A sci-fi/comedy story by Nathan Jensen

Takmyt: Eventual Ruler of the Galaxy

Segment 2 The Discussion Room

We were in one of the general recreation rooms on deck 8, with two other KAPPS members which were occupied in a game of pool. We were sitting in lounge chairs looking out the large windows at the moon below us. It filled most of our vision and at this close distance we could see many craters of different sizes on its barren surface. Larry's ever happy voice interrupted our concentrated gaze on the sphere below,

"Excuse me seniors, but you are wanted on deck 15 in the discussion room."

I looked up to see the blue light on the overhead black strip. Jeff answered as he stood up, "We are on are way."

The blue light then faded, and Jeff nudged my shoulder, "Come on, let's go."

I sighed and reluctantly stood from my extremely comfortable chair. I looked over at the people we were sharing the room with to see they had paused their game of pool to stare at us. I made eye contact with one of them, resulting with them turning back around to continue their game.

The green numbers on the small panel showed D11.

"These elevators aren't the fastest thing in the world, especially for this technology." Jeff said, breaking the silence.

For some reason Jeff always seemed to irritate me, even when he wasn't trying to,

"For this technology? This level of this AI system shouldn't even be possible. NASA hasn't even created any kind of space armada or even been past mars! So how can you say for this technology? This elevator is one of the few technologically accurate things on this ship."

Jeff's voice softened, "I meant compared to the rest of the technology on this ship."

I sighed, acknowledging I had made Jeff feel bad. I hated admitting I had done wrong so I changed the subject, "Larry, where is Senior Brooks?"

The appearance of the blue light was followed by, "Senior Brooks is located on deck 15, in hall B, in front of the discussion room."

"Thank you." I said. The light faded. "She always seems to be the first one there, even if were already on deck 15, she manages to be there before us."

Jeff sniggered, "Well that's Sara for you, always punctual as ever. Even back at the hardware store, she was always the first to clock in." The Elevator beeped upon our arrival at the 15th deck. Larry's voice spoke up, "State your names for clearance to the Lord's quarters." The entire 15th deck was called the Lord's quarters even though it wasn't all of his actual quarters. "Senior Goldwitt"

Unexpected silence followed until Jeff turned to me with a serious look, so I reluctantly stated, "Senior Delacroix"

Larry again spoke, "Entrance authorized, welcome to the Lord's quarters."

The elevator doors slide into the ground revealing the oversized hall of the 15th deck. On each deck there were five halls, running parallel with the ship, halls A through E. But on deck 15 there were only three short halls, B, C, and D. We came up in hall B so we stepped off the elevator and took an immediate right. We were now walking perpendicular to the ship and passed hall C, then came to D. We hung a left where I looked up, to see Sara waiting at the other end of the hall, with her hands behind her back, staring, fixed, at the door in front of her. She had glistening black hair that hung down to about her mid-back, her bangs, random slips of hair, sometimes getting in the way of her emerald eyes. She had a thin torso and long legs, which made her uniform look even more astounding on her. It was identical to ours only she had a just-above-the-knee-height black skirt. We slowed our brisk pace as we caught up to her. Noticing our presence she turned around. "Hello Sara" Jeff said with a grin. She looked up to him, literally, and said, "Good morning Jeff." Naturally Sara's voice was feminine, not particularly low, high, quiet, or loud, just….feminine. I moved in for my smooth greeting, leaning forward slightly, "So how..."

"You are late as usual." Sarah cut in.

My smooth intro crushed, I defended, "We're not late, your just ear..."

Once again Sarah decided she didn't need to hear my opinion. "Being late is natural with you Anselmo but I expected better from you Jeff." She wasn't naturally bossy, she was just assigned certain duties by Lord Takmyt and she plans to uphold them to the best of her abilities to appease him.

I lifted my arm into the air and struck her across the face with the back of my hand, knocking her to the ground, You don't interrupt me woman!

That didn't actually happen but that's what my bad-consciousness wanted to do.

While my good-consciousness bowed its head, Deepest apologies senior Bones, it will never happen again.

And there was another consciousness that had something to do dinner with Sara, on the moon, followed by a late night, but we'll stay off that one.

What actually happened was not much of anything, I just stood there, the only negative feelings were toward Jeff.

"Attention!" Sara suddenly yelled. I was hunching slightly, like I usually do, so I stood up strait into "attention stance" with my arms straight, hands at my side, looking straight ahead. The door in front of us slid into the ground as Sara led us single file, into the discussion room. We continued in our line until we came to three lone chairs in the middle of the room. We each stood in front of our seats; if you were facing our backs, Sara on the left, then Jeff, and me on the right. Sara continued the "attention stance" while Jeff and I decided to absorb our surroundings. It wasn't like the discussion room back on Earth, it was much bigger and the fact we had chairs to sit upon was a nice new feature. The only lighting was focused directly on us, so it was impossible to see the entire room. Larry's voice suddenly spoke up, "Enter our gracious Lord Takmyt." The lights on us dimmed and new lights in front of us turned on, reveling 3 large steps and a platform with an overly-large white chair. Takmyt was sitting back in this chair, eyeing his senior officers. Enter? I thought, He was just sitting there the whole time, he didn't just enter.

Takmyt was an average sized man, probably about my height. He was wearing a uniform that matched ours only the color scheme was different. The jacket and pants were white, and the collar, buttons, and arm-stripes were green. His hair was dark brown and he wore it quiet short, along with a small goatee on his chin. Draped around him was his illustrious all-green cape, which somehow always seemed to stay out of the way. As wacky as it sounds, he made something ridiculous as a cape look good. He could have only been in his thirties, but we never knew for sure. His personality suggested he wasn't intimidating, his outfit suggested otherwise. The thin sword he hid in a sheath at his left hip didn't make him look any friendlier. If he even knew how to use the sword or not was unknown to us. Its not that he was scary, but with such a crazy outfit, I think you would question that person's sanity too. Larry piped up, "Hail Lord Takmyt." This was our cue to follow with the "hail" and the "KAPPS salute". The salute was in the "attention stance" with your elbow touching your torso and your open hand straight up. So your arm made a V. In unison we saluted and said, "Hail Lord Takmyt." We broke salute and relaxed out of "attention stance" except for Sara. Silence then followed for a couple moments until Takmyt leaned forward in his chair, resting his forearm on his knee, "Well how are my senior officers? I trust your becoming familiar with the ship and its functions? Yes, it is quiet a change from the Earth base." Takmyt paused for a minuet, and scrunched his eyebrows like he had forgotten something, "Oh, go ahead and take your seat." Sitting sounded wonderful so I didn't hesitate at his offer and was the first to sit. Takmyt looked over to Sara, "Senior Brooks. Have you finished your crew evaluation?"

"Yes Lord. I have personally met with every crew member aboard the "Gesticulator" and the "Octaplate" and assembled your desired teams." She said it quick and almost sheepishly.

"Good, good. Gather two field teams and assemble in Launch Bay 3. You are dismissed."

Sara stood, saluted, and excited the room. Takmyt continued, "Senior Goldwit and Delacroix, you are going to lead the field teams to begin the assimilation of the moon." Takmyt's fist clenched when he said moon, and my heart started to race in excitement. "Senior Goldwit, you are to take Brooks designated team and set up base. Start up construction and begin evaluation of the surrounding area, geological structure, and useable elements." Takmyt's attention shifted to me, "Senior Delacroix, you are to take Brooks designated team and destroy any opposition. If you can't assimilate it or imprison it, destroy it." Takmyt's voice stayed smooth and relaxed, which made him sound saner than just his words would infer.

"Lord," I asked, "what is expected to oppose us on the moon?"

Takmyt's voice rose slightly, "Anything that isn't natural is our enemy, KAPPS has no allies. Earth probes, stations of any kind, or any other unnatural thing." Takmyt then dismissed us. We saluted, and departed.

I had stopped at CA2 to grab a snack and was now almost to launch bay 3. I was quite familiar with the launch bays, I had spent some time just watching the shuttles take off and land. Because of Larry there was only one person needed at all times in each Launch bay, but due to our lack of crew, the one man would have to go to each Launch bay at certain shifts, and he was usually the only other person with me. I was almost there so I quickly finished my last bite of Danish. I entered the bay from the hall at a brisk pace and upon entering immediately stopped. The bay was large and usually quiet, so it was surprising that it was fairly busy. People walked all around and three shuttles occupied the bay instead of the usual one or two. I noticed a familiar face, that didn't look to happy, "What took you?" I picked at a stubborn piece of Danish in my teeth while listening to Sara fume, "You were supposed to be here 15 minuets ago, your team is first to leave!"

"I was hungry so I…"

"Just gather your team and get in that field shuttle." She pointed at the farthest shuttle, with the entry ramp open. I overdramatically did the KAPPS salute, "Yes mam!"

She sneered and walked over to a crowd of people, got their attention and pointed orders around the room. I asked someone nearby where the Delacroix team was supposed to be and they pointed me down the bay. I ended up near the shuttle Sara had pointed out and I found my team, which consisted of three males and a female. I saw Jeff nearby; it looked like he was intently talking to his team about something.

"Wait! 1, 2, 3, 4…" I counted the members in Jeff's team. "Six?!? Why do I only get three?" I actually didn't care that much and didn't really expect anyone to answer me. One of my male team members cleared his throat behind me. I turned around and he began talking,

"Senior, we have assembled and are ready to depart."

I wonder why I am a senior officer, when I feel like I don't even know what's going on around me. I waved my hand for my team to follow and I walked up the ramp and into the shuttle, which was big enough to fit ten people comfortably, yet small enough to fit three in the launch bay. The flooring was red carpet with dark-green diamond patters in it. Chairs lined the walls with a table in the center. Through a door-way was the navigation chair behind a small grid of panels. With the help of Larry, only one person was needed to fly the craft. A small front window showed the airlock doors in the launch bay. Once the whole team was onboard Larry closed the entry ramp. All the outside noises: talking, and machines, were heavily muffled when the ramp sealed. I noticed on the table was a pile of "Mosquito's".

"Go ahead and get your weapons and have a seat" I said.

"We'll be leaving shortly."

The weapons provided attached onto your hand, almost like a glove. Larry had explained them to me before I had gotten my Danish in CA2.

(Earlier that day) "The weapon is covert, inexpensive, and effective. There are three basic parts to the weapon: The nozzle, the clip, and the straps. The nozzle clamps onto the pointer finger, placing it on the side of the finger. The clip attaches to the back of your hand. The straps hold the whole thing together, weaving in between your fingers, the entire thing almost looks like biking-gloves. The weapon is fired by pressing the ring finger on, a pressure plate located on the straps on the palm of your hand, the safety of the weapon is always on, unless you press your thumb on the side of your hand at the base of the nozzle where another pressure point is located. So both pressure points must be activated to fire the weapon. The power and distance of the shot is quiet surprising for its small size and short barrel. The ammunition is a specially designed dart. The needle is able to penetrate the thickest type of fabric and even certain metals. On the end of the dart is a drug called Diphenhydramine (the actual active ingredient in common sleep aids), this drug was altered and compacted to created great offensive and defensive capabilities when fighting another biological creature. Once the dart pierces the first layer of skin, the drug is released and immediately takes effect in the surrounding area. The drug pacifies active muscle cells and temporarily renders the muscle inactive. The most area one dart can cover is about three feet on the human body, and it will do so in a matter of seconds. The time it takes the weapon to automatically reload will let someone fire about two shots a second. This means three darts can completely immobilize another human in a matter of four seconds. Again, the weapon is small, light, covert, and inexpensive, making it effective."

"What is it called?" I asked

"I do not know, it does not have a name."

I swatted at a little vampire buzzing around my head.

"How about the Mosquito?"

"I have no opinion on the matter. So I am now changing all name data on the weapon to the mosquito."

I looked at my cell phone, with 0 bars, to check the time. I headed for CA, itching the bump forming on shoulder and asked myself, "How did they get mosquitos in a spaceship?


After all of the team had taken their "Mosquito's" and sat down, I noticed on the table were two weapons left. I walked up to the table to see a "Mosquito", most likely for me, and also another weapon. A strange, metal, black weapon. I prodded it with my index finger, "Larry? What the heck is this?"