By Dark Angel of Wind

Summary:ranma is finally getting married to akane. but an oncoming car had a different plan for him. now he's a NetNavi in a strange new world. how will he be able to handle his whole life thrown upside down?

Disclaimers: I do not own either Ranma 1/2 or Megaman Net Warrior.....kinda wish i did though.

DA- ok guys, this was actually the very first fanfic I ever wrote. I made it in History class couple of years back to make it look like I was actually taking notes. (hehehe and yet I still got B's TAKE THAT TEACH!) Ahem! anyway, I was cleaning my closet and came across my history notebook which has nothing but my very first attempts at fanfiction in it, and with a few tweaks and grammar checks, I actually think I'm ready to show them to you all! (the rest of my notebook will be shown soon) Looking forward to any reviews i might be getting!



Ranma whistled a merry tune as he looked himself over in the mirror.

He was wearing a White Western styled Tuxedo with a White rose tucked into his front shirt pocket, his pigtail let into a loose ponytail with a white ribbon tying it together.

not bad, not bad at all.

He was early so he took his time as he walked to the church. he wanted to go alone so that he could think on this special day without his rivals and now ex-fiancees trying to attack him.....or that's what he was trying to do. He sighed as he heard the familiar roar.


He dodged the punch and landed on Ryoga's head.


"No way sugah! He's MY ranma-chan!"


"You monster! how DARE you anger shampoo!"

Ranma hummed happily as he dodged all the blows that they all gave him and growled when one of Mouse's weapons cut his rose.

"alright thats enough!"

With Ranma's shout everyone seized their attacks and stared at him seething.

"Ryouga! your my best man for kami's sake! so could you stop shredding my suite and realized that you lost your chance! maybe if you actually grew a spine and told her months ago then you two could have been together. and instead of blaming me for your curse, why the hell didn't you just ask me for help to get you to the spring of drowned man in china?"

Ryouga deflated as Ranma turned to the others.

"Shampoo! i was already promised to akane before I event met you! Uuchan! I do love you, but only as a sister. please dont ruin what small friendship we have left. KUNO! get yourself to a freakin therapist and leave me alone you delusional fool! Mouse!.....I have no quarrel with you, like Ryouga I actually consider you a friend and like him you two have odd taste in women. but then again so do I."

He laughed and left the small group looking wither ashamed or angry.

Ranma couldn't care less right now. he was just so happy that today was finally here.

Akane and he may have fought alot, but they truly did love each other. Nothing could ruin this day.

Ranma turned his head at the sound of screeching tires only to see a dented sports car's headlights rushing at him.

He felt pain unimaginable before succumbing to the darkness.

After what seemed like years he flickered his eyes opened. And with the rush of Pain he screamed.


DA-hehehe Cliffhangers are such fun! I know its a little short, but the first chappy was supposed to be. the next chappy will be much much longer cuz alot happens...hehehhe