The Silent Forest

Summary: A field trip becomes a nightmare when the gang is separated from the rest of the group in the middle of a vast forest. Things go from bad to worse when they realise that they are not alone. Trailer and pairing details inside. Troyella, Chaylor and more.

Pairings: Chaylor, Troyella and some mild Zekepay. Ryan will also feature but with no pairing.

Disclaimer: Yep, I own it. *Keeps dreaming*

A/N: So, the idea's been bugging me for a while now and, even though I'm snowed under with exams and coursework, I can't help but write this. I hope you enjoy. Please, please, please remind me that abandoning my studies to write this is worth it and REVIEW!

The following is just the Trailer, the first chapter should be up this week and I'll try to do a chapter a week from now on.


Bold- Narrator's voice-over

Normal- Actions (Things that are happening)

Italics- Character voice-over

They call it the silent forest

Troy, Chad, Gabriella, Taylor, Ryan, Sharpay, Zeke and several other students step off a mini-bus.

They look up in awe at the trees towering above and all around them.

Gabriella: It's beautiful.

And getting lost in it…

The gang stop walking and look around, confused.

Chad: We're going in circles.

Zeke taps his compass while the pointer in it spins wildly back and forth.

Ryan turns his map upside-down and studies it closely.

Is the least of your worries.

Taylor: It's getting dark.

While walking, Troy stumbles and drops his bottle of water. Where the bottle lands, a bear trap snaps shut. They look at it in horror.

Sharpay: If there are traps… there are people.

7 teens

Flash to Ryan as he slips and falls violently down a steep hill.

Flash to Taylor as she plunges deep into a cloudy, steaming river.

Flash to Troy as he shrieks with pain and clutches his arm.

Flash to Sharpay cradling herself looking dirty and dishevelled with red eyes and a quivering bottom lip.

Flash to Zeke shivering uncontrollably with his eyes squeezed shut and sweat dripping down his face.

Flash to Gabriella dangling inside a deep pit looking up.

Flash to Chad as he runs through the forest in the dark looking worriedly behind him.

One forest

Camera pans over a labyrinth of huge, never-ending woodland.

No escape

Troy takes Chad by the shoulders and looks deep into his friends panic-filled eyes.

Troy: What did you see?

The Silent Forest

The group huddle together by the mini-bus for a group photo.

Gabriella: Everybody say 'Trees'!

All: Trees!

Flash to white.

Coming soon.