was calling her this late, or at least she wouldn't once I started talking.

"Rosalie, I'm ready."

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